Cabin Fever Setting In For Cold North Texans

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s cold outside, the perfect excuse to stay indoors and spend some quality time with the kids.

“We get a lot of climbing on Mommy.” At the Livingston home in the lake highlands neighborhood of Dallas, mom Ashley has had all the quality time she can handle.  “Anyone you’re around 24/7 for an extended period of time, you’re going to get on each other’s nerves,” she said.

Ashley Livingston’s 6-year-old son typically spends the day in school. That is, until Mother Nature stepped in. Three days later and now Ashley finds herself up against a higher power.

“When my son’s friend came over,” Ashley said, “they specifically prayed to God that there would be no school tomorrow.”

It seems parents all over North Texas have a touch of cabin fever. And the kids, excuse the pun, are not all right.

Jeff Crosby of Plano needed to take the edge off; so he took his sons out for some cool waves at an indoor water park. “We’re getting a little frazzled,” he said. “We just found out that school is canceled for tomorrow, so we get them for three more straight days without a break.”

Some North Texas mothers find themselves baking a lot. Ashley has made two pies this week, but says that’s nothing compared to her friends, who have literally run out of eggs baking up a storm. Hopefully, not another ice storm.

Dr. Sylvia Gearing’s Tips On Dealing With Cabin Fever:


One Comment

  1. billy says:

    It’s just terrible. People having to spend quality time with their own house holds. I think this week has been fantastic. My partner, in-laws, and I have been inside all week. I have cooked 3 good meals daily. We’ve spent time eating and catching up. People! Slow down and enjoy life. Life is not go, go, go all the time. Life is short. It wasn’t all that long ago your parents, grand parents, and great grand parents did this “quality time” alot. Internet, cell phones, and the endless need to be somewhere is new, all things considered.

  2. boadicea says:

    I agree with billy. this news clip was so irritating! parents who go crazy when they have to actually spend time with their children…the moms have to stay in the house and interact, or actually allow the kids to free play. families don’t know how to entertain themselves, or be content with themselves – so if they can’t get out to target, or the mall, or pump it up or wherever – they actually have to spend time with the children they created! gasp! my kids have had a great time playing outside and i’ve enjoyed not having to go deal with alarm clocks and icy roads.

  3. Connie Gilbreath says:

    Extra time is good for couples also.A time for long conversations and plans.Many are affected or could be affected by the economy.Lifestyle changes may be needed or required before changes can ruin lives.Home cooking is something than can be a joint effort which can create unity and a reminder that you have each other.Comfort foods can be soothing in these troubled times and gives a bonus for being stuck inside.Families need to get out the old fashioned board games that brings forth connections and a reminder of how much you mean to each other.

  4. schrodinger says:

    Well, with 4.5″ of snow in my East Dallas neighborhood and more still coming up from Waco, there will be plenty to do outdoors. Imagine, sledding! Long walks to enjoy the scenery! A REAL REASON for another SNOW day! Hot cocoa and coffee for everyone, lots of laughs… hey, it’s better than ice. Beautiful, fluffy snow that’s so rare here… enjoy it, everyone!

  5. J James says:

    Wow! Now just imagine what the teachers have to deal with 5 out of 7 days; those kids that the parents can’t wait to send back to school after 3 days!

  6. nally3 says:

    We are really enjoying it, too. Haven’t left the house since Monday and couldn’t be happier!

  7. AWC says:

    Homeschooling families already know how to spend time together ! This has been a wonderful week for us !

  8. Rick McDaniel says:

    It is amusing to hear how parents tire of their own kids so very quickly.

    Maybe they can now appreciate the teachers more, for the fact that they have to put up with them all the time, too.

  9. Harold Smith says:

    I agree that this has been a wonderful week!!! I’ve got to spend time with my 4 year old and 5 year old. They are so amazing with their words of wisdom. We’ve had a fire in the fireplace the whole time, popcorn and movies. Educational games on the computer. No probems in this home, just lots of fun!!!

  10. Ranger says:

    When you are together with the same people 24 hours a day for six days, it can get a little tiring . I don’t think anyone in this story suggested they were tired of their children- Just tired of being stuck inside so much. What is sad is all the assumptions you all made about this story. Why are you on your computer not paying attention to your kids right now?….

    1. boadicea says:

      I signed on late at night to comment. But when my 14 year old daughter saw this on the news she too thought the families were being stupid. They don’t have to be stuck inside all day – they can go out and play in the snow. Instead of embracing this unique weather we are having – and creating good memories, all they are going to remember is how terrible it was, and how annoying their kids were.

      1. Ranger says:

        Really? I didn’t hear any of the families say that. Until today, it was just ice and many people across the metroplex were without power. At least your 14 year old knows you have an imagination.

  11. ddd says:

    What a bunch of jerks. Please do not speak ill of the parents in this piece. If you don’t understand them, fine. If you are enjoying this quality time, great. I think they represented many of us who are feeling a bit trapped by the “unique weather” we are having. Some parents with young kids cannot go outside to embrace the extreme temperatures, icy roads and wet snow like others can. It isn’t safe. Too much of a good thing, can turn bad fast. Give them a break!

    1. justme says:

      I think everyone needs to step away from the keybords and take a break, hostility is setting in. Get out and get some fresh air and sunshine. Have a blessed day 🙂

  12. texasmom says:

    Folks I know this family personally. Both these parents are very devoted and loving. ITs one thing to plan being home, but when you are hit with an ice storm, you are not able to necessarily prepared for a lot of activities. I have enjoyed doing crafts with my daughter, but I know she missed interacting with other kids and being able to climb on a playground.. We loved the gift of snow and milder temperatures on Friday, when we could get out and use our muscles outside without fear of slipping on the ice. This news piece was also a bit of human interest, meaning the viewers were assumed to have a sense of humor. Most people I know have enjoyed some of the “getting to stay home” but everyone is ready for life to get back to normal. For some people, their favorite times with family are being able to get outside with their kids. Don’t be so quick to be negative of others. Enjoy the sun and thank the teachers!

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