Mexican Cartels Taking Over Some North Texas Homes

By Ginger Allen, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Picture the perfect North Texas neighborhood. They are children running along the streets. The houses have beautiful lawns with manicured shrubbery. Big trees line the sidewalks. College fans show their true colors by flying flags showing their favorite teams.

But, if you take a much closer look at some middle-to-upper class  North Texas neighborhoods, you may see a slight difference in some homes. The windows are sealed off with shutters that never open or dark-tinted windows. There is a mysterious silence that lurks around the home. What’s behind the closed doors of these house?  No one would ever suspect- except maybe Ed Fox, who heads up the Volunteers on Patrol Program for the Prestonwood West Neighborhood.

“It not only took this one down, but about three others,” says Fox as he looks a former house that sold drugs.   In the last two-years, Fox has alerted law enforcement to suspicious activity that’s taken down several houses for growing, manufacturing or selling drugs.

“It’s just scary…to know we were so close to something, something could really turn violent,” says Johnna Wolverton who lives behind one of the drug houses authorities raided.  The mother of two small children installed the expensive barrier to protect her little ones after she became aware that dealers lived in the home.

CBS 11 has learned that the dealers used guns to protect the enormous amount of money and drugs found inside.  A few blocks away, an undercover drug investigator takes CBS 11 to another house. It is a large ranch-style white house with a beautiful lawn. The house now belongs to another family, but the investigator, who did not want us to reveal his identity, said it looked just like this when it was a “grow” house.

A “grow” house is where marijuana is grown. Pictures CBS 11 obtained show rows and rows of large, bright green marijuana plants. Elaborate lights hang above them to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity for a good crop. Fans stand around the room and wirings surrounds the shrubbery.  It’s a massive operation controlled by a Mexican drug cartel.

Is the Mexican drug cartel’s presence increasing here in North Texas?  “Absolutely,” says the investigator showing us around. He admits it is ‘scary.’ “They’ll do whatever it takes to get into your neighborhood and hide.”

“That’s where we are finding the high powered weapons,” says Constable Ben Adamcik, who says he has helped the Dallas Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration take down 40 of these homes in the last three years. It’s not common for Constables to get involved in this activity, but Adamcik is a former police officer and fighting drugs is his passion. The father and grandfather is determined to protect the children in the neighborhoods he protects.

Besides weapons, bullet proof vests and silencers, he shows us picture after picture of what he’s seized. It’s cocaine, ecstasy, ice, thousands of pounds of marijuana and hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug profits. The pictures have all been taken after raids of middle-to-upper class North Texas homes.  Adamcik says the diving economy drove the Mexican cartel here. He says they are buying up the foreclosed houses and then hiding inside neighborhoods where no one suspects drug activity.

The Constable says, “It’s too easy to buy these houses.” But they’re not all Mexican cartels, Adamcik has helped shut down many domestic operations as well. Pictures show the work schedules and duty assignments that hung on the walls of three North Dallas houses for three years. One local organization was harvesting marijuana in three houses. The investigators show us a “harvest schedule” from 2005-to-2008. Law enforcement estimates this was a $3.2 million business run by a seven person ring.

“They were degreed. They were professionals,” says Adamcik as he describes the group that was running this operation. He says they even sent their “employees” to business schools. “The people they put underneath them, they actually sent them to a conference, a motivational conference like you would a legitimate business to make money.”

Investigators say the leader of the domestic operation lived in a penthouse above Mockingbird station in Dallas. They arrested the group without any problems, but the undercover drug investigator tells us that is not always the case- particularly with the Mexican cartel. He says he’s been in many armed confrontations.

Constable Adamcik says, “We always have to worry about booby traps and, if we’re worried about our safety, what do you think the residents should be worried about that live in the immediate area?”

Johnna Wolverton only learned that the house behind her belonged to a Mexican drug cartel after investigators closed it down.  “It can scare you or make you more pro-active,” Wolverton said.

And being pro-active keeps people like Ed Fox, out patrolling. “I would encourage anybody to keep their eye out in their neighborhood, regardless of what they think of their neighborhood,” said Fox.

Here’s what law enforcement says you need to watch for:
-Sealed off windows
-Dark shades
-Curtains that never open
-Possibly burglar bars
-Houses with very little activity.


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  1. Bob jones says:

    What a terrible story. The neighbor didn’t know the house was a drug house till after the arrests. She didn install that barrier as a protection from her neighbors. The so called Mexican drug lords in this case were college educated white kids in their late 20’s. Looks to me their mission statement was at odds with the reporting as well. Terrible story

    1. Lacey says:

      Excellent story. Bob Jones is in actuality, Sinaloa probably

    2. Carla Benefield says:

      Gee, my house could be quite easily mistaken for one of these. We have a high crime area. I never open my shades. There is very little activity at my home, in the afternoons, I call my cats in for the evening, but other that, there is literally no activity going on at my home. We have a yardman who does the lawn.
      I have the “black thumb” of gardening efforts, so I have artificial flowers in my front yard. They are very pretty & always in “full bloom”.
      I do hope that some crazy law ATF or DEA agent decides to invade our home, this might be the next best thing to winning the Texas Lottery, because I can assure you, it would be, “One heck of a great lawsuit” !

      1. Jim Bob says:

        I’m pretty sure they are not going to just drive around and randomly raid “suspicious homes” without doing a little investigating.

  2. TMade90 says:

    I find it funny how the story mentioned Mexican drug cartels prominently in the story, yet the seven people who were recently busted (and well-educated, so the story said) were WHITE. The story also mentioned how police usually target higher crime areas and not the so-called ‘good’ neighborhoods. Affluent whites are such shep, to the realities of the world. Crime happens everywhere. And putting an ethnic or minority face on drug trafficking only disrtorts the reality that most major drug trafficking is controlled by WHITES. But they’ve always lived in one locatoin but operations took place in the ethnic neighborhoods.

    I’m sure if I lived in Highland Park and wanted drugs, I wouldn’t have to leave HP to get them…

    Let’s wake up people.

    1. block power says:

      yeaa mang YT beez da debbil

    2. foresta4thetrees says:

      you already had the answer no matter the question: white people are also criminals

      See, we already know that

      Its the minorities that act like they need to be given a break or not sentenced so “harshly”

      quit laying the race card
      this isnt 1970 anymore

    3. John Taylor says:

      Please cite your source that “the reality that most major drug trafficking is controlled by WHITES” is factual. That, or stop using the race card without any supportting proof.

    4. Rob Taylor says:

      You guys know that many Mexicans are in fact White, right? That Mexico, like America, is a multi-ethnic country?

    5. sparky101395 says:

      “Affluent whites are are such shep?”
      Is this a poroly spelled line from a 70’s anti-whitey pamphlet? Yes, yes…. whitey ruined everything, just like the Jews. Helen Thomas is that you?

  3. james says:

    I think i was most surprised by Ginger saying that there was one cartel house near the home of former president george bush in prestonwood. simply insane!!!!

    I know they talked about the mexican cartel and then showed the one busted by 7 college educated white people. i guess this goes to show you that the cartel will pay anyone to do their dirty work.

    1. John Taylor says:

      And for a buck, almost anyone can be bought.

  4. Gloria says:

    Seems Poliice / Drug Enforcement need to team up with Electric Providers. to target / check out extremely high useage for size home / location

    1. Lorraine says:

      So true, I was also thinking the electricity usage would be extremely high.

      1. Jim Bob says:

        Not much higher than a couple plasma tv’s

  5. max says:

    business was made by White Fellas. But now called part of a Mexican Cartels ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE RACISM

    1. Spelling Be's a Max Beotch says:

      Man, you’s is brilliant mofo…

  6. MBell says:

    I will ask you all of you GUYS in this “TV PROGRAM” (NOT NEWS) white people DO NOT DO OR SALE DRUGS. or do you Guys on THIS TV show when in High-school never did this same kinda things?????????????????

  7. Fort Worth Knows says:

    Excellent story. Whites may control part of the drug trade, especially white CIA, local police etc, but the fact is, most ALL weed, meth, cocaine and black tar heroin comes from or goes through and is brought in to the U.S., BY MX CARTELS. That’s how Americans are reportedly making the cartels a reported 40, 45 billion dollars a year. However, when we talk about dangerous, deadly drugs like heroin, it IS MX’s that are creating markets where they never existed
    Read LA Times: Black Tar Heroin; A Lethal Business Model Targets America

  8. Cat says:

    Great story!! Some of you people must be high. Did you not hear the reporter say some of the drug dealers are Mexican Cartel and others are “domestic”? Hello…. the white guys are the domestic ones?

  9. Ben P says:

    small note… I hate that society is sort of criminalizing tinted windows. First on cars and now on houses. I went out of state with my car last year and I had to hear from many people about my ‘illegal’ (legal) window tint and how it made me look suspicious.

  10. pat says:

    Excellent article by Ginger Allen.
    Know this first hand in our neighborhood in Garland.
    One block from our home there was drug house that was busted by police.
    It now sits empty.

  11. Hemroidious says:

    As long as they are in compliance with the Home Owners Association there should be no problem. The cartels do excellent yard work and at cheap prices too.

    1. Lorraine says:

      Hello, are you for real? They’re selling drugs, killing people, bringing criminals into your neighborhood… Wake up! Stop doing drugs, stop creating a market!

  12. Eric says:

    Yeah, so how’s all this “war on drugs” thing working out? After BILLIONS of dollars, full prisons, violence, the proliferation of SWAT teams in every hamlet, the erosion of civil liberties, “no-knock” raids (often at the wrong address), gunfire, how’s Prohibition 2.0 working out?
    I say it is a miserable failure that has led to a huge expansion of government. Is this a free society or not? Are We the People capable of making our own decisions (good or bad) or not? When will Liberty -and sanity – return?

    1. John Taylor says:

      When the cartels quit gunning people down in the streets and it really becomes a “victimless crime”.

      1. scott says:

        If drugs were legal, people wouldn’t be being gunned downed in the streets. Check out the history of prohibition.

  13. John says:

    mexican cartel??? all white men highly educated us citizens???

    i guess employees of the mexican cartel

    ginger allen what’s matter with you?

  14. Rick McDaniel says:

    Those who really think the illegal immigration problem is not a problem, need to heed this article.

    This is precisely why we have to demand that our government put a stop to the illegal immigration. Period.

    1. Max Morris says:

      That’s what the Mexican cartels want you to think

      Mexican cartels are a separate issue from illegal immigrants

  15. SJames says:

    As long as they keep their yards up and cause no commotion, what’s the problem? Cops always love the vice stuff instead of routine patrol, which is what they should be doing.

  16. Elmer says:

    You have been telling us that we need diversity. Here it is.

  17. whamprod says:

    The article says, “CBS 11 has learned that the dealers used guns to protect the enormous amount of money and drugs found inside.”

    Well, DUH! …which is a powerful argument for homeowners being armed themselves. But beyond that, this reporter sounds like he’s hyperventilating just a little bit. He makes it sound like anyone who tries to make his home more secure should automatically be under suspicion of drug dealing. Puh-leeeeze!

  18. JR says:

    I love how it says “Mexican Cartel” yet not one Mexican was pictured and it was only White Americans that were pictured in this news clip yet it says MEXICAN.


    1. Nanna Harrison says:

      JR: There are White Mexicans. You know that, right?

  19. forrestaforthetrees1214 says:


    you already had the answer no matter the question: white people are also criminals
    See, we already know that
    Its the minorities that act like they need to be given a break or not sentenced so “harshly”
    quit laying the race card
    this isnt 1970 anymore

  20. marissa says:


    that means the mexicans are the big bad businessmen here and the whites were just the poor innocent ones

    isnt that they way you play that pr game??

  21. John Taylor says:

    Interesting story but very poorly written structurally and are there no editors pr proof readers? Incomplete sentences and poor grammar and spelling.

  22. Progressive Ed says:

    What border?

  23. richmx2 says:

    Really, other than some guy’s claims, where is there evidence that this is “a Mexican cartel” or “the Mexican cartel” (both used in the same story) running the operation. A “grow house” is presumably run by the people in the house growing the stuff… who aren’t Mexicans.

  24. Mark says:

    Good story.

    Funny how some above are more concerned about RAAAACCISM! than about drug cartels.

  25. commenter says:

    It’s true, there are whites and other races breaking the same laws. However, that does not make it right for criminals from other countries to come here illegally and do their crimes here. We do not need or want them to help contribute to the problem. We need our jails, prisons, money and resources to deal with our criminals. Not a good argument for open borders.

  26. Merlin says:

    They will just build more prisons… Private prisons are a BIG MONEY MAKER and so they have to keep them filled… I wouldn’t be surprised if they make more offenses felonies.. so they can keep building these private prisons. Which is another reason that marijuana is illegal.

  27. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the story, but, really, do you have an editor or at least a proofreader? The number of errors distracts from the message.

  28. politicaljules says:

    And DFW is one of the most liberal cities in Texas. After this kind of story, I am flabbergasted.

    1. Dacheng Shi says:

      That’s because it’s a big city, Jules. All big cities in America are “liberal”

  29. Cooper Flynn says:

    I tried to publish a comment previously, but it hasn’t shown up. I assume your spam filter may be broken?

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