North Texas Boy Makes Plea Deal In Garland Murders

DALLAS (AP) – A 13-year-old suburban Dallas boy charged with killing a Garland couple has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

The Dallas Morning News reports Friday that details of the plea bargain were not released but police say the teen will serve at least 10 years behind bars because the charge is capital murder.

The boy was facing a maximum 40-year sentence.

He and his then 12-year-old girlfriend were both accused of capital murder in the August shootings that led to the deaths of 46-year-old Darlene Nevil and her 48-year-old husband, Alan Nevil.

Dallas County chief public defender Lynn Richardson, who is representing the boy, says he can’t comment on matters pertaining to juvenile offenders.

The girl, who is now 13, is set to go on trial in March.

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One Comment

  1. Nesnah says:

    10 years??? REALLY!! Thats B.S.!! they should execute the little mother you know whats!! thats what a life is worth, 5 years? cause they killed 2 people! GET A CLUE JUSTICE, DO US ALL A FAVOR AND PUT THEM TO DEATH!!

  2. Charles says:

    Ten years is nothing for the lifes he took!!! That is the problem with the damn Judicial system…..TOO MANY PLEA BARGAINS! He will be out in ten years and commit the same crime!!! It’s in his damn blood!!

  3. Matt says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime, like over seas when they hanged a 7 year old for what they thought to be spying.

  4. Jess Lindsey says:

    Our justice system sucks. This little piece of you-know-what needs to spend that forty years behind bars and then some, no plea deal just because he is 13. He knew what he did was wrong and you can’t convince me, or anyone else, differently. The little punk arse will be out of jail in no time and will probably kill again. I say let him grow up in prison and let his little punk arse die in prison. Same for his little girlfriend too.

  5. Terry says:

    The reason they plea bargained was they could’nt get any more money out of the system. If that was a wealthy adult, they would appeal for years to come. This kid will be out in 2 years to kill again and the process can begin again. How else can the lawyers and judges prolong the pitiful system? The girl will get the same if not better sentence so she can send him drugs and cell phones to make his stay better. He killed 2 people he should get the needle.

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