Texas Census Numbers Show Huge Hispanic Growth

AUSTIN (AP) – Ethnic minorities accounted for 89 percent of the staggering growth in Texas over the past decade, according to figures released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau that support projections putting Hispanics on pace to soon outnumber whites in the nation’s second-largest state.

The explosive Latino growth, confirmed by the long-awaited release of the local 2010 Census numbers for Texas, immediately sparked calls from Hispanic leaders for the creation of new Hispanic-dominated seats in Congress and the Legislature.

Texas is picking up four seats in Congress this year, twice as many as Florida, the next highest. Latino politicians say it’s time their demographic strength translated into political power.

Rep. Roberto Alonzo, D-Dallas, says map drawers could configure all four of the new seats to be dominated by Hispanics, even though he figures the Republicans who control the Legislature won’t do that. He’s particularly keen on getting one centered in Dallas, which currently doesn’t have one despite heavy Latino growth.

Seven of the state’s 32 U.S. House districts have Hispanic majorities, including one in the largest city of Houston — a seat held by Democrat Gene Green, who is not Hispanic.

“The moral thing to do would be to have the creation of Hispanic impact congressional districts,” Alonzo said. “The political thing historically has been whoever is in power draws the line in their favor . . . we won’t get the four, but we’ll get as much as possible.”

Some Republicans acknowledged more Hispanics likely means more Hispanic-majority districts, albeit not necessarily Democratic-majority ones. State Rep. Aaron Pena, a Republican, says he can see a scenario where three of the new U.S. House seats go to Hispanic Republicans.

“I think it would be a bold statement by the Republican Party to have three Hispanic opportunity seats that reflect the Census numbers,” Pena said.

The Latino growth accounted for two-thirds of the state’s population gains between 2000 and 2010, and Latinos now make up 38 percent of the population. Non-Hispanic whites dropped to 45.3 percent and blacks make up 11.5 percent of the population.

Republican House Speaker Joe Straus said he looked forward to passing “fair and legal maps that represent the make-up of Texas.”

Projections compiled by the Texas State Data Center show Hispanics will be the majority in Texas in the next decade, with conservative estimates showing it will happen in nine years, or in 2020.

Former U.S. Census Director and longtime Texas demographer Steve Murdock said the figures for the number of non-Hispanic whites came in below previous estimates. Their numbers grew by just 4 percent. Minority groups accounted for almost 90 percent of the 4.3 million increase in the state’s population.

Asians and other racial groups went up the most on a percentage basis, increasing by 58 percent. The black population went up by over 20 percent and Hispanics saw their strength rise by more than 42 percent, figures show.

“The Hispanic growth has been even larger than we anticipated,” Murdock said.

In Harris County, the state’s largest political subdivision and home to Houston, there are now 1.7 million Hispanics, accounting for 41 percent of the population. Non-Hispanic whites make up only a third of the county, while blacks account for 18.4 percent.

In 2000, Latinos accounted for 33 percent of Harris County’s population, while non-Hispanic whites made up 42 percent. Statewide, non-Hispanic whites were still the majority in 2000, making up 52 percent of the population.

Texas grew by more than 20 percent over the last decade, more than twice the national rate of 9.7 percent. The state’s population stands at 25.1 million. Though the state’s total population grew by more than any other state, Nevada, which saw its population rise by more than a third, grew the fastest. Michigan is the only state that lost population in the past decade.

When it comes to added strength in Congress, Texas is in a league by itself. Because the seats go where the people are, the southwest is gaining influence.

Texas already had the largest Republican delegation in Congress, holding 20 of the state’s 32 seats. In the 2010 elections, the party picked up another three seats, two of them in heavily Latino districts in South Texas. With all the new growth, Texas will now have 36 seats and 38 presidential electoral votes.

Democrats say the numbers bode well for a party that has been pushed to the brink of irrelevancy in Texas. The Voting Rights Act requires map drawers to give special protection to districts that contain mostly minorities. Hispanics have tended to favor Democrats, but they are younger than the white population and traditionally have not turned out to vote in comparatively high numbers.

“If the Texas Legislature follows the law and protects all existing minority opportunity districts and respects the new minority population growth in new district lines, then Democrats should be positioned to pick up ground in the Legislature and in Congress,” said Democratic political strategist Matt Angle.

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One Comment

  1. pat says:

    To the Hispanic leaders, now is the time for Latinos to come together and demand your rights from Texas. Latinos must be treated with dignity and respect they are human beings. Latinos must be flex their political muscle by demanding their place in Congress representing Texas.

    1. RONNIE says:

      You forget you must be LEGAL to run for office,your out of luck!

      1. Nonya says:

        Shhhh… Details details, Ronnie.

  2. LG says:

    like it or not hispanics are now more so guess what if you dont like it go somewhere else because WE ARE NOT LEAVING. JAIL CELLS? MOST OF THE PEOPLE COME HERE TO WORK AND I BET YOU MORE OF YOUR KIND ARE INTO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. RONNIE says:

      ICE ICE BABY ! Good luck !

    2. Illegals everywhere says:

      You are here sending your cash back to Mexicant. We have no issues with people who are legal citizens that live here to make it a better place. I detest those here illegally, because you are a felon, just like a child molester, murderer, or thief, and illegals are destroying this state like a virus. Nice you look after your own, but you are condoning felon activity, which puts you up there with those felons. Stop just looking after your own kind. If you are here legally, you should also be worried about the sad state of our area whose downward slide is directly caused by these illegals and the problems they are causing. Don’t just look the other way because you are also a Mexican. It just makes you look like a hypocrit. Judging by your lack of ability to write coherent English, you are possibly one of those problem people.

  3. Ta says:


    How is it helpful information? It only tells how much the hispanic population has grown, not how many are illegal. I understand that you are a xenophobe and your fear of everyone and everything makes you feel the need to post some pithy statement about your contempt for everyone who is not like you, but in the interest of not coming off like a total nuckledragger, try coming up with something that actually makes sense.

  4. R28 says:

    Latinos we are a huge presence in this country. We leave and they will beg for us back. We need to rise, unite, and show them how much we contribute. We are the builders , and the innovative thinkers say what you want but we are big and we’re not going anywhere

    1. Lou says:

      So go back to Mexico and build it instead of running from it.

      1. B says:

        I agree with Lou. Go back home with all your GREAT contributions we cant live without and build up home. They say home is where the heart is. Follow your heart.

    2. SAM says:

      Drinking doesn’t count though ! Ileegals have been the down fall of this country.

  5. ZP says:

    jail populations are black and mexican. deal with it.

  6. Glenn says:

    Duhhh! DISD budget short fall….ESL first program out the door. They are hard workers and I dont blame them for wanting a better life. But dont become a Lump in Americas “Melting Pot”. Everyone else learns English.

  7. Cynthia bower says:

    Right. Hispanics are having children at a higher rate than any other race. Key words, babies, babies, babies….. and social aid

  8. Wayne says:

    Demanding your place in Congress?? I already have to press one for English, aint that enough?

  9. sigmund says:

    “latino dominated seats should be drawn”??? it’s funny how whites are always told we need to see past race, yet minorities always seem to focus on it.

  10. chao says:

    Funny how any article relating to anything Latino brings out the xenophobes in force. They have to repeat the same tired old sterotypes in every single post.
    Fact of the matter is that they’re to stupid to realize that those problems are attatched to race, but rather lower class blight. The same sterotypes apply to poor, lower class people of every color. Is it more pronounced in Latinos? Possibly, but only because the population itself is typically poorer than their white counterparts.

    1. Robert says:

      No the poor at least knows English !

  11. Martha says:

    Having been an employer in the construction industry, I can affirm that Hispanics are hard workers and contribute much to that industry. All of my Hispanic employees were LEGAL as were their children and grandchildren. They have as much right to assimilate into this melting pot called America as anyone. They also know that illegals are a BIG problem here in TX and that they are usually the most vocal in “demanding” their rights. The legals are already enjoying the benefits of their citizenship and most responsibly contribute to the greater good of our nation.

  12. Timothy McCaskey says:

    It won’t be long before they’ll change the name of Texas to Texico. I wonder how many of those Hispanics are illegal residents? Nothing against legal Hispanics, but it chaps my hide to see people flaunting our laws and coming to this country because they don’t like the way things are going in Mexico and then turn around and try to turn our country into another Mexico! And it isn’t bad enough that most of them don’t bother to learn English, but many of them have the attitude that I should learn Spanish to accomodate them!

    1. Debbie says:

      I totally agree!

  13. calicobelle73 says:

    The only thing that scares me are racists of any color. They give their own “color” a bad name & also endanger them. I would hate for someone to think that I am racist just because I’m white.
    I live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood w/ a Hispanic church next door & I am perfectly content & happy with my neighbors.

  14. sigmund says:

    As some have said, I agree most Americans do not have a problem with anyone coming to this country legally. The problem arises when Mexicans start waving their flag and saying this is their continent. They need to go read their history books, because mine says Santa Anna lost the war. They need to live in the present.

    1. WHOCARES says:

      You need to know the facts first before you attack.This was mexico before the White men got their land. Ohh and who came here on the Mayflower. ILLEGAL aren’t we ALL…

      1. David says:

        No I am LEGAL ! I was born in Dallas not mexico.That is you tell the difference between legal and illegal. Also this land belonged to the idians before the mexicans stole it.

  15. oldman says:

    unless our worthless lawmakers have changed the law the illegal aliens(who all should be deported) can’t vote-and it seems as if the rest of us are too darned stupid or lazy to vote so what do you expect?the lawmakers are covering their backsides like they always have- don’t expect any help from them since we keep putting the same crooks in office.

  16. BornFreeAmerican says:

    A lot of them came here when Arizona passed their immigration law. We need to pass an immigration law similar to Oklahoma’s that passed yesterday or Arizona’s. I have nothing against LEGAL mexicans, but I am sick of seeing our hospitals, and our schools that have to accomodate the language barrier plus overcrowding, and WE us tax payers have to pay for it. Not our govenment! Where do you think they get the money? FROM US!! We get to pay for their services. And they think we owe it to them!!! When I see them at a Walmart with that little government WIC card, it makes me sick. They can’t speak English either! We need to secure our borders now!!!

  17. Wayne says:

    I dont have a problem with Legal Texan’s. And the only thing I know aboout Illegals is hear say:1) They are the only thing that can survive a nuclear war. 2) They can live seven days without their head before they will starve to death.

  18. Ms. M says:

    I am of Hispanic descent and I only cringe at the enormity of the problem with illegals and Hispanics on government welfare. My family were migrant workers so I have been working since I was 12 years old. There were a couple of years when my family had to go on welfare. That being said, I can say I am proud I myself have never accepted government help. What Hispanics, especially those originally from other countries, don’t realize is that the U.S. doesn’t want to have the same economic problems in countries like Mexico, Colombia, etc. Having a large population of uneducated Hispanics or any minority for that matter is not such a good thing.

  19. F. Namin says:

    How surprising that someone with a German/Austrian last name has such a view on Hispanics !!!!

  20. SocialStrain says:

    When you look at the basic science of more and more people, in just so much space that can sustain so many people with so many resources, then all of these side effects make the root cause even more glaring.

    Our educational systems need to focus more on the essential math and science of greater needed resources, to lesser. Then when more and more individuals have a more sustainable core of ethics to move forward with, these extraneous problems dissipate.

    It’s too bad Obama got so side-tracked from his main agenda of rehabilitating our educational system. Then again, the special interest groups, lobbyists, leaders – right down to individuals that continue to fail at supporting major educational change, need to be re-educated themselves, in the first place.

    It’s no wonder that Atlas Shrugged has been so widely popular.

  21. Lou says:

    It’s the beginning of the end.

  22. Rick McDaniel says:

    You are surprised????

    The amount of illegal immigration into the US, is staggering. precisely why corrective action is absolutely essential.

  23. sh says:


    Apparently you are no rocket scientist, either.

    1. sh says:

      (that comment was to F Namin, by the way)

  24. Missy Lady says:

    This is a huge problem but we do know that the hispanics contribute a lot to this country. We need to find a solutions. Open those doors and start making these people citizens so that they can pay their taxes just like everyone else. WE NEED that MONEY to survive!

  25. Ms. Z says:

    I think everyone should read the article twice, I dont see “mexican’s” anywhere, its HISPANIC why is everyone attacking mexicans! not because of how they look they are all mexicans, how about salvadorians and their gangs, colombians and their drugs, peru, Venezuela, spain, cubans, panama, argentina,Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc..not because you are “white” you are 100% american either. Not because Mexico is in the border means everyone that comes thru there is MEXICAN…..

  26. bre says:

    TEXAS doesnt owe the Latino population anything. Congressmen (women) run for office at will. When the next election comes up any Latino is welcome to run. I to am tired of pressing 1 for english that is enough of a right. We all know at the end of the day if next to the race box their was a ssn box the outcome would be different. So Pat please get off your high horse and focus on more Latino’s paying taxes to contribute with funding not just bodies. Hopefully soon they cut the law about being born in the US makes you a US citizen. That would cut down on the Latino population.

  27. Peter says:

    I think there’s very few people alive today have real problems with different races just for the sake of it. If you can come to this country through legal means and work for your rights, then you absolutely deserve them. What I don’t tolerate is people who come into this country and expect the u.s. to crumble down to their level. We really do have to secure our border but I don’t think we can really do anything with the illegals that are here now. If we couldn’t deport them, I say require them to adhere to a strict education system. It all really comes down to education though. Once we have a good education system, then I could care less about who lives here. If mexicans are going to intrude on our lands and take my money that should be going to education, then at least bother to live up to our standards of living.
    And finally, for all you hispanics who act as if the “white man” is the prime evil. Look at your own kind. South America is in perpetual chaos, generally. It’s funny that you mexicans speak badly about how we treat immigrants but you are notorious for your ill treatment of illegals in mexico. No one talks about that do they?
    You all sound like you want to revolt. I’ll be there if you do, just on the other side of the line. Because I actually love this country. I want to move forward and see what we can do to make it better, I don’t want to go backwards.

  28. Mauricio says:

    Its a shame how we bash each other with racist comments, and negative stereotypes. Grow up, and learn how to keep stupid little comments to yourself.
    No one is better than anybody else, white isn’t better than black, brown isn’t better than white. We are all the same. Illegal IMMIGRANTS need to realize that its not just White people they jeopardize. Its also the African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the Asian Americans.
    I am also of Mexican Descent. My Grandfather was a migrant farmer, earned his Citizenship and settled here. Its not just a given, You have to earn this status, and that’s something you white people take for granted. Realize that there are lots of young men, white, black, brown, and yellow, all giving their lives to defend this country. Do you think they care about the color of their skins?, Or are they more focused on making sure that their comrades all make it through the day alive?

  29. mkycp says:

    As long as people will come here legally, truly assimilate into the culture by learning the language and only having as many kids as they can financially support WITHOUT any welfare assistance, they will get my respect.

  30. RONNIE says:

    Hispanics ? Exactly how do we know these were Americans and not illegals from mexico ? WE DON’T ! The next census needs to be done by ICE.

  31. L says:

    If your not legal you DON’T belong here it’s pretty simple, think of what you teach your children…lie, cheat to get what you want don’t worry about what is legal or right how can you teach your children to understand right from wrong when you live here illegally and live off the system . When you don’t follow the laws of the country you live in you are not worthy to live in it. There is only one way to be here that is right- enter the LEGAL way and learn to speak and write English. I have lived all over the world and never felt they should speak english to me or have products on the shelves in english. How can you demand respect when you show none.Respect is EARNED.

  32. Nonya says:

    Thank you unlawful immigrants. You are welcome for the free healthcare (ERs), free education, free food programs (for the students).

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