Fort Worth Police Chief Institutes Anti-Bias Policy

FORT WORTH (AP) – Fort Worth police have implemented a written policy prohibiting “biased-based policing.”

Officials say officers who violate the special order, signed Friday by Chief Jeff Halstead, will likely be fired.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the order prohibits police employees from considering “race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, economic status, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, transgender status, membership in a cultural group or other individual characteristics or distinctions” while performing police duty.

Halstead said he hopes the policy will make it easier for employees to report abuses to supervisors.

The department was the focus of attention after a June 28, 2009, raid on a gay bar that left one man seriously hurt. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission fired two agents afterward. Three police officers served suspensions.

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One Comment

  1. Donald K Day says:

    Good idea

  2. Tom says:

    Policies already exist in the Fort Worth Police Department to deal with evey one of the issues in the “new” policy. The purposes of this policy are first, to make Halstead look more like a leader, because he sure doesn’t demonstrate that in operating the police department, and secondly, to slap the face of every good Fort Worth police officer who is already doing these things properly (and that is almost 100% of them) because of a handfull of failures. The FWPD needs leadership, not additional policies!

  3. WEREFEAT says:

    That’s right, discourage the pursuit of the degenerates in society, and encourage the destruction of the healthy people.

    1. RONNIE says:


      1. WEREFEAT says:

        Oh sure. Republican. There is only one political party in the US. The Communist party. The political left has killed about 100 million people in China and Russia. And they’re building the camps here…for YOUUUUUUUU!

    2. Sam says:

      HAHAHA I hate your type.100 million wasn’t enough evidently.There is only 1 Communist party here and your apart of it.Bush proved that with The Patriot Act .He will be coming for you soon paranoid freaks.

      1. WEREFEAT says:

        Like you can tell me who I am. “Sammy”.

  4. Philo Phool says:

    The next step for the Dallas Police Deprtment is to mandate a QUOTA SYSTEM for arrests. I’m sure if a study were made, there would be more African-Americans and Hispanics arrested than Caucasions, The ratio of Caucasions to “legal minorities” in Dallas is probably 3 or 4 to 1, yet there are probably 5 “legal minorities” arrested for felonies (maybe even lesser crimes) for each Caucasion. This shows an extreme bais on the part of the Dallas PD in who it consideres committed a felony crime. There should be a stop put on “legal minoritiy” arrests each month when it exceeds the alloted percentage of Caucasion arrests to continue this anti-bias policy.

    1. WEREFEAT says:

      The reason non-Whites get arrested more is because they commit more crimes. Non-Whites commit almost all of the crimes in the US, at least 80%, although they are still the minority racially.

      1. Ronnie says:

        I agree with this nazi for a change !

      2. WEREFEAT says:

        @ Ronnie Facts don’t have a political pedigree. Look up “The Color of Crime” on the ‘net.

  5. James Lawrence says:

    I certainly hope Chief Halstead’s mandate includes one-armed, cross-dressing, transgendered, dyslexic, Lithuanian uni-cyclists. Don’t want to leave anyone out!
    Political correctness is alive and well Cowtown. How very sad…

  6. David says:

    This kind of thinking is as old as the saying “Thinking out of the box.” Someone please tell the police chief that Political connectedness is dead. Latinos are now Mexicans, and African Americans are now Black…white people are still white and all Asians are still Chinese. Thank you.

  7. Duane Kollhoff says:

    This policy is to cover management’s misgivings and is a slap in the face to the cop on the beat. Can’t they get any support? Most cops do their job really well with no bias in the first place.

  8. Bugger says:

    This is stupid, it says a cop can no longer consider anything while performing his duty. Awh, the report was a black guy held up a gas station, well we can’t say he was black, lets see, someone held up a gas station but we can’t say what he looked like or wheather he was a he, maybe he was a she. Way to go police chief.

  9. Notme says:

    I wouldn’t be a policeman for anything because of management like this.

  10. M.Knot Juan says:

    It seems to be a lot of resentment to this policy.Why? This shows there is still a lot of this type of sentiment out and about. I will say this attitude is not prevalent
    in todays force,but it does exist. The old days of picking up anyone for the most part is gone. Otherwise there would not be so many people released lately because the have been proved innocent. I don’t see why this policy would affect anybody that was doing his job correctly. It would not be a slsp as one contributor said.Not unless they earned it. Do your job correctly and you have no problem.

    1. WEREFEAT says:

      No. Every good person has “a problem” with this kind of reverse discrimination. Race is a major contributing factor to crime in the US. The browner you are, the more crimes you have a tendency to commit. It is a Racial Law. Just because you are not White, does not mean you are a criminal. But the probability is higher that you are. Research: “The Color of Crime” on the ‘net.

  11. duane kollhoff says:

    Well if we think this new policy is so peachy keen then let’s balance it out with a policy that addresses the self serving actions of civil action groups who cry discrimination not for justice but just to act in their self interest. Yea it happens all the time and don’t pretend it doesn’t. Okay okay no written policy but I call on these self serving groups to be accountable 100% of the time or does it work in reverse?

  12. duane kollhoff says:

    Race is a contributing factor in arrests but race has nothing to do with the arrest. Good cops doing good work. It’s just genuflecting by self serving civil action groups that muddy up the process. Are we to believe that arrests are made on a bias and that’s the reason people get arrested? No. Ass headed idea. People get arrested because they commit crimes and my thought is quit protecting them.

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