By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Football fans had hoped for a warm reception in Dallas.  “We were expecting beaches or something,” joked Jerry Knutson, who’s visiting from Minnesota.   Instead, visitors found a city covered in ice.

“It’s not so cold. It’s the ice that’s kind of a problem,” Knutson said.  “I’ve never seen streets in Minnesota or Wisconsin with streets with the ice this bad on them ever.”

Visitors said the icy conditions made it difficult to drive and walk around the city, but it didn’t deter fans from attending some of the Super Bowl events.  Organizers of the NFL Experience at the Dallas Convention center said 76,000 visitors have come through since it opened last week, and they don’t expect weather to be a factor.  In fact, some locals checked out the event so they could get out of the house.

“We just wanted to do something, come out to the Super Bowl festivities,” said Horacio Lara, who’s from Ft. Worth.  “We were home for three days and we decided to come out to see what this had to offer.”

Meanwhile, at the media headquarters in downtown Dallas, radio host John Maino from Green Bay had some advice to get rid of some of the ice.  “They should take all the margaritas they’re making around town this week and take all the salt off and put them on the roads. You guys don’t use salt on the roads?”

But, Maino says North Texans warm personalities have made up for the cold weather.  “I’ve gone to four Super Bowls and this is my favorite one as far as how the locals treat us.”