State Proposing Deep College Financial Aid Cuts

(1080 KRLD) – Financing your kid’s college education in Texas could become a lot more difficult. State lawmakers are proposing cuts of more than 40-percent in financial aid for college students.

Higher Education Commissioner, Raymund Paredes, says the cut in Texas Grants would stifle the future of poor students who could be the first in their family to go to college.

“That’s precisely the issue that I’m concerned about that we won’t have any new money for new students who’ve achieved at high levels, are ambitious, and have a lot of talent, that need help to go to college,” he said.

The cuts would eliminate all funding for new eligible students and Paredes says the move would be a big mistake. “If they bring it [grant expenditures] back down to the level to house and senate bills, we wouldn’t be able to fund any new students because we’d only have enough money to fund continuing students,” explained the educator.

Paredes believes the cuts would have the biggest negative impact on poor students of color.

According to Paredes, in the last two years the state has seen the largest growth in higher education in history. He wants to keep it that way, because he says, our economy depends on it.

“The critical issue is that we know that over 60-percent of the jobs that will drive the economy in Texas, and around the country, over the next 25 years will require some form of post-secondary education.”

Paredes says the state simple need to ‘make an investment’ in students.

Phyllis Smith speaks with Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymond Paredes


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  1. Anina says:

    BS My student was High school honors and is working 32 hrs/week to pay for her college because she didn’t qualify for aid because I make “too much money”. If aid were based sole on acedemic performance for everyone would these’ “poor students” actually make the cut??

    1. cathyn says:

      I’m with you. My son graduated from high school with honors, was working 2 jobs, got married and still graduated from college with honors. He did this on his own dime! Now he has a great job working for the government and is going to graduate school – all this with a wife and 3 children. Seems like most minorities qualify for aid. ;-(

      1. Richard Hunter says:

        I don’t know what you’re talking about most minorities qualifying for aid. I only know of hispanics and african americans qualifying for most aid directed at minorities. You don’t hear poor white or asians/easterners getting such aid.

        Personally i think they should do away with aid based on race. It should be based on income and school performance.

        And why are we even considering cutting funding for education. An educated workforce makes us attractive to national and international companies. We already have enough uneducated people in our fair state…why add to it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Are they serious? First the state, at least a representative of the state, nixes the impact of Thomas Jefferson, creating the most conservatively biased history books in the nation, to rival those of communist and socialist countries and NOW the state is going to limit funding for university students. BRILLANT! Watch an exodus of bright, energetic, innovative people.

  3. SDFin says:

    They mean they’ll cut funds for American citiznes. With a Hispanic last name, expect Mexican illegals & immigrants to continue to bleed our education system all the way from kindergarten to college.

    1. AD1985 says:

      I have a Hispanic last name but my family has been here for generations. My parents have always paid their taxes and my college education, other than academic scholarships I’ve received, is self-funded. Not everyone with a Hispanic last name is “bleeding our education system.” It’s time that people stop whining and blaming others for what they can’t or won’t do.

    2. austin87 says:

      Financial aid is only available if the student has a social security number and legal status. How are they supposed to “bleed” out the system if they don’t qualify. Ignorance is bliss!!!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Any resident of Texas can apply for state aid, no matter their citizenship status.

      2. Jerry says:

        Read some more news article austin87, Ignorance is bliss!

  4. MThomas says:

    Someone tell me why illegals & immigrants get grants for college while legal American citizens get stuck w/ loans.

    1. Angela says:

      Where do you get that “illegals and immigrants” get grants to go to college? Most illegals don’t go to college and most international students, at least the ones I’ve met, get zero funding, work 40 hours a week to offset the expenses associated with going to college, and make good grades. They have to in order to stay here.

      1. Susan says:

        That’s correct!

    2. yvonne says:

      Because they vote for the left who created this race driven system …

    3. Kay says:

      So, when you find out the answer – please share! Why is it we are cutting the budgets of public schools and not removing illegals. Illegals get 3 square meals a day on our dime – free education and by the way you can’t get a teaching job without being bi-lingal – what a crock…..

  5. JC says:

    At the community college I have worked with in the past – the school preyed on low income students, let them come to school with some type of grants and scholarships – and then watched them drop out or flunk out. Some of the papers they would turn in – incomplete sentences, non-existent punctuation and the list goes on. I was not in the admissions office so I don’t know by what means they qualify – but there should be academic standards before any of these students get any kind of funding. By the way – I am not targeting any demographics – they were white, black, and hispanic students.

    1. Kay says:

      JC – unforunately that has to do with the education they received before college. Have you noticed they can’t spell nor can they write (literally). Kds these days have no concept of how to write in cursive. They don’t have to spell, the computer will take cae of that. When asked to perform, if they don’t have a computer they are lost

      1. Anthony Madrid says:

        Interesting that you would complain about other peoples proficiency in English when you’ve made several mistakes that you have been lamenting about. You misspelled ‘kids’, ‘care’, and ‘unfortunately’. On top of this, you failed to capitalize ‘unfortunately’ when you started the sentence, failed to end your last sentence with a period, and failed to place a comma between ‘computer’ and ‘they’ indicating the conditional nature of the sentence. On top of that, you misused the term literally, as there was no figure of speech in your statement nor was there any other literary devices. I’d certainly hold my tongue if I were you, as you do not come off being any more competent than those you chastise.

      2. Kay says:

        Anthony – Unfortunately for me, some of the keys on my “computer” keyboard are not functioning properly – nor was my spell check! However the word literally means just that! Kids that are graduating from high school these days can literally (def: actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy: The city was literally destroyed.) not spell, write cursive and can barely print. Math skills in the US are failing and I’m pretty certain that science is as well. As to whether or not I punctuated my sentences correctly – well,chalk that up to years of tying short hand on a computer. I believe you got my point or you would not have replied to my response.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    So, just because i have a “mexican” last name, I should be excluded from getting FA? I have a Hispanic last name, but I am as American as anybody else cause I was born in this country! Oh, and FYI, if you’re illegal you CANNOT get any type of federal aid. Anybody who has ever enrolled to college, fills out a FAFSA application and therefore knows if you don’t have a valid SSN you cannot get any type of help. So do your research before you can comment on a topic!

    1. jerry says:

      Elizabeth-I just downloaded the application. There is no space to input a SSN.

      However, Section 1, question 4 is:

      “Do you have at least one child that you support? 􀂅 Yes 􀂅 No”


      1. Maria says:

        Jerry – I just completed our FASFA for the third year online. And just like every year prior, I had to fill in a SSN for my son. If you don’t show a SSN space, you don’t have the real FASFA form. I even called the 1-800 number to verify and it is required. My son is white and middle class and has received scholarships and grants for his college education. But, he works hard and makes exceptional grades – which is what it should be based on, not race. I’m so sick of requirements being “adjusted” so that all races can “get in”. Good grief, either make the grade or don’t.

    2. Kay says:

      Please Elizabeth!!! How about the program in effect for state supported schools at allows for illegals to go to school, graduate and then become citizens? Heard of “birthright citizenshp” – how about the Dream Act that the president of the US is pushing? If you’re hispanic (and have a birthright) you’re golden! And if you’re illegal you get all kinds of federal/state aid.. I guess going to public schools (having teachers translate for you) getting free meals because you can’t afford it doesn’t qualify?

  7. Susan says:

    I do not know why some people BLAME the immigrants when things go wrong. “Illegals” do not get any kind of grants, that’s bs. So please if you lack of knowledge or have no clue about the system on how education has become more lucrative for politicians and others, please do not make more comments that keeps us apart, do not keep giving opinions on things you do not know. We all have to work together to keep this nation growing.

  8. buddy williams says:

    The state will close colleges that educate’ thousands yet continue to pay football coaches like Mack Brown millions. Brown and Tommy Tuberville of Texas Tech together cost the state 7.1 million dollars per year. Think how many students we could educate for that money. Texas state goverment is a big joke just like our fed. goverment

    1. Richard Hunter says:

      I totally agree. I know football is important to universities b/c of the prestige and the money it brings in, but how much these coaches make is just ridiculous. They should be pain well, but not in the millions! But college football like professional football is no longer about the game…just more about making money.

    2. jerry says:

      Buddy-UT made $17 million when Mack Brown took them to the Rose Bowl. Sounds like your not a business guy, because I would pay $7.1 million ot get $17 million and day of the week. Mack Brown-The best investment on wall street

  9. RussP says:

    I agree that the money publicly funded colleges waste on sports is out of hand and should be eliminated but I also believe in personal responsibility. It is not the job of government to provide the money for our education, health care or retirement. Both my parents and grand parents saved so that I could go to college and now I’m paying for my health care and saving for when I’m ready to retire. If all the goverment hand outs were phased out, our cities, states and the feds would not be carrying the debt and facing the budget shortfalls they are now.

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