Workers Remove All Ice From Cowboys Stadium Roof

By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Thirty stories high, barely visible to the casual observers down below, men who appeared like tiny specks worked on top of the enormous Cowboys Stadium roof.

Their job was to clear the ice from the roof that only a day before broke free, falling in patches on workers below and injuring six.

If they didn’t get the job done before the Super Bowl?  “That’s not an option,” said Chief Don Crowson of the Arlington Fire Department. “We’re going to do whatever is necessary, stay there through the night and make sure its taken care of it.”

Thirty people tethered themselves to narrow walkways on the roof; fire crews, building engineers and stadium workers.

They tried turning up the heat in the stadium — that freed some of the larger patches of ice.

The crews used low pressure hoses to spray warm water on the remaining ice clinging to the stadium and then chipped it away.  Large chunks of ice were freed and allowed to make the long slide down the roof toward the gutters where they were later broken down further and melted.

“A lot of the snow and ice has melted,” said Crowson. “Our main problem is in the gutter areas, right near  the lip of the building we believe represents a hazard.”

Workers will repair or remove tents damaged by ice and snow slides.  The stadium is on full lockdown prior to the game. Authorized personnel only are let in, and only after close inspection including metal detector scanning.

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    […] Workers Remove All Ice Off Cowboys Stadium Roof Thirty stories high, barely visible to the casual observers down below, men who appeared like tiny specs worked on top of the enormous Cowboys Stadium roof. Go to News Source […]

  • Donny

    Preparing for the SB is nice and all that, What bothers me is the military presence that will be there as well. The DHS is now our version of the neo nazi gustapo. Shakin people down at the airport and on the streets, when our own borders are still wide open, and conceding certain areas in Arizona to the Mexican drug cartels, on record!!!!

    • RONNIE

      OMG ! How paranoid are you ? The military is at every large gathering place in case of a terrorist attack.You can thank Bush for the Patriot Act

  • oldman68

    Go lemmings- flock to the SB-show everyone just how little sense you have while society collapes around you-now we can get an idea how the Romans acted in 424BC

    • Charles R. Sandoval

      We are the Romans, we have been for a long time, all Empires built on slavery fall. America was built on Slavery, War and controlling other nations. We have the corrupt politicians, indulgence of the rich and the mob. Not much has changed has it.

      • Sam

        HAHAHAHA You blacks really know how to hang on to something that happened 200 hundred + years ago.The good ole days !

  • oldman68

    Sorry-meant to say AD

  • Not a doofus

    yall sound like a bunck of doofuses

  • Sheri Shideler

    tough firemen high up there doing a great job, go packers

  • Not a doofus

    ok a BUNCH of doofuses

  • Not a doofus

    here here GO PACK !

  • Bill M.

    Turn up the heat (energy) while others save energy to stop black outs. Why not use chemicals like on streets and sidewalks? Everything normal Jerry, but you cannot control nature.

  • Jack Kelly

    I remember when Dallas played GB in the Ice Bowl. God how times have changed!!

  • Grahawk

    Yo Jethro, turn up the heat inside. It should have been obvious on media day when the players were complaining that it was too cold inside. After spending $1.3 billion, what’s another million or so to put heat strips in the roof? How much did it cost the taxpayers in Arlington to have their fire department tidy things up at Jerry World?


    You would think Jones and the suckers of Arlington would have thought of how to get ice off the roof before now.Couldn’t they just open the roof to remove the ice and snow?

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