Three Charged In Corsicana Dragging Death

CORSICANA (AP) – Three men have been charged with murder after authorities said a 24-year-old was dragged to his death by a strap attached from his neck to a pickup truck bumper.

Christopher Neal Beckham of Milford was found in a plowed field early Thursday. Hill County Chief Deputy Steve Girsh said it appeared a night of drinking and playing pool led to a dispute “that simply got out of hand.”

The victim’s brother, Marcus Alan Beckham of Milford, 25, Raymond Scott Harrington, 32, of Trinidad, Colo., and Raymond George Harrington, 23, of Granbury were arraigned Friday and held on bonds of $1 million each in the Hill County Jail.

Girsh said in a written statement that the victim’s injuries were consistent with being dragged and were pronounced on his face, upper body, neck and hands. Extreme cold also may have also played a role. When he was found, Christopher Beckham was wearing only a T-shirt, blue jeans and boots.

The situation unfolded just after 8 a.m. Thursday, when the sheriff’s office received a phone call about a body in a field just off a country road between Malone and Irene in rural Hill County, according to the statement. They later found the body. Authorities traveled to the victim’s home, where they met Beckham’s brother and the Harrington brothers. They were taken to the sheriff’s office for interviews.

The Corsicana Daily Sun reported that the three men acknowledged being with the victim the night before, and that they had gone out to drink and play pool at a bar in Malone. After a verbal altercation, the men were asked to leave the bar and a physical fight ensued, Hill County Sheriff Jeff Lyon said.

Girsh said Marcus Beckham provided a statement that a strap was wrapped around the victim’s neck and tied to the bumper of a vehicle owned by Raymond Scott Harrington. The victim was said to have been dragged for about 4 to 5 minutes.

A jail spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday there was no record indicating the men have attorneys.

The body of the victim has been sent to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas for an autopsy. A fund to help pay for funeral expenses has been established by family members at Prosperity Bank in Blooming Grove.

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  • johnsf316

    Drag them to trial.

  • frank noce

    Sound’s like a redneck prank gone bad. The guy probably strangled to death rather than death by dragging. Boys will be boys.

    • Laura Jaden

      he died later, sometime after the guys cut him loose. They could have called 911 & maybe he would have made it. very very sad

  • spanky

    Wow, that’s some serious white trash.

  • Timmy

    What a bunch of low life jerks. I have a bumper and I am sure I could find a nice strap with their name on it…….someone needs to give them the same treatment. Good grief, what gets into these people?

  • debbie

    to the one that said boys will b boys,those were`t boys they were demons from hell.

  • debbie

    let`s see those boys n the joint.after about 2years.we wont know there ass from there face.

  • spanky

    this proves sometimes abortion is justified.

  • eman

    whatever happened to am I my brothers keeper?

    • TL

      What an idiotic comment! That was Cain’s response to God after he had killed his brother, Abel.

  • Elmer

    Alcohol! We need to return prohibition. We have the technology to enforce it now.

  • W.A.R.


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    […] Three Charged In Corsicana Dragging Death CORSICANA (AP) – Three men have been charged with murder after authorities said a 24-year-old was dragged to his death […] […]


    What a bunch of COWARDS!!!! Now all we have to do is rid society of these useless boys.

    How can you do your brother like that or allow someone else to do that in your presence?

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