Texans Still Want Gambling In State, Pollster Says

By Robert Wood, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (KRLD 1080) – Texans are still big supporters of expanding gambling, according to a new poll.

Baselice and Associates, of Austin, just released a new poll which shows 82 percent favor a vote on adding slot machines at horse and dog tracks and existing Indian reservations.

“If it’s on the ballot, then it wins,” says pollster Mike Baselice. “The support is shared by a large majority of voters regardless of their partisan background or make-up.  63% of Republicans, 66% of Democrats and even 64% of independent voters favor allowing slot machines at the tracks and Indian reservations.”

Baselice talks with KRLD’s Robert Wood

Baselice says it’s important to remember that the expansion he’s talking about would be an increase in the kinds of gambling available in Texas.  It would not change the number of locations where you can gamble.  He says that might explain some of the support.

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  • Larry

    I’m for having all forms of gambling just like Las Vegas. After all it’s up to the individual if he or she wants to enter the establishment abd after all it’s there money. Let Texas keep the revenue in our state.

  • Scott

    Exactly, we export how many dollars to Louisiana and Oklahoma each year?

  • Conrad

    Make it happen…Just think of the revenue it would generate,As well as much needed jobs

  • Robert

    Show me a state where gambling fixed their budget. It is a waste on the people and only makes the casinos money.

  • vance

    The only thing that I can think of for the state politicians NOT to let Texas have slots etc at the Race Tracjk is back pocket pay from the gambling places in Ark, Oklahoma and La.
    It would not be of benifiit to them to have Texas get slots, etc.
    There has been a dozen polls and every time the advise that Texans want gambling.
    Stop the payolla to our Austin politicians

  • JIM

    Almost every car ii the casino parking lot in Oklahoma is from Texas. Sooner or later texas is going to have casino gambling, So why put it off? The people want it, and Texas can use the the money.

  • sj blaesing

    wake up

  • Michael

    Govenor Perry said he would veto any gambling legislation that comes to his desk. Both of our Texas senators voted against internet gaming…… SO, let’s vote all of them out of office so we can have the freedom our founders intended us to have!

  • chris


  • Robert

    I saw a bus load of nursing home patients being dropped off at a casino in cripple creek colorado in 2004. It turned my stomach. I suppose the state got a piece of the pie and I suppose the old folks didn’t care since it was SS money. Look at Colorado’s budget. Are they swimming in money? How about OK or LA? How do the people benefit?

    • Tom

      Hey Robert WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN Cripple Creek if hate Gambling. Just another hypocrite 80-90% of all the cars in the parking lot. at Okla. & La, Casino’s are from Texas. Wake up dude , you are behind the times. Move to Utah, give up Sex and Alcohol.

  • ejclem

    Amen brother Chris legalize casino gambling in Texas and lets keep some of that big money and jobs here. It is only common sense.

  • Robert

    It is funny the politicians have more moral bearings and direction than the pepple. I guess they aren’t as bad as I thought.

  • http://fortworthinsight.com/news/texans-still-want-gambling-in-state-pollster-says/ Texans Still Want Gambling In State, Pollster Says « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Texans Still Want Gambling In State, Pollster Says Texans are still big supporters of expanding gambling, according to a new poll. Go to News Source […]

  • John

    We are bounded by 4 states 3 of which have casinos I’m not sure what Arkansas has. Texans spend alot of money in these states, that money should stay in Texas. The bible belt would have you believe that if gambling is allowed in Texas people will be spending their hard earned money instead of paying for other necessities. The problem is Texans are already spending their money at the casinos in other states nothing would change if Texas allows gambling except that long road trips to casinos would be very short trips and the money would stay in Texas plus we would save all that gas it takes to go to the casinos in other states.

  • Don

    You people had your chance to get rid of BIG HAIR AND MOUTH PERRY and you blew it. PERRYto me is not to bright or TEXAS would not be in A money fix. YOU SHOULD ALLWAys start SLASHING EXPENSE AT THE TOP LIKE 10.000 A MONTH RENT FOR WELL YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS.________________________

    • mskat

      I agree whay do we need to pay his rent, when others are getting put out of their ho0mes

  • mskat

    I belive they should have gambling in Texas. Why go to another state and help pay their taxes. Why no lower our own.

  • grahawk

    If they (legislators) get a public approved referendum on casino style gambling, then I say that a good percentage of the proceeds be allotted toward the public education system. The main stickler must be to make none of that percentage allowed to be touched for any other “pet projects”.

  • Reuben Cantu

    Wasn’t the Texas Lottery supposed to help our schools where did that money go? where will the additional revenue go if the gambling is expanded?

    • Bill

      It Had To go for Rent For Our Man Perry

  • SlotsOfun

    Yo Robert, troll much?

  • Sue Wiseman

    We should have casinos here in Texas! The parking lots at the casinos in Louisiana and Oklahoma are full of Texas cars. Why are we giving them our money?

  • Kim Dar

    The Lotto money goes right into the pockets of the very one who says he would veto the bill if it comes to him, just like the “Light Up Texas” fund did several years ago. It went into the regular budget instead of it helping folks with their electric bills. He got his slimy hands on it and great deal of money disappeared. Guess what? They are reinstituting that fund this year from May thru Sept. Wonder where it will go this time?

    • Devra Engen Hunter

      Yes! His mouth says “NO” but his back pocket says “YES”. If you don’t think that the only reason we don’t have casinos here is because big WIGS like him are getting paid by OK & LA you must be blind! He didn’t want 8-liners legalized for the same reason, too! He would probably rent a bus to take ya to OK or LA. He can pick up his money while he’s there.

  • Tom

    What we need in Texas is better morals and family values; not gambling! While I realize that many Texas dollars go to neighboring states who have casinos, these bring their own problems and would not bring significant taxes to the state. I am not a gambling addict but I know people who would have serious problems if a casino was located right here in the metromess! Let’s take a real look at this before it’s placed on the ballot.

  • Bryan

    I’ll be going leave my Tax Dollars in Lousiana next month. I guess Texas will get my Tax Dollars when i fill up the Gas Tank…lol

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