Local Airports On Alert After Moscow Bombing

NORTH TEXAS (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – The bombing at the Moscow Airport might have made some North Texans a bit nervous at the though of their next trip to the airport to pick up a passenger.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport spokesperson David Magana told NewsRadio 1080 KRLD that since September 11th security at DFW Airport involves a collective effort, specialized training the eyes and ears of everyone.

“We even involve airport employees, airline employees and that kind of thing to pass the information along to them [security] as far as odd or interesting things to watch for,” he explained.

Magana admits you can’t prevent a quick action like the one in Moscow, but wants passengers to rest assured that the airport has plenty of resources in places, even outside the traditional security checkpoints.

“You want to make sure that you maintain some element of change and some element of flexibility in your security program, so that you can address the changing threat,”

Magana says security is a collective effort that requires the help of everyone to report anything suspicious. “We just try to be vigilant. We try to make sure that we’re up to speed on all of the intelligence out there and all of the good information that gets filtered around.”

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    […] Local Airports On Alert After Moscow Bombing The bombing at the Moscow Airport might have made some North Texans feeling a bit nervous. But Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport officials say security there involves a collective effort. Go to News Source […]

  • Cole Younger

    America is way to free with her secerty .she has paid ,and Iam sure that was only the beginning being around any large crows is not safe anymore wake up America and secure yourself everybody shouls hole a CHL and carry at all times like I do

  • Smith N Jones

    Wow Cole, I feel much better knowing you have a gun. So..Is Deliverance your favorite movie? Ned Beatty always been cute to you? I ask because your grammar, punctuation and spelling label you as someone who just could not be bothered with school work. Sad…really sad.

  • BDTR

    Cole, glad to hear you’re a fellow armed citizen. Keep carrying, the more of us that are armed, the safer we all are. Smith N Jones apparently doesn’t have any reasonable argument, so he/she has resorted to the usual Ad Hominem attacks so typical of the Left.

  • Patrick Wingfield

    why would carrying a gun make us all safer? Pretty sure I read a story today where Nick Van Exel’s son, Nicky, accidentally shot and killed his friend because he didn’t think/know the gun was loaded. Then he panicked and hid the body. Do you think that person that owned that gun actually made anybody or situation safer?

    • Monica

      Maybe if I had been carrying a gun I wouldn’t have gotten raped in college??

  • tubby

    america is doomed…….just a matter of time…

    • m

      I totally agree

  • Al Levine

    anyone can walk in to the luggage area. Hundreds of people waiting for luggage. How is anyone going to protect us?

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