By JD Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some Dallas Police officers are upset about department plans to routinely monitor patrol car cameras.

But the plan is being praised by a prominent NFL player who’s treatment by Dallas officer during a traffic stop received national attention.

A Dallas Police spokesperson declined to comment about this idea or offer any details.  But officers who are aware of it are speaking out and not happy.

Its been nearly two years since a Dallas officer was widely criticized for detaining a couple on their way to the hospital bedside of a dying relative.

Ryan Moats says the controversial videotape was only exposed after someone complained.  “We never pushed it,  the public was outraged and that’s how it came to light.”

The running back applauds a police department plan to have a panel review patrol videos on a regular basis.  “There’s oversight in professional football low hits, hits to the head, if I get into a fight with a guy on the field I might get in trouble for that.”

Since DPD installed video cameras in some of it’s fleet of cars eight years ago, they have captured officers allegedly beating suspects who weren’t resisting and documented tragic accidents that have taken lives of civilians.

But some officers believe a review panel is unnecessary.  “This is just another example of the department using big brother tactics to micromanage the officers on the streets,” says Sr. Cpl. Ron Pinkston with the Dallas Police Association.  “They could be going on fishing expeditions if they want to go after somebody they could go after them.”

The officer who pulled over Ryan Moats and his wife eventually resigned from the force and the Frisco couple says they are no longer angry about what happened.  “I wouldn’t say we have any resentment toward him, I wouldn’t want that on my heart or my wife’s heart, if that was the case then we wouldn’t be able to move on.”

Moats says he would like to see citizens involved in any panel reviewing videos.