Lancaster Teen Arrested For Super Bowl Bomb Threat

By JD Miles, CBS 11 News

LANCASTER (CBSDFW.COM) – A Lancaster teenager is in jail after the FBI and police say he made a threat to blow up Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

17-year-old Ledarius Prince faces a charge of reporting a false alarm after authorities traced a phone call he made from his parent’s home.

Police say the Lancaster High School student made a 911 call while watching the Super Bowl pregame show at home and told the dispatcher he had three bombs planted in the stadium, and that they would detonate in 26 minutes.

The FBI was able to trace the call to the teenager’s home, where he was taken into custody.

Police say the call caused Super Bowl security to scramble even though it turned out to be a hoax.

“It occupies emergency resources its one of those things that due to the circumstances in this world we have to take it seriously, he will have to answer for it,” says Lancaster Police Lt. Randy Hooten.

An arrest warrant says that the teenager denies making the call, but it also reveals that he has a prior history of making bomb threats.

The teenager could face federal charges but authorities say it’s easier to try him as an adult by filing state charges.


One Comment

  1. bw says:

    And I thought the only “bomb” was the halftime show.

  2. alana says:

    What an idiot! I hope they throw the book at his stupid low-life ass!

    1. RH of WI says:


    2. Kathryn Rose says:


  3. carla says:

    How sad! This kid obviously has mental issues. Please get him help before he actually follow through with his threats.

    1. willie davis says:

      pray for him

  4. mailliam says:

    Another fine example of deficient Lancaster Texas cognition.

    1. fedupwithignorantpeople says:

      I have a news flash for you, there are plenty of cognitively deficient people all around the Metroplex, Lancaster by no means has a monopoly.

    2. jj says:

      OK no need to go there. this was the most ignorant comment ever,,,i go to Lancaster and am not a bad kid like most of the children that go here. all because there’s one bad apple in the group it doesn’t mean that all the apples are bad maybe you should stop being so rude and judgmental we are just as good in school as any other schools or city in Texas. there are way worse city’s in Texas to be worrying about please don’t go judging every single person and this city because of a few kids who choose the wrong path…trust me there are probably many situations that go in in your city just as much as “Lancaster”.

  5. Fiffi Blumberg says:


  6. Lelia says:

    This is a sad situation. This kid definitely needs help. But Sonny, not all criminals are black. Maybe you know this person.

  7. PreppieOne says:

    Stupid POS! His parents are so proud of the garbage they raised and released on society!

    1. SH says:

      PreppieOne you don’t even know this kid to say anything about his parents. Your comment is totally ignorant. He need help. Obviously your parents didn’t do too well with you based on your comment.

    2. lisa smith says:

      he is just a kid that need help ….

  8. mkjo says:

    How sad! This kid obviously has mental issues.
    Stop making excuses for our young. He’s just a bad kid.

  9. Laurie Copeland says:

    He’s an idiot. Mental issues? Yeah sure. It’s called a lack of common sense. He knew what the hell he was doing. You’re just as sick as he is for making excuses for him. Maybe you know him.

  10. Monica says:

    For all you people who don’t him and trying to judge him. 1. You don”t know whta he goin through as a teenager in this society. 2. He is not black he wasn’t even born in this country. 3. If this was your child or your relative I bet you wouldnt be on here saying what you saying now!!

    1. Lancaster Student says:

      Obviously you dont know him either because he is black and is from this country. He is a joke at school and is always lien.

      1. Lancaster Student says:

        isnt from another country

      2. Ledarius Prince says:

        For one you really don’t know to much about me

  11. steveo says:

    Not a smart criminal. We all know if a criminal is going to call in a bomb threat, they should do so from a payphone with no security cameras from a surrounding business. Idiot.

  12. Nicole says:

    He is definitely black… I went to school with him. He definitely does not have mental issues. He just has the wrong mentality about life and basically thinks this is a “cute” way for him to get known. Its was a ridiculous decision he made consciously.

    1. Jodi says:

      What does the color od his skin have to do with it?

      1. DHL says:

        becuz somebodyy saidd he from anotha countryy.

  13. Mimi says:

    I hope they make his parents pay for this.

  14. that twin says:

    he is from another country he from el salvador… and he has not really been actin like this… he pobably just want attention… u never kno i never wudda thought it wud be him to do something like that….. flabbergasted!!!!!!!!

  15. quit.judging.him says:

    yall need to stop judgin him prince is not a bad kid he has good grades i attened school at lancaster high he has been picked on since he has moved here prince is from a different country but thats no excuse it is an excuse that he’s fed up with all the bs he’s been going through at school multiple kids have been teasing prince about how he talks he has a studer issue the only thing wrong with him is that he needs help he needs friends he needs people not to bother him an let him be different he needs people he can trust just leave him alone he was a kid that made a mistake it was probley a prank dat got out of hand some he never thought he was going to go this far for all you people talking own need to just pray for him and hope things get better with him and his family

    1. SH says:

      Ok everyone. I’m going to state facts. Mr. Prince is not from a another country. He was born right here in the United States of America. There are a lot of people on here making ignorant comments about him and his family. Everyone who has made a comment on this page has done something dumb in their life. Some of us just didn’t take it as far as he did. Instead of bashing him and his family lets hope the best for him through prayer and support with the words we say. There’s nothing wrong with saying something nice. I am his uncle and I have spent countless hours talking with him and trying to help him. He has made a lot of mistakes but he has made a lot of progress. This situation caught all of us by surprise and It shows that he still has a way to go like all of us do. We all have choices to make that are critical to our success in life. I expect Mr. Prince to do the same and that was the way that he has been brought up. He will have to pay for this. He has to man up and take responsibility for this, So you perfect individuals out there that have never messed up, done anything stupid or done anything to hurt a family member keep living in your glass house because a rock of reality tied with the string of imperfection will shatter your perfect world in due season. I wish my nephew the best and I pray that he will over come this and be the man that he was raised to be. NO EXCUSES.

      1. Cindy says:

        Thank you for stepping up and with real insight into this young man and why or what may have caused this. He should be in every ones prayers.

  16. jj says:

    wow i know this guy…hes not a bad guy and i never thought that he out of all people would do such a stupid stunt……please people stop judging him because you guys dont know him…

  17. Ledarius Prince says:

    Hey you guys it Ledarius Prince here. I can understand what is going on. Let me tell you this. Because many teenagers fail to consume their time, they end up making unwise decisions. I was not intentionally trying to harm anyone but because I was bored and didnt have anything else better to do I made an unwise decision in the matter. Luckily God is a forgiving God and he forgave me. Now I am not a flight risk and I wouldnt harm a fly. I’m not mentally ill or anything just had too much time on my hands. But in the matter I will help teens keep themselves occupied so they dont have to worry about the risk of getting in trouble like I did!

    1. James V Jackson II says:

      Keep your head up Mr. Prince yes you did something without thinking however your have recognized your mistake and the is huge moving forward! Also if your at peace with it and God is a loving forgiving God nothing else matter. Ignore all the ignorance that is being written about you. Nobody is perfect you will recover from this keep making your grades and doing the right thing and God will continue to smile on you! Everything happens for a reason take the bad turn it to good and help someone else. Take care kid… and be blessed my brother!

  18. Ledarius Prince says:

    Thanks a bundle!

  19. unknown says:

    Yea um he koo bt he is a lil weird um I think he jus need 2 chill and think bou wats goin on watever drove him 2 do all that might jus have sum 2 do wit him n all u parents no disrepect bt shut up like straight up no1 jus has problems out da ass like yall makin it seem he’s as american as apple pie. El savlvidor? Nigga please. Alrite thas all I gotta say bt uhh dnt comment on. My thing I’m jus speakin my mind and it was kinda funny

  20. Andrette says:

    So he made a mistake and it has been recognized. If he has asked God to forgive him, why can’t we as a people? Yes this was very serious and someone could have gotten hurt. However, let this young man learn from this and pray that this thought never cross his mind again. LaDarius, the next time you think of doing something like this, please read Proverbs because it speaks of wisdom and it is soothing to the soul. God Bless You and this to shall pass.

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