Former FWPD Officer Gets 2 Years’ Probation In Pot Case

FORT WORTH (AP) – A Fort Worth police officer who resigned last year after being arrested for keeping marijuana instead of turning it over as evidence has been sentenced to two years of probation.

In a plea deal, Wesley Lamb pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge and also permanently surrendered his Texas peace officer’s license.

The day of the arrest Fort Worth Police told CBS 11 News, “As soon as I heard this information, as you can imagine, I was disgusted and I was furious”.

Lamb’s attorney did not return a call seeking comment.

Police began investigating Lamb after receiving a tip that he was possibly smoking pot while on duty, in uniform and in his patrol car.

The investigation unit set up an undercover sting. An arrest warrant affidavit states that on April 27, 2009, Officer Lamb responded to a call from a Fort Worth citizen who found 86-grams of pot and wanted to turn in. But the “concerned citizen” was actually an undercover cop and the marijuana was from the FWPD property room.

The according affidavit goes on to explain that Lamb took possession of the marijuana, from an undercover police officer, went to his home and stayed inside for approximately 10 minutes.

The report says Lamb was observed throughout his shift and at no time made a police report on the confiscated pot and never went to the property room.

After Lamb’s shifted ended he allegedly moved his personal belongings, and the pot, into his personal vehicle. He was arrested before leaving police station property.

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One Comment

  1. oldman says:

    anyone else would have gotten life or more-even when they resisn the cops ALWAYS cover for their bros.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    “Always cover for their bros.” Really? Hey idiot, did you actually READ the story??? The FWPD is the one who did the sting on “one of their own”! Everybody hates the cops, even when they do something right! You are truly an idiot.

  3. Paula says:

    One thing oldman….You can’t fix stupidity……So read before you speak….

  4. Walter Weiss says:

    Fort Worth Police Department obviously cares about the City and the community or they would not have conducted the investigation and operated the sting. Sometimes the police need policing too. That is a fact of life and it appears the investigation was very reasonable, the sting was very professional, and the prosecutors did what society intends for them to do with the case, as did the courts. There is no fault or blame that can be laid on the Fort Worth Police as an organization. It did what it should have done. The FWPD and the TCDA deserve a thank you from the community for protecting society.

  5. Bailey says:

    How come my friend with no priors got 60 days of jail time and 3 years probation, plus a $500 fine AND 100 hours of community service for 110 MILLIGRAMS (not even a quarter of a GRAM)… that’s 110/1000ths of a gram of pot… while this guy got 2 years of probation and NO JAIL time for EIGHTY-SIX GRAMS (86,000/1000ths or 86,000 milligrams), which is 3 ounces? BTW– that WAS her “plea deal”‘ — the judge said he could have put her away for 6 months and given her a $2000 fine. Further, she was DENIED a public defender even though she only worked part time, and she was forced to hire an attorney at her own expense or be in contempt. She wasn’t allowed to represent herself. “No attorney, you’re in contempt, go to jail”

    Oh.. yeah… my friend isn’t a cop and she’s white.

    1. intrep1 says:

      You are a liar , no one is denied a public defender

      1. Nancy says:

        Yes it does happen. My son was denied a public defender even though he had no job, no money & NO HOME. I was standing next to my son when the judge said he would not appoint a public defender.

      2. Nancy says:

        Oh yeah & my son is white too.

    2. same old song says:

      How many times did your son report to court before the judge denied him a court appointed lawyer? What color has to do with it? Whites enjoy playing the race card,

  6. Adolpho Ruiz says:

    Two years seems fair. Now, if they could show a little diligence in training their officers to not drive drunk, crash and kill people…Fairly evident there is an old school philosophy…cowboy mentality if you will. Cops who subscribe to the mentality on the street of “I believe in justice…Just us!” Long gone are the days when cops can turn a blind eye to their slightly tipsy brothers. Video cams. cell cams and scanners make the career as a cop a very public one…24 hours a day.

  7. Jason says:

    It’s true. My girlfriend in high school always had the best weed. She would pinch it from her Dad’s (Cop) stash.

  8. stpelto says:

    Who gives a Damn!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>…………….

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