Barnett Shale Being Used To Test Drilling Rules

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will use the Barnett Shale area to try out proposed tougher regulations on natural gas drillers.

The rules, meant to limit toxic chemicals released into the air, will take effect April 1 in the 23-county Barnett Shale region of North Texas.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the TCEQ expects to apply the rules to the rest of Texas in early 2012.

TCEQ commissioners voted Wednesday to beef up air emission limits on toxic chemicals associated with natural gas drilling and required producers to do expanded testing of their drilling sites.

Celina Romero of the Texas Pipeline Association told commissioners that testing the rules in one area will allow the agency to make changes if they prove too complicated or burdensome.

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  1. Hash says:

    EPA. This challenge is admirable to try and run the numbers on toxins however we must see the whole picture. Many large producers are buying thousands for CNG vehicles for there fleet. Clean diesle for rig fleets are now used. The wells themselves during drilling and completion are monitored as well as once the products are on line. We do not want to be totally dependant on foreign resources. We can improve processes but can we afford to run the business off comepletely. Big companies can transition but we do not want them to stop serving this viable products abruptly.

  2. lokii says:

    The whole picture also includes these people drilling right inside neighborhoods if we like it or not. A part of the picture rarely mentioned is the increased truck traffic, toxin releases, 24 drilling, and groud settling associated with the activity. These are reasons I would not take one dime from them even though they repeatedly offered. Holding them to a high standard when they are almost working in my own back yard is more than sensible.

  3. BJM says:

    Has anybody ever looked at any WalMart parking lot? Every one has pallets and pallets full of broken bags of pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides, etc. With all the creeks, rivers, and lakes in The FWB, we should be investigating them! Not to mention the treatment and nonpayment of their “associate” slaves.

  4. Jay says:

    This is a token effort after the primary damage has been done. They never could have pulled this off during the 2002 – 2009 build up.

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