Coyote Fears Increase In North Richland Hills

By Matt Thomas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS (CBSDFW.COM) – A homeowner from North Richland Hills is worried that a child could be the next to be attacked by increasingly aggressive coyotes in his neighborhood.

Tom Gensler has been keeping a close eye on his 7-year-old dog since noticing more and more coyotes on the Iron Horse Golf Course. But, last week a door was briefly left open, and Gensler says the small dog was snatched.

Gensler told KRLD, “The thought of your loved pet being killed and then drug away by the neck for dinner is something that I haven’t been able to get over yet.”

Gensler says he’s worried that what happened to his dog could happen to another pet, or worse yet a kid because this didn’t happen in the middle of the night. Gensler says his dog vanished around dusk. The golf course has setout traps and neighbors have been notified to keep a close eye on their pets.


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  1. Ava says:

    The cycle of life. Let those innocent animals be.

    1. mom says:

      ava.. seriously?? you obviously dont have children or small pets. and even if your dont..your priorities are way off.

  2. frank says:

    just for the cycle of life go out put in nine holes and give those innocent animals a rabies shot! good luck!

  3. marty says:

    Would you be so cavalier and think it was the cycle of life, if a coyote ate your babies head off. This isnt the wild its urban life. You moved into there turf and they are not inocent they are visous preditors. Its how they survive

  4. opinionsforall says:

    Give the poor things a shot of .223!

  5. George says:

    I find it highly amusing that people actually BELIEVE that a coyote would attack/carry-off a child! If you have a small dog, to them it may appear as a rabbit or large rat. More than likely the dog got out – way away from the house and something else happened to it and the most convenient thing around was blamed. Furthermore, Marty, they aren’t vicious predators! Stupid city-dwellers.

    1. rhett says:

      Finally, some words of reason

  6. spanxnpranx says:

    If you’re so worried about your animals and children, keep your eyes on them! Don’t allow them to wander off, away from the yard, or out your door when no one is looking. If a coyote takes your animal/child, you weren’t paying attention. Urban wildlife is here to stay…and unfortunately so are idiots.

  7. Marty says:

    Listen tree huging is one thing but this problem isnt new and is spreading accross the country. You need to get your head out from under that rock and read. Coyote attacks are on the rise nation wide. So far children and small pets and a man protecting his baby. We make rural areas urban they are gonna eat somthing. dont be so stupid a hungry animal is visious one. they are meat eaters. Dead or live meat is what they eat. And they are preditors. Your not living in the country now Gomer. They are starving In an urban envirment with little to no wild life left. We are sqeezing them into a tiny box. You gonna open a retreat for them and feed them. Your building houses and apartments on there hunting ground all the way out to the rivers edge. They are not gonna go away. There is no place to go. I have personally taken reports on missing pets pets and found the remains a day later. Stupid uninformed Country Dwellers.

  8. blakice69 says:

    I take it when they built your nice homes the coyotes were asked if they minded you building in there back door!they are not moving in to your neighborhood you took over what was once theirs so don’t blame them they are only doing what nature intended that’s why they are called a predator just like man we are top of the chain so it wud be of best intrest and of great responsibility for you people to keep an eye on your petsand small children, cuz u kill one another awaits to take its place and territory!just to give you city folk something to think about!

  9. marty says:

    Spanx they come into peoples back yards long before dark. After a bad rain I’ve seen them and bobcats roaming streets in fort worth during the day in communities near the trinity and golf courses. The more we build the worse it will get. The Ftw paper ran a story not long ago on Urban Coyotes. They are larger and healthier than their country counter parts because they eat healthier. They eat small dogs and cats that are well fed with vitamin enriched food. guess alot of people missed the story. So far most reported attacks took place in california.

  10. Chris says:

    There is a leash law. As long as MAN continues to build on and destroy wildlife habitat, more than coyotes will be coming out looking for food. If you are out walking your small dog be aware of your surroundings and carry a pocket size air horn. Coyotes are scared of people and when you use it he will run away. It is MAN’s fault not theirs, they are only doing what predators do, TRY TO SURVIVE!!!!

  11. DW says:

    It is a total waist of taxpayers dollars to try to remove them, because as one is removed another will move right in to fill that niche. It is better to just leave the ones here that are adapted and keep your little fufu dogs in a fenced in yard or attended on a leash. Cats shouldn’t be let outside because they kill way to many songbirds. People aren’t eaten by coyotes, a child small enough to by picked up by one shouldn’t be left alone anyway….use common sense people and live with the wildlife, you can learn alot from it.

  12. dv says:

    Coyotes are considered varmits and should be treated as such. We are not stupid country folks….

    1. Dyanii says:

      We should treat stupid people the same way!

  13. 4thecoyotes says:

    People! Dont blame to coyotes! People are to blame you keep taking the wild animals land for your golf clubs and your stupid over done houses. Where do you think the animals will go??? And if you dont keep a eye on you child or little dog anything can happen. The Kid could get kidnapped and the little dog gets hit or made in to a meal..

    I am with Chris all the way.. ITs mans fault..

    IF you dont want then on your land dont build on theirs..

  14. Rick - Keller says:

    Folks…if you are going to leave a comment and bash people for their opinions at least use correct spelling and grammar. It’s comical for someone to attempt and post an intelligent comment yet can not spell words like environment instead of envirnment , You’re instead of Your, beautiful instead of butiful.

    Sorry but it just bothers me especially since when you spell the word wrong it highlights it in red. Proofread people

    1. T - Dallas says:

      @Rick – Keller… More annoying than the nonsenical gibberish of these morons above is the fact that you post a rant about their poor grammar with glaring mistakes of your own. “To attempt and post” is just bad. Just leave out “and post” and it would be much better. And your useage of “can not” is completely incorrect. Cannot is the most widely accepted spelling of the term and shouldn’t be used in this context because the meaning of the word is “have no alternative but to” so I think you meant to say “are not able” rather than can not.

    2. les says:

      and i thought we talking about coyotes not grammer . idiot

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