Michael Vick vs. Richard Hunter

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN)Richard Hunter rescued one of Michael Vick’s “bait dogs”. Last year, Vick said he wished he could apologize to all of the dogs and owners he affected. Well, he got his chance. Watch what happened.

Click here to see the video. Warning: video contains offensive language


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  1. Lyric says:

    Maybe Michael Vick walked away because everywhere he turns..all u people are STILL throwing his horrible mistakes in his face. He did his time..let him breathe..when the time is RIGHT, he will respond. Videos like this do NOT help, it only shows how IGNORANT everyone can be. So by doing this, u are being ignorant. The saying will always remain: ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE..next time u want to BASH and POST vids like these, look in the mirror 1st and make sure YOU ARE FREE OF SINS. im sure nobody is.

    1. Shellena says:

      Let’s just hope that God doesn’t have a pet pit bull

      1. wayne says:

        Yea, let’s just hope if God does have a pit bulls for a pets, He’ll keep them away from all of the little ones the pits have sent to Him. Think about it.

    2. starrlady says:

      we are here to continue to call attention to a sick, animal killer…. we aren’t going anywhere….. and now we have the REAL DALLAS Mayor TAKE THOSE KEYS BACK!!! YES!!! YES!! YES!!!!

    3. Debbie Schartz says:

      the only one being ignorant here is you….wake up anyone who could do such a horrific act as he has done has lost his right to anything here on earth. Yes God will be the final Judge but God sent all of us who love his precious gifts he sent to us to love and protect here on earth. This POS doesn’t deserve the air he breathes let alone being in the public eye playing football. There are too many impressionable eyes that won’t learn the right thing. This is telling them a whole different story on Respect…I will continue to stand up and speak up for these precious souls that have been abused. I have sinned yes BUT I have NEVER committed Murder as this POS has. He’s a coward in every sense of the word

      1. nikki says:

        Really! Well when you make a mistake I hope you are forgiven! And I bet you are white. Because you white people are so hateful.

    4. Karen says:

      I don’t know about you, but my list of sins doesn’t include cold-blooded killing of any of God’s creatures. What he did was not a “mistake”. He meant to torture and kill those dogs. It was entertainment. He enjoyed it.

  2. cassie says:

    Vick isn’t sorry for what he did, and that proves it. He’s a monster And should not be able to play pro ball. What kind of example
    does it show our children. When you have money, fame, and power you can get away with anything. Thank you Richard Hunter for rescueing one of those dogs.

    1. D-Vine says:

      Hello Cassie, don’t think you get the whole rehabilitation concepts about prison. A person goes into jail to serve their time and become a productive member of society and is release back into society to show they have changes. They get a job according to the skills they had before or they have learn while in prison. They pay taxes and earn a living. Isn’t that why Vick is doing? Maybe he should did a ditch or cut grass? Grow-up, or are you one of those who would use your car to hit the kid, instead of the dog. Wow we have people starving everyday and kids need adoption, Tell Richard to adopt a kid.

      1. DogLover says:

        You’re an idiot. This story has nothing to do with adopting kids. This is about rehabilitation that has FAILED off camera. He’s not sorry for what he did. Get a clue.

      2. starrlady says:

        A sick mind needs help, not to be put back into society.

      3. Debbie Schartz says:

        @ D-Vine boy do you need a reality check this is the mindset of so many ignorant people these days. It has been proven over and over and over again that not ALL prisoners learn their lesson in prison. They get out and COMMITT the same act time and time again. It’s like a game to them and VICK is NOT SORRY WHAT HE DID….he has shown this to be true on many occassions. He’s laughing in everyone’s faces except those of us who Knows the truth and can see right thru him….Wake up and do your research

    2. wayne says:

      cassie, you’re an idioit! Hopefully you don’t have kids that you teach to look up to people that have $$$$$ & you don’t have it & God bless you if that’s a reason for you to HATE. Teach your kids to look up to God and this will be a better place, A FORGIVING PLANET.

  3. D-Vine says:

    Shame on CBS 11 and it’s affliate Radion Program for plugging their own vedetta. Did Richard Hunter Spend this much time with Big Ben on the continue Rapes tht keep creeping up. Vick showed at the Boys and Girls Club of Frisco this past Friday in the worst weather we had all week. When major stars and athletes were cancelling events all over the metroplex, souunds like a man keepng his word and looking for redemptions. Dog people are crazy heard a woman state if she had to hit a dog or a child while she was driving she would hot the child. The child had a better chance of surving..Nuts..just nuts

    1. wayne says:

      richard hunter, you’re a fool if you think you’re going to get more listeners. how do you feel about pits that maul little babies, or small pets to death? How will you feel when that crazy dog turns on you & he will because he has that killer mentality? all of you pet lovers are taking this pet lover thing too-too far, try showing some of this love for your fellow mankind. Learn to knit & make sweaters for the homeless…LMAO

      1. Melissa says:

        Oh STFU, Wayne! Anytime a pit bull attacks, accuse only the owner for not containing the animal, not the animal, daminit! We dog-lovers have yet to take it “too-too” far, your buddy’s walking around loose in a society that gives this slob keys to a city. Same good ol’ boys club, different color. Same loser mentality. I’ll get the tar, somebody get the feathers…..

      2. Debbie Schartz says:

        Wayne boy are you behind times….it’s not the breed that is at fault…it’s the ignorant owners who has taught this breed to be mean. This is no different then humans teaching their young to be mean and kill…it’s all about how they are raised and taught. Love for fellow mankind well I will start showing that when these fellow mankind want’s to start showing respect and Stop abusing animals, children and elderly. That’s when I will show my respect for these kind of humans but I’m not going to hold my breathe….I’d die before that ever happens….Richard Hunter is not a fool and I will back him 110% you are the one who need to do your research

  4. CeliaSue says:


    true, vick should have received 65 years in prison, he was never convicted of animal cruelty, but given a plea deal

  5. dennis says:

    just goes to show you sad people are.. MV did his time.. he’s been trying to made ammends at every turn… other people want to use MV to bust their image and for their agenda…. flashing him a photo of a supposedly rescued dog is just childish… the man is doing his part and to keep getting abused by vindicitive and small people says more about them than it does about MV

  6. Sportsfan says:

    Thank you Rich for adopting the dog, he’s in a better home now! Does that mean you have to chase after his previous owner for comments about past abuse? Let it go man! Of all the things you could have used your journalistic abilities to report on this was the best you could do? For god’s sake man it’s the freaking Super Bowl, stop making this story more than what it is or was. We know the history and the the man has paid his dues. Did u really think he was going to talk to you after he’s already been on 60 MINS?!!! C’MON MAN!!!

    1. Melissa says:

      Not holding people accountable for torturing animals is part of the stupid bowl mentality. MV should never stop talking to anyone about what he did, ever!. He was just regretful he was caught, like most cons. C’mon Dude, whining about an interruption to your sport nut is no excuse. Hope he dates your daughter. You two deserve to be related.

  7. skeptik says:

    Did Richard adopt one of the dogs? If he did…good for him!! If not, what a cheap way to get publicity!! MV has spent some of his most precious and productive time behind bars. I think (no matter what others think) he has learned from some horrendous mistakes and is now making a difference with his life. I am a dog lover, a football lover, and someone who likes to believe in the human race. Michael, you can silence your critics. This is your “do over”, make the most of it.

  8. Jason says:

    Michael Vick doesnt owe any of u self appointed moral voices of humanity anything! Man did his time so move ON all u haters and hyprocrites, bible says for those who show no mercy, shall receive no mercy.

    1. David R says:

      what the bible says has no bearing on me Jason…

    2. Debbie Schartz says:

      the bible also says those who could have done something to stop a crime and didn’t will be held accountable the same as the one who committed the crime. So with this being said those of you who don’t speak up and stand up for the one’s he has abused…well you’ll have to answer to God in the end. ….

  9. Danielle says:

    He electrocuted…hanged…and beat dogs to death… The fact that his mind was ever capable of that should scare all the people who say “he did his time”. Bash him or not he is a sociopath, doesn’t affect him either way.

    1. kat says:

      Wow,it’s amazing how quick everyone jumps to defend Michael Vick, if he wasn’t famous no one would defend him.

  10. Tom Lepoard says:

    Adopt a child, forget these animals. Richard is some type of registered sex offender mad that MV didn’t acknowledge him. All you haters need to go somewhere and sit down. We care more about a damn animal than we do for human life!

  11. Conie N. says:

    Michael Vick has done his time. this Richard Hunter is using his 15 minutes of fame to show that he loves aniimals enough to adopt one of the abused animal of MV, THis does not award you browny points. MV has nothing to prove to you. This is Americal and he has served his time. You are not his MASTER. or HIS GOD. THanks Connie N.

  12. Tim Etelamaki says:

    Just caught Mr. Hunter on the local radio station in Chicago. While you are calling each other idiots, the king of the idoits is Mr. Hunter. A so called journalist who has inserted himself into the story, tsk-tsk. An while I don’t condone the acts of Mike Vick, he has served 23 months of a prison sentance. And I believe there is a certain amount of sorrow on behalf of Mr. Vick, having lost his multi-million dollar contract with the Atlanta NFL franchise. Mike Vick will continue his life after prison, as our legal system allows. And I suppose Mr. Huinter will continue offering his misguided opinions as our system also allows. I’ll continue watching the NFL; however, Mr. Hunter is on the “pay no mind list.”

  13. Barbara Webb says:

    I can’t tell you how sick I am of these folks with their unforgiving spirits concerning Michael Vick. No, I do not agree that Vick should have been given a key to the city, but I do believe enough is enough. It’s a shame that these same folks who obsess over this dog issue could give a flip about the poor and sick in this city, but would lay down their lives for a dog. The man did his time; let him move on and more importantly, why they don’t move on before that bitter, cold, unforgiving spirit causes them to stroke out. Please read the following scriptures – “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins” (Mark 11:25). “Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37). LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

  14. PIGGY says:


  15. Travis Rex says:

    New parody video!

  16. agnes says:

    This S.O.B. is being ‘honored’ again. This time in http://www.fox43tv.com/dpps/news/local/michael-vick-to-be-honored-as-hero_3733946

    I want a BOYCOTT MICHAEL VICK website. I’m SICKENED that he keeps getting glorified! If he earns a penny for the rest of his life it should go to animal welfare. I am SO angry about this!!!

  17. Karen says:

    If Vick were truly repentant he would have taken a moment to say “thanks” to Richard Hunter for adopting his dog. But, in his defense, being constantly surrounded by sycophants who make excuses for him probably makes it that much harder for him to just be a good person and do the right thing.

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