ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Members of the Arlington Fire Department were dispatched to the mezzanine area of Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl XLV Sunday because of slick floors.

It turns out the water, in section 300, was coming from a leak in the roof. There was reportedly still ice and snow melting on top of Cowboys Stadium and that water was leaking into the stadium.

Water could be seen running down pillars and walls and eventually puddling on the floor.

The Arlington Fire Department was sent to watch over the area as a precaution. The light gray color of the floor made it especially hard to see the water. The wet areas on the floor didn’t shine or even give the appearance of being wet.

dsc 49151 Melting Ice & Snow Cause Leaks Inside Cowboys Stadium

There were no reports of any fan or employee injuries.

On Saturday, workers used low pressure hoses to spray warm water on the ice atop the stadium. They then used various things to chip the ice away.  Six people were injured at Cowboys Stadium Friday as snow and ice fell from the stadium roof.