Winter Weather: The Latest



Here’s the latest information on the winter weather pounding DFW.  We’ll update it throughout the day.

2:58 pm: Water main break at I-30 & Altamere. Geyser of water shooting in the air. Area has been closed to traffic.

2:23pm: Despite previous reports The Event Super Bowl party featuring Prince is NOT canceled.

2:08 pm: In Arlington, 6 people were injured by falling ice outside of Cowboys Stadium. One person was reported to be in “critical” condition.

12:42 pm: TXDOT is still waiting for additional snow plows to arrive in the area to help clear the roads. Road conditions across the Metroplex are varied, please drive with extreme caution. Loop 12 South at Spur 408 is closed due to accidents.

12:13 pm: One runway is open at Love Field in Dallas and commercial flights will resume on a limited basis.

11:30: The Winter Storm Warning is being extended through 4pm for the area. Love Field is only open to private aircraft. Commercial flights are still grounded. The Hi-5 in Dallas (635 – Hwy 75) is passable, but officials still urge extreme caution if driving in these areas.

10:05: DART Rail and The TRE say they are operating their regular schedules today, but riders should expect pretty lengthy delays, up to 30 minutes. DART Buses  and The T are running, but delayed as well due to road conditions.  At DFW Airport, three of the seven runways are open.  Even so, airlines have canceled hundreds of flights.  All of Love Field’s runways are shut down, but crews are working to open one.  And we’ve heard that the average wait for a tow truck is about three hours.

9:57: The roads are the biggest problem right now, as they have been most of the day.  This screengrab from our traffic section says it all:


screen shot 2011 02 04 at 9 57 37 am Winter Weather: The Latest

9:20: At I-30 and Loop 12, CBS 11 Photojournalist Jake Shannon saw a tow truck that was pulling another tow truck out of the snow.  You know it’s bad when the tow trucks need tow trucks.

9:17: American Airlines has canceled more than 600 flights at DFW Airport.  That’s just American; other airlines have also canceled many flights.

9:16: Eastbound I-20 at Spur 408 in Dallas is closed.  There’s a big backup there.  Stay home if you don’t absolutely have to go someplace.

9:15: TxDOT says it’s bringing in 40 more snowplows from other parts of the state.  They should be in DFW by noon.  Those crews are also bringing more magnesium chloride, which is the chemical they spread on roads to melt the snow and ice.

8:44 a.m: Some parts of DFW have seven inches of snow on the ground.  More is on the way, but it should be cleared out by noon.


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  1. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    Amen One does have to wonder how we survived in the past …those good old days when we had to walk to school in 2 ft of snow ….up hill both ways ..without flake by flake drop by drop coverage … much chirpy chatter …something that does baffle me the need to travel all the way to the airport to stand in the lobby and say flights are canceled ….Wanna know why the roads are so crowded its all the news vans out watching the cars on the road

    1. jim says:

      5 vans to cover every 2 cars ! Anything to “create” news with a sprinkle of drama.

  2. Ken says:

    Yeah, let’s discuss the millions of dollars in lost revenue that has occurred this week, and thousands of dollars for people who are trying to get to the the big dance on Sunday !
    Let’s go back to Miami, LA, and Arizona, it’s a sure bet !

  3. kelly says:

    Seven hours? Really? We need 7 hours of you moaning and telling everyone ohhh how bad it is? Enough already! We get it OK ! If i hear one more time parents have cabin fever because their kids are indoors? What are you bellyaching about they are YOUR KIDS DEAL WITH IT. I am so over the news

  4. Michelle says:

    Then go back to Pittsburgh! Thank the Lord you hethuns dont want to come back! Praise the Lord!

    1. jim says:

      AMEN to that !

  5. Cassy Calma says:


    It is very unfortunate that in this country we still have uneducated people trying to act as if they are smart. Just a geography lesson…it is a rare occasion for Texas to get snow. So rare in fact that Texas does not invest in many snow plows or put into motion many plans for this type of weather like Pittsburgh does, nor does it have to deal with snow and ice on a daily basis. So of course if the roads are not clear and the people are not used to driving in these conditions, there will be moaning and complaining. Use your common sense and think about the geographic location of where the weather is happening.

  6. Ghostland26 says:

    You, my friend can take your behind right back to where you came from. Dang yankees! We don’t need ya!

  7. Jayster says:

    One of your people mentioned this am that his wipers are frozen. Tell him to open the hood where he can get to the unwanted ice. Mine was full of ice today also.

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