DISD Budget Reduction Plan Cuts 3,900 Jobs

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Faced with the likelihood of a massive shortfall in state education funding, Dallas Independent School District leaders are planning to eliminate 3,900 jobs.

The initial statewide budget plan from state legislators cuts Texas education funding by $9.3 billion. Based on that, the DISD expects a $250 million reduction in its funding from the state.

That’s about a quarter of the district’s annual budget.

District planners said 3,100 of the job cuts would be campus-based.  3,000 would be teachers.

DISD employs about 11,000 teachers right now.

The additional 800 jobs cut would be from non-campus positions.

“It’s inevitable,” said DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. “We’re going to have personnel cuts. It just depends how deep the cut is.”

This plan does not include closing any schools. But class sizes at middle and high schools would increase sharply.

Parent Amy Tate says she and other parents don’t want to see the one-on-one attention struggling students get disappear, allowing them fall through the cracks. “I think it’s a huge number that’s going to impact everyone whether your kids are at DISD or not because when we have children underserved that makes the community feel it.”

Teachers say the cuts will damage the quality of education it the classrooms.  “The bottom line is what’s going to happen to our students,” said Angela Davis, of the teachers’ union NEA Dallas.

Eleventh-year World History teacher David Lee sees his job as a calling, but as one of the 3,100 teachers who could lose their jobs, David is worried more for his colleagues than himself.  “I think about the families that are going to be impacted. I think about my friend who made wedding plans for this summer and whether or not he’ll still be able to do that. I think about some of the teachers who are a little older than me who are putting their children through college.”

The state budget has not been finalized, so the dollar amounts in question could change. At the annual State of the State address Wednesday, Gov. Rick Perry said Texas, despite facing a $27 billion shortfall, is not “facing a budget Armageddon.”
“Texans don’t believe it, and they shouldn’t because it’s untrue,” Perry said.

A spokeswoman for Perry promised Thursday to put forth a budget “at the end of the day” that will keep certain public services.

“Gov. Perry recognizes there are tough decisions before lawmakers as they begin the budget process, and voters have made it clear they expect their government to live within its means,” said Catherine Frazier, Deputy Press Secretary for the Office of the Governor. “We’re at the early stages of the budget process and at the end of the day, we’ll have a balanced budget that protects essential services without raising taxes.”

Parents and teachers both say before the cuts process begins, that they will be talking with DISD board members and state legislators, expressing concerns on how individual schools would be impacted.

Austin York reports for CBSDFW.com


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  1. Brenda Sherrod says:

    I thought there was a “Texas Rainy Day fund” set up for just this kind of situation? Why isn’t anyone tapping into this fund. It won’t cover the whole gap but it would make a sizable dent in it.

    1. Beth says:

      To All the People,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      O.K. get ready and take action. Let’s pull together, tighten our boot straps and do what we need to do!
      Open a special account (DISD Fund) so all the peple of the world can donate 1 dollar. so we can put this to rest! ,

      The People,


      1. Blue Moon says:

        All, Check this information and then think if they should be eliminating teachers and increasing class sizes….among others.. http://www.texastribune.org/library/data/government-employee-salaries/dallas-isd/?page=1

      2. Dave says:

        Blue Moon, did you do the math? If you cut one of those high-salary people, you save 2-3 teachers. You cut 100 of them, and you save 200-300 teachers. Does that sound good? How about cutting 200? 400?

        Well, Dallas ISD is already planning to cut 800 non-campus positions!

        There isn’t a “trick” reduction that will solve this budget crisis at the school district level. Austin ISD is cutting 1000 positions out of 12,000 total. Ft. Worth ISD is expecting a deficit that will put them $100 million under a budget of $600 million.

        The total tax burden per capita in the state of Texas is the lowest in all 50 states, and we’re about to get exactly what we’ve been paying for. If we raised our total tax burden by 1%, we would have enough money to pay our already unnecessarily low expenses. We would still be deep in the lowest 10 states for total tax burden. We would still, by far, have the lowest tax burden in our entire region of the country, which will prevent businesses from leaving.

    2. Anthony Burke says:

      Wjy is the state determined to sacrifice a system that is already handicapped, that being our public schools. You give teachers very little incentive to want to be a teaching professional and now you have lauched a terrorist attack that will heve a devastating impact on our children. I say its raining cats, dogs , cows, chicken and our children so there should be no question it is time to use the “Rainy Day Fund”. Where are you Washington, DC ??..It looks looks as though we have given a greater value to banks and businesses than to education of our children..Texas legislators.maybe now we will look at the possibility of keeping some of the millions of dollars spent in casinos at our bordering states and consider ways to keep that money in Texas and use it to fund the education of our kids. I want to believe our representatives in education , Federal, State and local can devise a better plan than what is currently on the table. COME ON PEOPLE GET IN THE GAME!!!!

  2. Kim Dar says:

    Have the fat cats at the top offered to take a cut in pay? Most of them are grossly overpaid and there needs to be salary cuts at the top, I’ll bet you that is not part of their plan. It is easier to cut those who are doing all the work and then expect those who are left to do the work that they have been doing plus the work that the 3,100 were doing. That is what the Post Office has done and look at the service you receive from them. God help the children in DISD.

    1. Jean says:

      My mom taught in the DISD for over 40 years. THe day the administration stopped backing the teachers was the day she finally retired.

      The day the upper administration positions, including Superientendent , take huge pay cuts then they can talk about cutbacks…. NOT UNTIL THEN

  3. Kim Dar says:

    Brenda, the “Rainy Day Fund” is Rick Perry’s own slush fund to do with
    whatever he wishes. Ask him why he took the Light Up Texas money and put it in the general budget several years ago when it was supposed to go to help those less fortunate pay their electric bills. He got his slimy hands on it and it is gone although most of the money came from the electric companies to help those less fortunate. I know a lot of folks don’t remember that, but I work for a non-profit that tries to help those folks with bills and that money was ripped right out from under us and I have not, nor will I ever forget that Rick Perry was responsible for that.

  4. Michael says:

    maybe take a little cut from the School Master/of disaster Michael Hinojosa, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools..His salary is way out of line…Cut teachers salary, then cut his also..

  5. Larry says:

    I have a solution for the budget problem in the Dallas ISD (in fact all school districts) and it is rather simple. All we need to see is that each of the morally bankrupt wealthy predators who have fed off of the community and their fellow citizens so that they can live a “want” free life and suppose themselves better (in their own minds!) than their victims donates a minimum of one millions dollars toward the budget deficit. Considering that there are well over 250 of such people in any large community, the 250 million dollar deficit would be solved AND those poor average underpaid teachers entrusted with the education and welfare of our children would be spared the agony of losing their jobs.

    What a relief for the families of these educators and what a remarkably moral response from the wealthy superior amongst us!

    Oh! They wouldn’t do that would they? It would be a MORAL and GENEROUS act. Belay that suggestion!

    1. ScottF says:

      So, anyone who’s successful is supposedly a ‘morally bankrupt” “predator” Apparently their only crime is to have divined what “their fellow citizens” desire and to provide it to them at a price they agreed was reasonable.
      Wow, you remind me of the White House spokesperson who declared Mao-tse Tung one of her “heroes”.

      1. larry says:

        I’m sorry! Did YOU offer a possible solution here? You remind me of an old saying that goes like this: “Many enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”

  6. Beth Ann McGaffey says:

    Try cutting consultants! That could start with TEA in Austin! Also, many programs we have, such as the Benchmark tests, are generally regarded by teachers as a waste of time and money.Cut this out and save paper, time, and personnel!

  7. Sarah says:

    I totally agree with you, Beth Ann. I am a teacher a TX is well-known for excessive and expensive testing and poor results!!

  8. dave says:

    How much are we paying thisSuperintendent ? did he not lead us into this #2 cut sports first schools are for giving our kids a education – how much money is spent on these programs ?

  9. Lee Caudle says:

    Since when does local media sit back and not ask serious questions about the cuts in education, whether it’s Dallas, Ft., Worth, Houston, or another city or small town in Texas. You have a Governor who spends extra-ordinary amounts on his living. When do Texans actually stand up and take their children seriously? My guess, not ever! I realize that this comment will not do a thing. People need to get serious about what is happening.

  10. KB says:

    Isn’t the Texas Lottery supposed to help the schools??!!!!! Isn’t that what Ann Richards promised?

    1. Arlene says:

      The lottery money goes into the general fund. Education gets SOME of the money. They could as easily say that the lottery helps build new highways or administrative costs. Education is used to market the lottery, beginning with Ann Richards.

      1. Dave says:

        The amount of money allotted to education in the state budget is reduced by the amount of money brought to education by the lottery. So, no, education gets the same amount of money, and that extra income is transferred somewhere else. It’s a pretty negligible sum, though, when we’re talking about a deficit of $25 billion statewide.

  11. Daddy-0 says:

    The obvious problem facing Texans is that the legislature, the governor’s office, the top executives in all state agencies and local schools and their boards as well as the ignorant and credulous news reporters in this state are all mostly products of the Texas education system now for several generations. None of them have the mental capacity to do much more than keep score at slow football games. Few of them were even B students in Texas schools. No one in this state seems to be even remotely aware that there are other places on this earth they have far better results than we are getting. You might think a news outfit would be one of the first to know of such things and be looking into bringing some of those practices here.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Dallas ISD could save a lot of money if they shut down their Alternative Ceritification Program. Why do they need to recruit uncertified teachers if certified teachers are getting laid off? There is a lot of waste in Dallas ISD, They have a website recruiting teachers for next year: http://www.teachfordallas.com

  13. Sharon says:

    I think the school district should charge tuition to all illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, or anyone else who isn’t a citizen, including those who were born here to illegal immigrants. Also, stop catering to anyone who can’t speak our language, English.

  14. Gilda Cain says:

    Why not force Hinojosa and his pals that just received BIG pay increases to give them back? Do you realize teachers aren’t eligible for unemployment? Also our deductibles went up on our medical insurance.

  15. Priscilla says:

    Our childred & grand children are suffering, WHY?
    I think someone needs to audit Rick Perry and the other fat cats that work for him. Last year we had a big surplus & we have a lotto system that is supposed give money to the schools in Texas. WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY? I agree with Kim Darr. Rick Perry uses our money for whatever he wants not for us. I mean think about it. His wife Mrs. Perry wanted the Governors mansion remolded but it could not be done. Because it is a historical landmark so it gets burned by arson. It is getting remolded at tax payers cost. And tax payers have to pay for the Perry’s rent that is more thank $10,000.00 a month because the Perry’s think they are to good to live in a normal house like the tax payers do.
    Wake up Texas we as tax payers have made the Perry’s millionaires.
    Now our children and grand children have to suffer. WHY?

  16. Priscilla says:

    Our children & grand children are suffering. WHY??
    I think someone needs to audit Rick Perry and the other fat cats that work for him. Last year we had a big surplus & we have a lotto system that is supposed give money to the schools in Texas. WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY? I agree with Kim Darr. Rick Perry uses our money for whatever he wants not for us. I mean think about it. His wife Mrs. Perry wanted the Governors mansion remolded but it could not be done. Because it is a historical landmark so it gets burned by arson. It is getting remolded at tax payers cost. And tax payers have to pay for the Perry’s rent that is more thank $10,000.00 a month because the Perry’s think they are to good to live in a normal house like the tax payers do.
    Wake up Texas we as tax payers have made the Perry’s millionaires.
    Now our children and grand children have to suffer. WHY?

  17. Rick Steve says:

    I think Texas deserves this for voting for Rick Perry.

    1. Donna says:

      Yeah, he made the mess, lets watch him try to clean it up. HA HA

  18. Carter Waid says:

    Over 60% of the State’s ISD’s have already been dipping into their savings and many will be bankrupt by end of this year. The Legislature has done nothing for years but continues to get re-elected. Governor Perry turned down$700M in Federal stimulus money for Education. He did, however, take $6.4B in Federal stimulus money to shore up the 2010 budget deficit while at the same time proposing that Texas secede from the Union. Texans applauded this seditious act and re-elected him. We are spending $120B per year on a totally unnecessary war in Iraq. Our share would be around $3B to $4B per year. Texans wholeheartedly supported this war. Texas education is failing now be because if failed in the past to produce a responsible electorate.

  19. Steve Mead says:

    Well we produced George W. and Rick Perry. Mission Accomplished!
    Now its our time to sit back, relax and enjoy the spoils……..LMFAO.

  20. D.Preston says:

    Would someone care to explain why they just gave a 2-year, $24 million dollar deal to a bloody Rangers baseball player and followed with the news that 4,000+ teachers and aides will lose their jobs due to budget cuts in Texas? One would ‘THINK’ it would be infinitely more important to educate the future generation, instead of paying outrageous salaries to sports figures, building overpriced stadiums or worrying about greasing the wheel for the next Super Bowl event. Does anyone really understand the concept of priorities?

    1. N. Wilson says:

      Amen DP, and this is all being led by a governor who was re-elected after wanting to secede from the nation. As a teacher, I am in a state of disbelief right now. I am hearing about and watching fellow educators receiving letters of dismissal. The bottom line is the children. I hope you don’t mind if I quote you.

  21. bobbie says:

    How about our Mr. Hinrihosa take a pay cut…. I believe he is one of the highest paid supereintendents in the countre……………………

  22. Dale says:

    I thought that part of the proceeds of the lotto and scratch offs were earmarked for education. Where is the money going? I have heard that the state is buying land for future schools with the money. May be it should be used for the education of our young people as it was intended when we ok’d the lotto.

  23. liberty4all says:

    all4liberty says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 11, 2011 at 1:08 am

    Look at the big picture that’s happening, not only for DISD but the entire state and country, for that matter. The state cuts back on the money, good teachers get laid off, students and remaining teachers have to deal with it right now, but what kind of affect will this be on the futures of these good people, and those of us who will be around to see the harm done? You have the wealthy families getting their kids a good education at the same time the disappearing middle class and the growing poorer class of good people are going to be in over crowded class rooms. The most dedicated teachers will be hanging in there while a lot of good teachers will have to make tough career decisions on how to support their own families. Over time, a lot of the students will believe they are less valuable to their communities while the over confident ‘wealthy’ group of students will think they are excelling and some of them certainly will. What will become of the not so fortunate students? Some of them will exceed for sure, but many of them could quit school to take low paying jobs to help their families. They will continue to be belittled in the eyes of the ‘wealthy’ ones. This is not a surprising scenario, it’s been around for a long time, it’s the Republican way. This is the kind of governor we have, this is the man many of you voted for. When will you realize it’s all a big lie! The ones who are still ‘middle class’ will be in the poorer lower class in the near future if Rep.’s and big corp’s who don’t pay their share of taxes keep running the state. Hey, maybe we can get rid of the governor’s mansion we’ve been paying for. That would be more than enough for the school system of the entire state! Think about it… for the future of our great state and country.

  24. Sonny says:

    I’m glad I don’t have kids but if I do or ever marry someone with kids then they will NOT go to any school in DISD. They have plenty of money for football and their paychecks. The higher admin people just got raises but they have a budget shortfall. DISD has siffered and so have the students under Hinojosa. All his programs and rules have set them up for failure. But he’s best friends with board members so his job is safe forever. Texas is the most corrupt state in the country. It’s all who you know. Plus all people in Texas only care about high school football. They dutn’t needs no edjumacation and it doesn’t matter what race you are!

  25. John M. Kirton II says:

    With the history that the DISD has had with finances in the areas of misuse of funds by DISD leadership, in light of this most recent announcement, I would ask if anyone has looked into the financial use of ALL of the upper management of the DISD!

  26. callen says:

    What happend to the “billions of dollars in surplus” that Rick Perry campaigned on just four months ago? Why don’t we get a news report on that?

  27. superoftheyear says:

    I have read all the comments, left by “Texans with hearts”. We the people, are #%$&ed. At least the Egyptians stand up for their rights. We just take it. That is why it will keep getting worse and worse. The American Forefathers got it right. We, are giving it all away. Here take it from us, Perry. You too Hinahosa, here…we don’t care.

  28. Rick McDaniel says:

    If schools were financed by taxes on enrollment, these cuts wouldn’t be necessary.

    The real deal, is that most of the kids in DISD, live in rental, and the parents do NOT pay for their kids education. If they had to pay the true cost, they couldn’t afford to have the kids. That would be good for our planet, and help reduce world overpopulation.

    1. Carter says:

      Landlords pay the taxes and pass those taxes onto their tenants in rent. Have you never rented? Even in college? Don’t spread lies.

      1. Carter Waid says:

        Rick, I did not leave the reply signed by Carter and I do not think you are purposefully spreading a lie. However, having once been a landlord myself, i can tell you I paid less tax on the net income from the rental than the tenant paid as part of his rent. Maybe we should go to a flat Federal sales tax, but i haven’t really thought through the consequences. It would definitely hurt charities.

  29. rahul says:

    Take a look at the salaries of those that head our school districts. Wow. They just said that we must pay them to attract good help. All this when they plan on cutting teachers. I am amazed that this is possible when they are more of use than them, and every parent should want the best education for their child. Why is this possible?
    10 DALLAS COUNTY 057905 DALLAS ISD HINOJOSA, ELIU M 1 $328,237 $328,237 157,111

    now tell me layoff teachers or cut Superintendent pay ??? this is ridiculous .. to layoff teachers ..

  30. out of balance says:

    My wife works in the cafeteria of a school and is grossly under paid, but happy to do it. The teachers are grossly under paid as well. The adminastrators are paid way above the scale. Time to even the pay scale.

  31. SNY says:

    I say we implement a mandatory volunteer system for those adults on the unemployment, welfare system or receiving food stamps (if they are not already employed). They can be evaluated and taught how to be a “teacher’s aide” or custodian or whatever is needed as help around the district. They already get government money and have the time to help out. They should be required to volunteer a certain number of hours in order to receive government funds. It’s time we stop handing out our tax dollars and get nothing in return. They can help where needed. How about other jobs needed around our city? They could help with that too! Put them to work, they are already getting paid.

    1. Good One says:

      Good idea !!!!

  32. Boohoo says:

    I have an idea to save some money, fire Hinojosa, he should have been fired when the credit card spending occured.

  33. How says:

    How do you cut 3900 jobs and still have a school district?

  34. Grandmother says:

    Florence Shapiro is head of the subcommittee on public education funding. Please express your views to her. This is a generation of children who will not get the individual attention they need. It will impact the community when these teachers lose their homes and insurance.

  35. Dan M. says:

    I was wondering if there is any analysis that shows expenditures for other services. Is the district’s budget 10% of the overall budget for the town or 80%?
    I relalize that you need to do some math to come up with city or town budget to ISD budget, because of the overlap of town and cities in an ISD.
    Is this the biggest of our budget problems, just one of many similar problems, or the smallest problem (unlikely?)

  36. Willing Taxpayer says:

    There should be another option on the poll “What should Dallas ISD do to trim costs?”
    Raise my taxes to cover the deficet. It is a solution? One that I am in favor of even though I have no children of school age in my household.
    Texas has one of the least effective education system in the United States. Are we try to make sure we will have the least effective, be the worst?

    1. NOT Willing Taxpayer says:

      Oh yes, just raise taxes on everyone so DISD can continue to run things the same way. So, in 1 or 2 years they can raise taxes again and the taxpayers can continue to pay for the corruption that has been in this school district for years. I do not work in DISD and have not had a raise in my job for 5 years. My insurance has gone up almost every year, but I am still grateful for a job. If DISD had tried cutting costs years ago they would not be in this mess now.

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