By Jeff Ray, CBS 11 NewsBy Jeff Ray

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The best weather of January 2011 is coming on the last day of the last full week of the month. Expect to see high temperatures in the low 70s with mostly sunny skies on Friday. It will be a terrific start to the weekend, before a big freeze.

Clouds will start moving into North Texas on Saturday, as winds pick up from the south. We should expect to see high temperatures around 70 degrees again, but the clouds will thicken and bring a little bit of rain to some areas. The southern counties will see the rain first, likely in the Saturday afternoon hours. Then by the evening, those showers will creep into the Metroplex. There could even be a rather heavy rain event in the southeastern parts of North Texas on Saturday – in Corsicana, Athens and Tyler.

Sunday morning will then start with low clouds, more rain and some fog. The clouds will linger around, but we should only see passing showers throughout the rest of the day, Winds will begin to pick up on Sunday in anticipation of the very cold air that is heading in from the north.

Monday should be alright – cloudy with some light rain and high temperatures in the 50s. But then, a winter chill returns to the area on Tuesday, just in time to impact a week’s worth of fun-filled Super Bowl festivities that have been planned for months.

North Texas will likely start Tuesday morning on the mild side, with temperatures in the 40s and pockets of heavy rain. But then, as if the mass of people coming in from Green Bay and Pittsburgh for the Super Bowl are actually pulling the arctic air down here with them, the coldest air of winter will slam into the Metroplex on Tuesday afternoon.

The exact time that the cold air arrives is crucial. If it gets here early, North Texas could have a very bad day on Tuesday, as temperatures drop quickly and dramatically. The Metroplex could stay below freezing with strong north winds for the second half of the day, into Wednesday, and possibly even into Thursday. Some rural areas might even drop into the single-digits.

The magic temperature is 26 degrees – that is when roads and bridges are really at risk of freezing. A good snow event on Tuesday could set up for a messy Tuesday evening rush hour. Those visiting DFW from the north will wind up staying in their hotel rooms and watching us locals try to drive in winter weather. For the Yankees, that is probably better entertainment than any of the Super Bowl parties happening next week.

But all that nasty weather should start to move out on Friday of next week. It will still be cold, but at least the precipitation will be gone. The area should then warm up on Saturday and Sunday, giving us a mild and dry Super Bowl weekend.