Snow Falling In North Texas, Again!

By Larry Mowry, CBS 11 News

Last Updated: February 4, 2011 – 8:08 a.m.

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Widespread snow over North Texas overnight is adding to travel woes in our area.

1-3” of snow is common in North Texas, with heavier 4-7” snowfall amounts on the ground from Dallas & Collin counties back to the north and northeast.  As of 7:30 a.m, there was another band of heavier snow ranging from Granbury to Mineral Wells & Weatherford  up to Gainesville.  Snowfall rates in this band approach 1-2” per hour.  This band is moving north with a drift to the east and will be moving into DFW after 8am.

All snow should taper off by late morning over North Texas, but temperatures will stay well below freezing today, keeping ice and snow on the ground for the afternoon and evening commute as well.

This is a very light, powdery snow, which can make it very difficult to predict snowfall totals. It does not take as much water to make an inch of snow. For example, with usual snow, one inch of rain equals 12 inches of snow. But with the snow that North Texas is seeing on Friday morning, one inch of rain would equal about 20 inches of snow. Looking at that ratio, a smaller rain equivalent would produce more snow.

The low water content is keeping this snow light and fluffy. It will not be ideal for making snowballs, but it will be great for skiers… because we have so many great ski runs here in North Texas.

There may be a few breaks in the clouds on Friday afternoon, and then Friday night temperatures will stay in the upper teens and low 20s. North Texas should be warmed up into the 40s on Saturday afternoon.

Of course, Friday’s continued cold temperatures, ice and snow has prompted more closings and delays. Many schools across North Texas are closed for the fourth straight day. Dallas Love Field closed down all runways. DFW International Airport closed down all but three runways and canceled numerous flights.

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One Comment

  1. Nisty says:

    Snowing like crazy in Justin Texas!

  2. Sammie says:

    Snowing like crazy here in Lewisville, Texas! Its beautiful!! 🙂

  3. Sammie says:

    It happens. I’m not a teacher, but I do understand that when your reporting the new to the public you should use proper grammer, not saying that I’m perfect at it because I’m not a teacher and I mess up sometimes too!

    1. Roger says:

      “your” should be “you’re” . . .

    2. Bobwnc says:

      Roger – Just shows the low education standards……..again! Welcome to the “Tweet” age !

  4. anna says:

    This article is indeed rife with typographical errors and poorly constructed sentences. I had to double check to make sure I was reading an article from a credible website!

    1. Tony says:

      You get what you pay for.

  5. Octavio says:

    “It will not be ideal for making snowballs, but it will be great for skiers… because we have so many great ski runs here in North Texas.” – That line just made my day!

    1. Shawn Roedel says:

      We could have ski runs. Think Of those hills( landfill ) in Lewisville.

  6. JAMES TYLER says:


  7. bryan oerkins says:

    i live in mabank texas and we have 5 ins of snow here and from what i see could get 1 more inch

  8. win says:

    how can i send the photo to cbs??? i cant find the email address………..

  9. dameCelina says:

    Interesting – teachers have been snug as a bug in a rug for the past 4 days, while those responsible for making the roads safe, reporting the news, taking care of the ill, and fighting fires have been forging on regardless. tsk tsk

    1. Dean Webb says:

      Hey, everyone. I’m a teacher and I’ve been staying in contact with students online for the last few days. If you would like for the children to be stuck in schools without heat when the rolling blackouts hit, like what happened in Terrell and other East Texas schools, let me know. Also, if you’d like the buses to hit a slick patch and crash into some parked cars with a load of kids, let me know and we’ll arrange something. The schools are closed, which is why the teachers are home.

      We’re in the line of fire every day the weather is good. I’ve got some real gems in my 2nd period. Sure, they’re lumps of coal, but they’ll be diamonds one day. Sorry, but when I saw the sniping on teachers I just had to step up and reply.

      1. Traci says:

        Thank you for being a teacher!!! You are appreciated!! Wish you were more appreciated by way of your earnings…..but maybe, that will change one day. My sister had to quit teaching because she couldn’t earn enough to support her family. So sad.

    2. themadrush says:

      I agree with Dean Webb. Nobody I know would want to hear tragic news of a schoo bus crash, due to bad weather. Plus, the internet offers both teachers and students to communicate and keep up with schoolwork. Furthermore, students perform this manner of classwork diligently. Staying home does not mean so much lost productivity. It just means our kids are safe.

  10. Thomas says:

    Here, in a subdivision of Newark, just off of 287, there are six to eight inches of snow. Tried to make it to work, but couldn’t drive out of my neighborhood and was lucky to make it back home.

  11. Barbie Graham says:

    Visiting from California, looking at relocating my family suppose to go to McKenney today from DFW not sure if I should drive, humm what to do

    1. Thomas says:

      Welcome to the strange weather state of TX. I’d say wait awhile and see what it looks like later in the day. Not worth getting stuck in this stuff, or worse yet in a wreck.

    2. scmidt says:

      stay in calif,,this place isnt the answer,go to the beach

    3. Thomas says:

      On second thought, I agree with scmidt, stay in CA and go to the beach.

    4. James Tyler says:

      Barbie,If you’ve got a job, Stay in California.
      I liveed in Lodi for 18 years and the only snow I saw was when I drove to Taho or Placerville…
      I live in Wylie just south east of McKinney. the whole area is covered with 6.7 inches…..

    5. NJhere says:

      You wouldn’t be the first Californian to make the move. Just drive slowly — leave triple the space between you and other vehicles and you’ll be fine. For some reason, North Texans seemingly ignore snow and ice when they’re driving. Welcome!

  12. Franklin says:

    big whoop! its 72^ here in upstate ny, WELL INDOORS IT IS. and no snow either, well ,actutually outtdours theres snowe. cant seem to find my lawnchair. as fer the poore spleling, blame theh teachers for ebonics and sight reading 20 years ago. Enjoy theh results your hard work teachers

    1. Chuk A Spear says:

      get rid of tenure and the unions,,too much old deadwood teaching

      1. Forrest says:

        I second the motion, dump the fat government employee unions that are bankrupting the rest of us…talk about a conflict of interest. I hope you’re enjoying the “Global Warming”.

  13. James tyler says:

    Barbie, Stay ni Calif. I wish I was still in Lodi….

  14. Ms Texas says:

    Just moved here from Chicago 3weeks ago and it feels like home. : )

  15. Wayne D. Cowey says:

    Ferrris, just south of Dallas County on I-45. Five inches measured on my lawn.

  16. elsando says:

    Good morning all. The cold sneaked up on me and the rolling blackout rolled out but didn’t roll back for about four hours. I have water in the kitchen (Irving, TX) but the rest is frozen. I hope the pipes give a little and don’t split. Beautiful snow this morning. I don’t think I’ll be frolicking. Fell on my keester twice but no damage – time for another cup of java.

    1. Thomas says:

      I also have frozen pipes because of the rolling blackouts. Spoke with a plumber last night about it. He said the reason most pipes burst, is because when they unfreeze, there is no place for the built up pressure in the line to go, but outward. He suggested that I open up faucets to relieve the pressure when they unfreeze. Hope that helps.

      1. Thomas says:

        Oh yeah, I’m not a plumber and I don’t play one on TV :-), so you might want to talk with a plumber yourself, and see what he or she says about the advice I received.

      2. J B says:

        But have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn?

      3. Thomas says:

        🙂 Yeah, but I prefer Motel 6.

  17. tara says:

    @barbie, I just moved here from long beach ca two weeks ago, despite this rare situation in the weather, there has been nothing but good things here. the people are nice, happy, work oriented and very polite, I can’t say the same for California. not to mention the cost of living, gas, taxes, real estate, unemployment rate… I hate snow and cold but the sacrifice is worth it in my book. Good luck

  18. vtxed says:

    He’s just using the skills he learned in school by, wait for it… wait for it… “TEACHERS”

    1. StaticKlingona says:

      HA! Been paying taxes long enough to be paying for the third batch of these lumps of coal and every year they seem to get more self esteem and fewer skills. Colleges are having to teach them remedial reading before they can do anything with them. Time to demand some performance from our schools. Period!

    2. Big Brain says:

      The problem is that your kid is just dumb. Face it! It’s not the teachers fault.

  19. StaticKlingon says:

    Vote with your feet, and don’t mind the snow. You’ll make a great Texan! 🙂

  20. Cindy says:

    Has anyone thought that next Friday Feb the 11 will be 1 year since the 12.5 inches of snow fell!?

  21. William Lumbergh says:

    Texas ‘winter’ is a mere inconvenience. The posts are stating snow in ‘inches,’ not feet, and the temps are above zero. Looking around the country, it could be a lot worse.

    1. SueK says:

      3.5 FEET of snow on the MA/NH border. Snow plowed into 10 foot piles at the end of streets so high you can’t see oncoming traffic.

      Welcome to the New England winter of 2010-11.

      Wish I were in Texas!!!!

  22. derk_e_der says:

    The boiling question of the day is: Will we all freeze to death due the effects of global warming?

    1. Conservative101 says:

      Absolutely lol Because you’s sooo HOT when it’s cold, imagine that? Huh, go back to 8th grade earth science algore or should I say manbearpig?? What a joke, man-made global warming. Just ignore the pacific decadal oscillation, atlantic oscillation, el nino, la nina, arctic oscillation, the sun and so much more!! Maybe he lives under a rock and that’s why he can’t tell what the sun does to the atmosphere!! There mystery solved!! HA!!

  23. DV says:

    Four straight snow days. Bored out of my mind. I wanna go back to work. I lived for 22 years in CA, but I Love Texas. Denison is beautiful! My only question is – WHY can’t the city gravel the only road out of our subdivision so that I can get to the freeway and get to work (slowly)? I was told yesterday by a police officer that the gravel truck drivers can’t get to work.

  24. Tee Hee says:

    Weathermen and snow prediction in TX is like sex and the single girl in CO; You never know how much you are going to get or when you will get it.

  25. xlbigdad says:

    Hey teacher, get your but to school and teach and quit blaming your short comings on the reporters and the students. Kids and teachers don’t get snow days in Wyoming!!!

  26. Judy Ann Hurst says:

    We are having HEAVY snow right now from Gainesville

  27. Chris says:

    Cancel the Super Bowl!!!!!!

    1. Thomas says:

      They might, what with possible freezing precip on Sunday. Who knows. Maybe God just doesn’t like Mr. Jones very much these days. :v)

  28. How can this be? says:

    I live in south Arlington and we have about 5 inches of GLOBAL WARMING.

  29. barb says:

    The airport HAS to open completely to allow all of those WONDERFUL STEELERS FANS to come into town for the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!

  30. PhlyPhisher says:

    For those just moving into Texas, keep in mind that this is a RED state and we intend to keep it that way. For those that have some difficulty with that, consider that the states that are collapsing under their government debt are pretty much exclusively BLUE states. There ia set of reasons for that, liberal attitudes, feelings of entitlement and spending beyond the means. Other than that, welcome to our wintery wonderland.

  31. Conservative101 says:

    Try Minnesota on for size my dear Texans, you really don’t want to be here…AT ALL! We have just a tiny bit more snow than you, not pleasant! 😦

    1. PhlyPhisher says:

      Yep, you’re certainly right about that. I know a few folks up there and FEET of snow backed by temps far into the minus side of the scale is certainly not my concept of pleasant. If I could trade what we have right now for some 100 degree F temperatures, I’d take the 100 in an instant. Here’s hoping spring shows early!

  32. Kevin says:

    Poor little babies. I hope global warming (which according to the feminized, useless, so-called scientists is causing the SNOW) teaches you US feminized freaks that you have officially lost freedom and common sense. You are all stupid feminized sheep. Morons 😉

  33. MARIANNE says:


  34. sittinduck says:

    You do know that all this weather was ordered special for Jerry Jones by Alicia Landry. . .

  35. BJ says:

    WOW!!! I live in Arizona and it’s freak’in cold here, too…my daughter & family live in Frisco and their garage door was frozen shut…what a way to get cabin fever!!! Things will warm up…….eventually!!! Stay safe!

  36. roland stiles says:

    I love texas. Dont worry about the snow it will melt and soon will be hoter than a two dollar pistol. Left california 10 years ago and never looked back.

  37. Forrest says:

    I would divest myself of any carbon credits or “green” stock as quickly as possible.

  38. Gin Haverland says:

    God Bless Texas!

  39. Tehas Pedro says:

    Proof that God hates ‘dem Cowboys.

  40. AB says:

    Snowing again!! It’s light though. Hope we don’t get another few inches.. GIMME MY WEEKEND!!

  41. ReConUSMC says:

    In 1977 while at the Jan. Furniture Fabric show in Dallas . The LBJ was a 6 inch sheet of solid Ice you could have Ice Scatted on …
    Every time you crossed a Bridge there was 1-2 4 Wheel Suv’s wrecked thinking a 4 wheeler was safer .
    When you slide there is no difference between 2 and 4 Wheelers .
    It got to bad that the Radio started warming Drivers every 5 minutes ,

  42. Hank Warren says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. PhlyPhisher says:

      Would that swwp include Ron’s son Rand as well? I’d guess probably not ….

  43. coloradobuc says:

    Sounds like we should be playing in Green Bay !

  44. May Xie says:

    Surprising! I only saw snowing once when I lived in Houston, TX in the past.

  45. jony grand says:

    All of them Garry Seith, Jeff Jamison, Jeff Ray, and Larry Mowry predict things that are 80% wrong for example the high saterday was said to be in the lower 40s but it was actully 54f so not even close so i would say if you’ll people spend time working and predicting the right weather not just gussing, and it says snow will fall sunday ii know we won’t see a flake that we saw snow friday morning cause it was well below freezing but all have melted by the rays of the sun not the temp but by the sun, I want to be a meteorologist one day but not like them just gussing a snowstorm when it is 80f so i think you’ll could just stay home.

    1. jony grand says:

      oh well atleast meteorologist Larry Mowry is the best one there i think his predictions are often right so continue with your career.

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