Dallas Police Officer Charged With Stealing From Crime Stoppers

By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police Senior Corporal Theadora Ross — a 26-year department veteran — said nothing after being arrested Monday.

But now we know what she’s accused of.

Ross and another woman, Malva Delley, are accused of collecting $250,000 in rewards for bogus tips to the Crime Stoppers program for more than five years.

Russell Verney, executive director of the North Texas Crime Commission, which operates Crime Stoppers says, “It’s shocking that it happened, that it happened for so long.”

Verney says it’s not lost on him that the commission, which helps solve crimes, became a crime victim.  “A bit of irony. It’s unfortunate.”

Ross was responsible for taking anonymous tips, and selecting those eligible for a cash reward.

To pick up that reward, tipsters receive a secret code word and tip number, then go to the bank.

But Verney says one legitimate tipster called him and said something was wrong.  “An individual went to pick-up his authorized tip at the bank,” Verney said, “and was told that somebody had preceded him, and had his secret number and his secret code word.”

Verney says they temporarily shut down the program and investigated.

Prosecutors say Ross gave Delley bogus tip and information numbers to collect the cash rewards.

From there, prosecutors say Delley got the money from the bank and split it with Ross.

When we stopped by Ross’ house in Rowlett today, no one came to the door.

Today Dallas police called this indictment “a major breach of public trust.”

Dallas police and the Crime Commission say they have already changed their procedures to keep this from happening again.

The Crime Commission says Crime Stoppers continues to receive numerous tips and pay cash rewards.

Both women have pleaded not guilty in court.


One Comment

  1. Robbie says:

    Police officers who breach the public trust should get automatic jail time if convicted and no probation. Their position warrants more strict punishment.

    1. Al G. Funguy says:

      If I kidnapped someone because I thought they were growing the wrong kind of plants, I would be punished.

      By your logic, police officers who do something similar should receive an even harsher sentence.

      I agree.

  2. Aunt Bee says:

    “Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.”
    – Henry David Thoreau


    1. bertram says:


    2. ken says:

      Thoreau was a bum, and a hack, who couldn’t handle real life.

      1. dsimon64 says:

        He also had WAY more brains than you do, Ken. Just because somebody chooses to live close to the land, foregoing the luxuries of modern life, does NOT make him a “bum”.

      2. Dave says:

        That’s what I used to think. Read something other than Walden, the ninth grade requirement. “Civil Disobedience” would be a good start.

    3. Dorothy Kuns says:

      I think he meant lawyers and stock brokers and the like. Not public servants.

      1. Tristen Turner says:

        Dorothy… lawyers? stock brokers? LOL arent you tinted green with your low level life choices! STOP HATING!!

  3. Tomas Estrada-palma says:

    Dallas…ain’t that where Kennedy and Oswald got shot while under police protection?

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      I really don’t think the police were standing around with their hands in their pockets, Tomas. If someone wants to get through the police and die trying, sometimes, they will.

    2. triston turner says:

      “ain’t” ??? wow enough said right there… go back to school!!!!

  4. Marcus A says:

    No worries…they will protect their own. They always do. They will get off. If you care do a followup next year you will see, but will bury the story until it is publically forgotten. Happens everytime!

    1. Joe Dirt says:

      You’re absolutely correct. These civil servants need a refresher course in who they work for. They work for the public, not the other way around. Cops should be subjected to rigorous psych evaluations monthly to get the abusers off the force and put behind bars.

      1. Dorothy Kuns says:

        Joe, how much money do you suppose your idea would cost the tax payers? The police are already understaffed with -0- budget available. Now you want to add wasted man-hours for every single police man and woman to undergo a psych eval once a month, not the mention the cost of the evaluators? Think about it again, and try to come up with a more reasonable, logical solution.

  5. sacun geddy says:

    So what does the guy who tiopped them off to this scam get?

    1. Tristan Walsh says:

      he gets put in a cage, whereupon his release he will be attacked by the police and the people he “tipped” the cops off to.

  6. kentes1146 says:

    Of course they’re pleading not guilty. Lawyers can’t make any money when a client pleads guilty. Even when they’ve got them dead-bang, guilty.

    Ooops, I used a bad word…….bang. That’s close to a cross-hair.

  7. Josh Groban says:

    Figures….. TYPICAL!

  8. Gote Sehks says:

    Punishment for crimes committed by Police should be SEVERE. I hope they can put her in prison for a long time and make her an example for all to see.

    1. oldretiredcop says:

      That only applies to non African American dirty cops. Don’t be naive.

    2. Louis Calabro says:

      True—cops should know better and should shoulder a heavier burden when it is time to sentence them.

  9. wondering says:

    if a “bogus tip” was given – why was there a reward?

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Because Theadora Ross was the one who managed the program. She decided which tips were eligible for the rewards. It’s in the article.

  10. jim martin says:

    entrepreneurial spirit run amok

  11. Gavrik says:

    How did I know? Before I even saw the pictures.

    1. Flyover Gramps says:

      Affirmative action in action

      1. Oldretiredcop says:

        Same problem in Memphis. Pitiful.

    2. Anger is a gift says:

      What? that they were women? LOL!

      1. les says:

        i don’t think you got the message here

    3. Pick a fight says... says:

      If you sir had a cupcake, I would fart upon it!

    4. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Gavrik, I can’t believe you said that! People of ALL races commit crimes! You can read about it all day every day in the news!

  12. rjp says:

    Let’s not forget that in Los Angeles two weeks ago Gang Unit members were re-assigned because they refused to disclose their personal financials – terms of the the assignment. There are lots more of them out there stealing every chance they get.

    1. Relax says:

      rjp, you need to know the facts prior to making a comment. The reason why they were re-assigned was because no one should have a public record of your personal bank account information. That was the reason was for the move, would you do that for your job? I didn’t think so…

      1. Phil says:

        If the job requires a truly honest person and bank records are part of the vetting process, then yes! If they knew in advance about the requirement, and they did, why would they then wish to then hide the information? Corruption in this type of situation is so easy and so devastating that participants must be held to the highest standard and provably so!

  13. Freddy says:

    b hussein and her union will be sure that she gets a slap on the wrist…corrupt cops always do!!!!

    1. Louis Calabro says:

      aww, don’t be so sour on the cops. Most cops ARE damn good citizens.

  14. josh says:

    It’s time you DUMMIES know the TRUTH! The only difference between the cops and the robbers is, the ciops wear unifirms!!

    1. Jose Garcia says:

      Actually, the only difference is that 100% of robbers steal, and 2% of cops steal. But that is kind of a big difference.

  15. josh says:

    Excuse my misprints, should have proof read the text before sending.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      No, Josh, we wont excuse or forgive. We are a brutal bunch here. Get it right the first time or you will be punished severely!

  16. BoogaBooga says:

    At least they aren’t butt raping people on the side of the road in broad daylight like they are in Atlanta. Of course there they “claim” they are going to “take action” up to suspending the butt raping officers. How nice of them to violate the constitution by having separate Laws for a privileged class of Government thieves when anyone else would go to jail immediately

  17. Bob Strogner says:

    They won’t lose their pensions. They are all corrupt. “To protect and guard.” What a joke. The public sector is outrageous. Rise up and reject the dishonest and corrupt. We are surrounded by the four corners of deceit in the universe of lies: media, government, science, and academia.

    1. Al G. Funguy says:

      > “To protect and guard.” What a joke

      But they are busy at work protecting your rights. That’s why they need to steal 20% of your paycheck every month as protection money and need to charge you rent to live in your own house that you already own. See, this way they might be able to protect you on the off chance that someone mugs you on the street and steals $20 from your wallet.

  18. Ignorance is bliss says:

    This is just rude. You have no clue why or how she was hired. This is why Americans can’t get along. Smh.

    1. Ratt says:

      Yea, well., I work at a local university, and have seen 1st hand over a dozen jobs created just for minorities. Yea, your right, we can’t get along because to many minorities got jobs they didn’t deserve. porchhound is right, Gov’t jobs must be 50% white, 30% black, 10% Latino, and the last 10% can be a mixture of Koreans, Hatians, Japanese, Hindu’s, Muslims or Chinese.

      There is no such thing as a Honest Cop, Mama Please.

    2. Anger is a gift says:

      What? You think it was her pretty smile? … please!

    3. Anger is a gift says:

      surely you don’t think that she earned it do you?

    4. PKato says:

      PRobably part of the Diversity PRogram

  19. psychodillic says:

    HA! Same thing happened down in Palestine, Texas last week. It takes two data points to plot a tread, and I see a trend building. Wonder how many other cities have the same thing happening???

  20. casey says:

    One more reason not to live in Dallas…What a corrupt city!!

    1. Dallas corruption by obama sycophants says:

      the dems took over the city and the county 8 years ago and its been affirmative action heyday since ……… with the biggest city corruption bust ever being quota city councilman and his cronies taking bribes and exhortion ………… had one quota leader commit suicide to keep from facing prosecution and another died before he could be put in jail

  21. Hank Warren says:

    Useless cops stealing more money from taxpayers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  22. denverdan67@yahoo.com says:

    One more example of the elite police steeling from the public, Police are nothing more than a bunch of thugs in uniform. I wonder how many more of them were in on the take. Probably the judge and procacuter aswell..

    1. Joe Pane says:

      The country is littered with thieves from the White House on down

  23. zaks5thave says:

    Reparation takes many forms, but the righteous people still get the money. AMEN.

    1. MRM says:

      Surely you jest. Reparation for what? Being a citizen of the U.S.? Receiving a free public education? Having a good paying job? I’d like to know exactly how these two women were “discriminated against” or “held back” in such a form which deserves reparation.

      Also, what is so righteous about stealing?

  24. Wilma says:

    Dallas police are going into schools and giving young elementry school kids tickets ,in school, so as the parents can be robbed of hundreds of dollars. A few years ago they were actually going into hotel bars and charging people with public intoxication, while the tourists were sitting at the hotel bar. The police here BEAT people on a regular basis. They MURDER people regularly while claiming “being in fear of their life”. Dallas police are the Most Dangerous and reckless vehicles on the road way. They just sop in the middle of the road, no lights, nothing, and just do a u turn. The blow through traffic red lights without their lights on. Now they are charged with out right theft. Are you suprised? The world should know what these Dallas Police THUGS are doing to the average person.

    1. Jose Garcia says:

      This is true in every major city run by Democrats, however it is not true for cities run by Republicans. Hmmm, I wonder why?

  25. Lori G says:

    Everything above is true. They are THUGS with the power of law.

    1. Jose Garcia says:

      Well, when people vote democrat, this is what they get. Hear of Eddie Bernice Johnson?? She does the same thing, but many of the people outraged over this, defended her and voted her back in office. Dallas, you get what you deserve.

  26. taddeo says:

    Why are you so upset… she told me “I got mine, now you get yours!”

  27. doug says:

    Ever hear of Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas. Seems that she has been stealing scholarship money that was supposed to go to underprivileged for some time and giving that money to friends and family. Suddenly the vice president of DFW airport resigned last week after being linked to Ms Johnson. It was reported she earned 7 million dollars last year from owning a small percent of concessions contract at the airport. I wonder why he resigned?

    1. oldretiredcop says:

      Same problem in Memphis. Still pitiful.

    2. jerry lud says:

      yep and like rangle she will be voted back in says alot for the people who keep sending her back in office

  28. GREG says:

    Every one of you are completely ignorant to the way cops think and live. Why don’t you try hopping in that car everyday not knowing if you’ll see your wife and kids at the end of the day. I’ve been shot at plenty of times responding to calls to protect people that everyone on here would consider “worthless” or trash because theyre a drug addict etc…I do it because it’s my job. I do it because of a sense of honor and duty to protect a community and my fellow officers. Ask any cop they’ll tell you they are DISGUSTED by this type of behavior. She absolutely should be fired because she has undermined public trust and embarassed the rest of the law enforcement community. But all of your assumptions about the rest of us are based on ignorance, not fact. Stop watching so much tv, folks.

    1. Dee says:

      Greg I know some good cops exist but by and large they do themselves more harm than good when it comes to the public. Just because you have a badge doesn’t make you god but that sure seems to be the case. Cops ABUSE their power ALL THE TIME without any repercussions even when they are caught. Cops have this US against THEM attitude and it needs to end less more people will hate you all. Oh and FYI being a cop is not even in the top 5 most dangerous jobs and many of us work places where dangers exist but we all have the choice to be here or not don’t we? So don’t expect everyone to fawn over you for that after all it was your decision.

    2. George says:

      Everyone who leaves home, everyday, runs the risk on not coming home alive. Police officers are not alone in running the risk of not seeing their spouse and kids at the end of the day. It’s a part of life and we all share it. Do Police Officers run a greater risk of being killed than an average citizen? I don’t have the answer at my fingertips, but do remember being surprised by a study which showed that being a Police Officer is not the most dangerous job in the US. I know lots of Police Officers, personally and have only known one to be an unscrupulous person and he died in jail. Police Officers are paid well and have fantastic befit packages and after 20 years on the job, retire with a very good pension and all their benefits in tact for life. There’s no excuse for any Police Officer to be a crook. If they are and they get caught, I believe that they should get double the prison time of a civilian who commits the same crime, because the Police Officer has violated the public trust as well as the crime they have committed.

  29. Bryan Abbott says:

    Most cops are creepy, strange little men. They don’t seem to cherish the same freedoms “civilians” (their term, not mine) do. They seem to receive an almost euphoric sensation from violating the rights of ordinary citizens.

  30. rangers95 says:

    Story after story about corrupt cops. What a joke the police of this country have become. They used to be there to help people, now they just hurass people, and are there to generate income for the cities they work for, not to mention becoming as currupt as can be. What a sad state of affairs we have in this country !!!!

    1. Jose Garcia says:

      Its what happens when you lower standards. It sucks when you can’t trust the police. If you lower standards so that even thugs can become officers, then thugs will be officers. It hurts the public and it hurts the good police. We cannot become mexico, ou cannot trust police in mexico. We should avoid that here because then criminal cartels will easily take over a corrupted police force.

  31. bill says:

    It’s not how our police officers die…it’s how they live…like the crooked thieves they are.

    1. jeff martin says:

      and i will bet my paycheck that you vote for Democrats across the board….and I am guessing that you are a bitter non achiever..just a wild guess.

      1. Bill says:

        Keep your paychek from McDonalds..I’m a hedge fund manager..I don’t need your $55.10.

    2. Ron says:

      You’re a hedge fund manager and you call the cops crooked? Funny.

  32. jeff martin says:

    Forget the police..you cannot ever..ever trust anyone with money. People must be closely watched at all times when money is involved….except for Democrats..we can always trust them..they are always for the little guy…NOT.

  33. http://marcthescapegoat.blogspot.com says:

    There are some incredibly corrupt systems in place not only dallas but the entire metroplex including arlington where the superbowl is scheduled to play. With an apparent media blackout and censorship the world doesn’t even know or hear half of what’s really happening here. http://marcthescapegoat.blogspot.com

    1. Pick a fight says... says:

      WOW – I checked out your site… You need help dude! Do you need us to call someone for you? Do you have anyone that you can go hang out with for a while?

  34. fartagus says:


  35. Tom says:

    She worked taking tips for crime stoppers..she’ didn’t have the opportunity to steal cash and drugs like all her workmates and make the really big money…she should file a complaint of discrimination..getting stuck where the small dollars are..it’s an outrage how colored people are treated….equal opportunity is a joke…she should have had millions by now..26 years and that’s all you get.

    1. BarRock says:

      26 years and only $250,000..and she had to split it..that’s only $9615 a year split in two is $4808…some cops probably make that in a day..let her go back to work…she’s just a poor woman working a dead end job. It would cost $100,000 a year to house and feed and protect her in jail.

  36. Nick Applease says:

    Dallas is the next Detroit

    1. Real Deal says:

      thats what happens when you have eddie bernice johnson, j wiley price, don hill, derrick evans, terri hodge, james fauntroy, al lipscomb being put in place by affirmative action/quota rulings from judges that do not suffer from their rulings …………… just the real Americans suffer from the obama sycophants

    2. oldretiredcop says:

      Sorry. Memphis will beat Dallas to the puch becoming the next Detroit. I guess I’m just too old and foggy brained, but is there a common demoninator in all this?

  37. bumblefoot2004 says:

    26 year career down the drain. I wonder if she’s going to get her pension?

    1. John says:

      I will have to say no.

  38. Pick a fights says... says:

    You are all racists!

    1. sean patriot says:

      Yup, wanna do something about it?

      1. Pick a fights says... says:


    2. sean patriot says:

      Im down

      1. Pick a fight says... says:

        That’s gross! You sir, are certainly a reprehensible person.

  39. shunkw says:

    Anyone that knows ANYTHING about the Dallas Police Department knows it has been terrible for decades….LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG before they had any black officers.

  40. Hemroidious says:

    Her Aunt, Edie Bernice Johnson, made her do it.

  41. YeowPingMah says:

    In China they would shoot her in the back.of the head…In USA they house, clothe, feed, free medical, color tv, recreation facilities, socialization with fellow criminals….hahaha..America is big joke…now #2 to China progressive ways…State of Union is Disarray…caused by incompetent leadership.

    1. oldretiredcop says:

      There is a better than 50-50 chance she will quickly resign and draw a very nice pension. Pitiful

  42. Pick a fights says... says:

    Your mother should teach you some manners

    1. wuJaw says:

      Will you guys quit? this space should be reserved for on topic comments thank you very much!

    2. sean patriot says:

      you know Im right.

    3. Pick a fight says... says:

      You think we can get in on that? – AWESOME!

  43. Oswald says:

    First the shiny badge guy on the grassy knoll…Kennedy dead…then Jaclk Ruby assassinates the only guy arrested…a timid guy sitting in a Texas theatre watching a matinee..Now this. Dallas cops are the worst in the USA.

  44. reckless says:

    It would seem that is more common these days that the greatest threat to our security comes from those in charge of protecting our security.

  45. reckless says:

    Is there a genetic disposition to this type of behavior?

  46. D says:

    Do you think we got this type of officer because she was never really qualified?
    Did affirmative action force this one in place?

  47. GREG says:

    Ok Dee, if thats the way you feel tell ya what? Next time your car is stolen, home broken into or you have some other emergency, please don’t call 911. I wouldnt want you to be victimized by some corrupt, abusive self absorbed cop who only wants to do you harm. Handle it yourself. Your ignorance astounds me.

  48. mahone dunbar says:

    If you come from a culture that has a propensity for theft, and believes everyone owes them a living, it’s pretty easy to understand.

  49. Jill says:

    Greg, the last time I called the cops to report a crime, they attempted to treat me as a suspect. In front of my son, no less. They were completely out of line, and I can guarantee you that was the last time I’ll ever call the cops, unless it’s for them to come pick up a dead body. Odd, that your name is greg.

  50. Duck says:

    “Free” is typically a favorite word with that crowd.

  51. PKato says:

    I think it’s no problem, they just go to New Orleans and work there…you know, rob some Wal-Marts, etc.


  52. Bud Drop says:

    I’ll bet even if convicted, the taxpayers will still have to pay Theadora Ross’ pension and lifetime health benefits.

  53. justavoter says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing people make excuses for these people. My family has worked too hard to learn a police officer and a friend of hers stole money for five years. This should never happen anywhere. I’m so sick and tired of finding out so many organizations in America are being taken advantage of. Our very own government is trying to destroy our insurance companies so they can have the revenue for themselves and Americans will be left with lousy medical care. The superintendent in Wayne, Indiana is finally getting some grief from taking advantage of his school district for one million dollars. This is pure greed. All this corruption is affecting the entire country. I’ll bet you anything this officer was a liberal democrat, because first of all it is not mentioned what she is in this article. If she were a republican it would have been mentioned several times.

    1. TCFly says:

      Everyone is hard at work these days, if they have a job in America. Yes, there are corrupt people, who will take money when they can. But take this example of Crimestopper tip rewards, why do we need them? Because citizens will not come forward with information without some sort of reward dangled in front of them. I can empathize with the government. Personally, they need to take a page from the Japanese government. They tell their doctors what they can charge patients. An exray is $7.00 there. If you have ever held a job, you are covered. Plan nnd simple, there are no rich doctors practicing in Japan.

  54. kentex1146 says:

    Police officers do not belong on any pedestal. They chose their line of work just like so many others choose their line of work and few if any made the decision because they were just overwhelmingly altruistic.

  55. Will Murphy hurtnya says:

    As a man appliying to many different depts. in the metroplex, i am officially not considering Dallas anymore. After the guy on the motorcycle, the hiring of volunteer officers, and now this….I am too through with the departmen!! Its been very disappointing and needs an overhaul.

  56. brc says:

    heard the allegation years ago that the NOPD officers / detectives would call in the tip for the case they were working and collect the reward. i guess since they have to solve the case anyway, they would like to maximize theiir profit.

  57. Alex says:

    Isn’t hiring Blacks for cops like hiring Mexicans for the Border Patrol? LOL!

  58. Alex says:

    Isn’t hiring Blacks as cops like hiring Mexicans as Border Patrol agents? LOL!

  59. Bob Walker says:

    Affirmative action is progress in Dallas. Miami’s pd seems to be the same as well as NYC. in NY someone took a video of New Yorks finest taking VCRs and TVs out of a broken electronics store window when they responded to the alarm and throwing the goods into the back of the police car. such a shame, well the politicans have taught the police well. I have a small wedding business in South Florida and you would not believe the stuff I have seen. http://afloridabeachweddings.com/ I want you to know a story from a few years back. there were Miami city cops that were robbing and killing drug dealers. one day they hit the wrong boat and killed a couple. the FBI started looking into things after that. they cops tried to rob the FBI in a drug sting. one of these guys is not head of the school police in Miami. look up “Miami river cops” and see what you find. Velcome to Amerika

  60. Jeanne Bing says:

    Well this isn’t just a Dallas/Big City problem. We also had an Executive Assistant to the Sheriff here in Anderson county have the same thing happen to her last week. Luckily, it didn’t involve as much money nor time as these two women. But still will have the same outcome on all of them.

  61. jerry lud says:

    sad too see someone with 26 years of service let greed get in the way and destroy her life and make the police look bad i live in NJ one of the most corupt states and it happens here too

  62. BULLENSIGN says:

    They need a new audit firm…any competent auditor would have recognized a procedure begging to be exploited.

  63. TCFly says:

    Security guards rarely have a code of conduct, or the calling to serve the public. If any of mine need help, I want an officer, not a guard.

  64. 121 says:

    It’s the genes, it’s all in the genes………..

  65. Kathleen says:

    Who wants to bet one or the other will pull the race card as a defense as a last ditch effort at an internal affairs corruption hearing?

  66. JIm Nazium says:

    Is anyone surprised that these women are black? Crooked cops are everywhere. They abuse the badge, treat citizens like dirt, and think they are bigger than the law.

  67. LaKwanzaa Smith says:

    They be trying to set my gurl up because she is black. Obama will get to the bottom of this fraud and get her job back. He will be in Dallas as soon as he get back from vacation.

  68. Norm says:

    This is awful. Just another case of the 99% of cops making a bad name for the other 1%.

  69. Turnip says:

    Is this a hate crime?

  70. Louis Calabro says:

    After reading some of the sad and hateful comments is it any wonder that 11 cops were killed in January alone.??

  71. L says:

    Well, Texas is known for Nigerian scam artists.

  72. Streetsweeper says:

    There was a State Trooper that served a search warrant on a brand new Corvett and unbeknowst to anyone (except the perp) the vehicle had $25,000 dollars in cash stuffed into a plastic bag in the trunk. The investigator immediately retreaved a witness and logged the money along with other items of evidence on the search warrant return. How do I know this for certain. Because it was me. What would you have done?

  73. jimmy king says:

    Bet she got hired because she was a black female. I wonder what her test score was when she got hired before she got her “points”?

  74. PALFEY says:

    In our next story, we ask what happens to all the cocaine, pot and cash in the police evidence locker.

  75. Nimadan says:

    “a major breach of public trust.”

    Oh, that’s not true! I never trust blacks,
    and dressing one as a cop doesn’t change what it is….

  76. Sting says:

    How bout dem Cowpies! Time for another beer summit?

  77. Billy says:

    Hey…she’s black.

  78. laqueesha jones says:

    Looks like de Police is disrespectin Taneesha and Lakwanda. Dey aint done nuttin. I garanteez de white cracker cops planted dat stuff in dez akkounts. Weez gonna git Jesse and Al to come down heah and march and yell tru de bull horn to make de crackers back down. You go girls. You gonna be back on de street reel soon, and yos 37 chirens will be happy yoz is back sos you can gits dem some mo koolaid.

  79. Offal says:

    I pray every single one of her arrests gets thrown out.

    1. betsy lou james says:

      Offal your a IDIOT ……….. Really she is a DIRTY FILTHY SLEEZE BALL!! I hope she rottttzzzzz in prison!!

  80. Orenthal says:

    Who gives these negros the responsibility to adminster a program where money is involved? It’s like giving the gorillas the key to the monkey house; it makes no sense.

    I don’t blame the negros, I blame whoever it was that let them out of the monkey house.

  81. john doe says:

    Wow splitting $250,000 plus a 26 year pension upon retirement – why isn’t everyone applying to work at DPD

  82. Been There says:

    No such thing as an honest cop. They are all professional liars.

  83. Pat says:

    My brother called 911 because his wife wash waving a knife and cut him. When the police came, they arrested my brother.

    When my brother’s employer fired him when they found out he was jailed.

    Though my brother was not found guilty, it cost him about $500 in fees and legal help to get the charge expunged from his record.

    The law is corrupt.

  84. Chris says:

    The cops a woman. She’ll be found guilty and the sentence will be suspended. She’ll get a book deal a visits to The View and Oprah.

  85. Mrs Jones says:

    welcome to the drudge walk of shame Senior Corporal Theadora Ross, you’ve earned it

  86. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, cops are corrupt everywhere now. I wouldn’t trust a cop as far as I could toss one of them, and given how fat most of them are nowadays, that ain’t far.

  87. Betsy Lou James says:

    I just love seeing her in handcuffs!! Hopefully she will get a free stay at one of The Governments finer “joints”! POLICE OFFICER= Egomaniac with INFERIORTY
    complex.. I know there are MANY more just like her that will be exposed in the near future. I hope her stay is VERY LONG, she has earned it!!!!!

  88. Betsy Lou James says:

    Here’s to WATCHING HER ROT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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