Virginia Tech Shooting Victims Oppose Guns At Texas Schools

AUSTIN (AP) – Colin Goddard, who was shot four times during the Virginia Tech rampage and survived by playing dead, urged Texas lawmakers on Thursday not to allow concealed handguns in college classrooms.

He and John Woods, another former Virginia Tech student whose girlfriend was among the more than 30 people killed in the April 2007 carnage, were at the Capitol to fight against guns on campus bills pending in the House and Senate. Texas campuses are currently gun-free zones

Supporters call the bill an important gun-rights issue and a matter of self-defense. In September, a University of Texas student opened fire on campus before eventually turning the gun on himself. No one else was hurt.

Opponents argue that bringing guns into classrooms will only make campuses more dangerous.

“I was there that day. It was the craziest day of my life with one person walking around with two guns,” Goddard said. “I can’t even imagine what it would have been like with multiple students and multiple guns.”

Bleeding from his wounds, Goddard stayed on the floor of his class to avoid getting shot again as he listened to the gunman empty his clip, reload and fire again. It was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Texas has allowed concealed handgun licenses since 1995. Residents must be at least 21 years old and pass a training course and a criminal background check.

Goddard is now an activist for the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence. He says Texas lawmakers should require stronger background checks for gun sales and require schools to have better mental health programs and more efficient alert systems to help avoid situations like the Virginia Tech shootings.

Sen. Jeff Wentworth, a San Antonio Republican who has filed a version of the bill, has said he doesn’t want Texas students to be “sitting ducks” if someone started shooting in a classroom.

“The only option now is to hide behind their desks or play dead,” David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said this week. The group claims more than 44,000 members across the country and is lobbying the guns on campus issue in several states.

Goddard acknowledged the Brady Campaign will have a tough fight stopping the Texas bill.

The Senate passed the bill in 2009 but it languished in the final days of the House without a vote. This year, the bill has at least 80 co-authors in the 150-member House. Wentworth said he’s optimistic he can pass the bill and send it to Gov. Rick Perry, who has said he supports allowing concealed handguns on campuses.

“We know there’s strong support for this idea. We can’t deny that,” Goddard said. “We press on.”

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  1. BDTR says:

    I’ll tell you what would happen with “multiple students with guns” on campus. The one loony would be shot down by law-abiding armed students. One dead, crisis over. The end.

    1. lotsoflaughs says:

      If you haven’t read this blog yet you should…it’s full of really funny articles. Don’t worry it’s all clean and kid friendly too.

    2. AFmom says:

      My neighbor’s son died in the shooting at VT. The killer was mentally ill, ignored by the liberal staff and he left a note that rambled on about evil rich people. This killer could have been stopped by the staff at VT but they allowed him to stay and HE used the gun to kill innocent students. Last time I checked guns don’t actually get up, point themselves at people and go off. I would never have played dead on the floor. I would have stood up and tried to save my classmates and if I had a gun I would have stopped in his tracks, I don’t want advice from these students who are god little VT liberals. “more efficient alert systems” like teachers and staff who can think and eliminate nut cases from the campus….

  2. ggl says:

    “Bleeding from his wounds, Goddard stayed on the floor of his class to avoid getting shot again as he listened to the gunman empty his clip, reload and fire again. It was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.”

    Too bad conceled carry wasn’t suthorized that day. Mr. Goddard may not have had to bleed at all, let alone be cowarding on the floor.

  3. OldSarge says:

    Two, two out of seventeen wounded, came to Texas to oppose this bill. Wonder where the other fifteen wounded were. And what business is it of folks in Virginia what the Texas legislature does? Which leaves me wondering which gun grabbing liberal cause paid for them to come to Texas.

    1. Tomintexas817 says:

      Thamk you this is texas isn’t it Go home and coward on the floor some more.

    2. someothername says:


      Students, members of VT SCCC who attended Virginia Tech and want the right to protect themselves
      Wayne Chiang
      Ken Stanton

      V.T. joined and paid by Brady Campaign (his dad Andy is too) They promote the “status quo” approach of only allowing crazed criminals to carry guns on campus who ignored the law like Cho did at V.T.
      Colin Goddard

      Non-present, but lost friends
      lots of people who lost friends joined the Virginia Tech chapter of SCCC

      John Woods used to teach martial arts, his current martial arts instructor is a CHL.. John lost two martial arts students at V.T., martial arts wasn’t a match against an armed gunman. John then made up a non-profit org he runs so no one can protect themselves against armed gunmen.

    3. Someothername says:

      “Two, two out of seventeen wounded, came to Texas”

      Technical correction.
      Colin was wounded and his inaction over a ten minute period where he was shot, heard Cho shoot others, reload, shoot more, leave the room, shoot others in another room, and then return to Colin’s room 10 minutes later and shoot him a 4th time is what happened instead of him rising to the occasion and grabbing anything like the Tucson heroes did to stop Jared. The Brady Campaign then hired Colin and his father Andrew and gave them jobs where there’s great job security in this economy and he puppets for them

      John Woods wasn’t wounded, in fact he was off campus eating breakfast tacos at the time. John taught martial arts and signed up more students. John also found a way to profit, he set up a “non-profit” organization people donate to so he can promote “gun-free victim zones” John lost two martial arts students to Cho at Virginia Tech, John now lives in Texas and his martial arts instructor has a concealed handgun license. Martial arts isn’t a match against an armed crazy person.

      Of interest is that there are MORE “survivors” of Virginia Tech shooting that formed and joined Virginia Tech chapter of Students FOR concealed carry on campus than there are people who found ways to profit from the tragedy and use that profit to promote the same system which failed at Virginia Tech of defenseless victim zones.

      Anyway, the technical correction is that only one wounded person came, Colin … the other, John moved here and should graduate in 2012.

  4. I_AM_ME says:

    I have a novel idea. Tell the Hokies from VT to go back to Virginia and leave Texas politics to Texans.

  5. Sonny says:

    People should have the right to carry a gun anywhere they go. If other people know that then they’ll be LESS likely to start shooting knowing they may get blown away even before they start shooting! If you don’t want to carry a gun and are a coward or anti-gun them don’t carry one. But what gives you the right to tell me I can’t defend myself? More than 30 people were killed that day and you morons say we shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns. Maybe only 1 or 2 would have died instead of 30! The VT guy would have been shot dead and less people would have died if just ONE person nearby was carrying a gun!

  6. Hokie81 says:

    So Goddard cowered on the floor while the gunman killed others instead of helping and Woods wasn’t even there. Have I got that right?

    1. Someothername says:


  7. Hokie81 says:

    Goddard should have helped before he was shot.

  8. ab says:

    Well Goddard, I hope you see that the majority of us in Texas would rather have the option of defending ourselves, and others, rather than COWERING.

  9. Myron P says:

    I can see it now…a bunch of kids a few years removed from cowboys and indians at home, walking around campus carrying. So when somebody fires and everybody else draws what will the cops do? How will they know who the real guilty one is? The one on the ground shot dead? Or the one holding the weapon saying…he/she was trying to kill me. Or like the cops say when they kill someone, I feared for my life. What about those under 18 who aren’t authorized to carry? Does that mean they can’t protect themselves or they can’t be bad guys? I think enrollment may suffer some too. This rule needs to be tabled in the name of common sense.

    1. Someothername says:

      Myron, your questions are valid and have been asked many tyimes before, even since 19995 when people had those fears about the original CHL laws.
      They have been addressed before.

      “a bunch of kids ” aren’t the ones that can get licenses

      “when somebody fires and everybody else draws what will the cops do? How will they know who the real guilty one is? ”

      Ray Hunt, the 2nd vice-president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union the largest police union in the state of Texas, spoke out in favor of legalizing licensed concealed carry (of handguns) on Texas college campuses and dismissed the notion that the presence of armed citizens would somehow cause chaos or confusion during or following a campus shooting. He also mentioned that the union had been originally fairly anti-CHL, fearing shootings of CHL-holders by police amongst other things. Upon seeing that that hadn’t occurred at all, they were happy to throw their support behind the concept of CHL in general, and they now specifically support concealed-carry on campus.
      It isn’t hard to tell a bunch of CHLs with holstered weapons you can’t see who are hiding under desks until they are personally in danger from a guy walking desk to desk executing people. CHLs holster weapons when police arrive, even if the “bad guy” is bleeding on the floor 20 minutes later when police get there.

      “What about those under 18 who aren’t authorized to carry? Does that mean they can’t protect themselves or they can’t be bad guys?”

      They can’t get a license, they have in the past comer armed and shot people, but don’t confuse responsible adults with good track records for benig law abiding people who never even got in trouble for curse words, or smelling bad or playing music too loud (Disorderly Conduct misdemeanor) with teens who can’t get a license. That’s like stereotyping you with another group because you are say a particular race, gender, or age. That’s like comparing 12 year olds who aren’t old enough to be licensed with licensed adult drivers.

      All this bill does is allow the same Faculty, Staff, Grad students and older students who already carry at malls, grocery stores, banks, parks, movie theaters, churches and even on campus already, to carry inside the building instead of storing the gun they have securely worn all day in the car to get stolen while they are in the library or in class.

      The bill needs to pass to restrict easy access to guns currently enjoyed by car burglars who “shop” on campus parking lots since the “crop-harvest” is better than Walmart and other parking lots where CHLs just carry their gun securely concealed in it’s holster where it belongs.

      I can’t even recall the last time anyone reached into my pants in a classroom to grab what’s concealed in there, but my car has been broken into and contents stolen. Car burglaries are increasing on campus at alarming rates … guess why. We need to stop providing easy access to guns to criminals and allow CHLs who carry everywhere else safely to stop having to store guns in cars.
      This bill needs to pass before the next car burglary occurs, but since that’s probably tonight on at least one campus, it needs to pass as soon as it can be done.

  10. Someothername says:

    I can tell you most police would rather respond to a car burglary on campus and find a burglar holding a bunch of CDs and music player than a gun a CHL had to store there,

    Women would like to leave their night class with less worries of armed rapists like occurred last week at University of Houston in a bathroom, and be afforded their right to protect themselves.

    Most students would rather walk to their car at night not worried about whoever broke into someone’s car and got a gun.

    This bill needs to pass, it’s just common sense.

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