Cops Say Dashcam Panel Unnecessarily Policing Officers

By JD Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some Dallas Police officers are upset about department plans to routinely monitor patrol car cameras.

But the plan is being praised by a prominent NFL player who’s treatment by Dallas officer during a traffic stop received national attention.

A Dallas Police spokesperson declined to comment about this idea or offer any details.  But officers who are aware of it are speaking out and not happy.

Its been nearly two years since a Dallas officer was widely criticized for detaining a couple on their way to the hospital bedside of a dying relative.

Ryan Moats says the controversial videotape was only exposed after someone complained.  “We never pushed it,  the public was outraged and that’s how it came to light.”

The running back applauds a police department plan to have a panel review patrol videos on a regular basis.  “There’s oversight in professional football low hits, hits to the head, if I get into a fight with a guy on the field I might get in trouble for that.”

Since DPD installed video cameras in some of it’s fleet of cars eight years ago, they have captured officers allegedly beating suspects who weren’t resisting and documented tragic accidents that have taken lives of civilians.

But some officers believe a review panel is unnecessary.  “This is just another example of the department using big brother tactics to micromanage the officers on the streets,” says Sr. Cpl. Ron Pinkston with the Dallas Police Association.  “They could be going on fishing expeditions if they want to go after somebody they could go after them.”

The officer who pulled over Ryan Moats and his wife eventually resigned from the force and the Frisco couple says they are no longer angry about what happened.  “I wouldn’t say we have any resentment toward him, I wouldn’t want that on my heart or my wife’s heart, if that was the case then we wouldn’t be able to move on.”

Moats says he would like to see citizens involved in any panel reviewing videos.


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  1. Ex lawman says:

    What’s wrong with getting a second opinion — especially when police officers have such a miserably poor, high profile track record of failing to keep the excessive force tendencies in check? What are you afraid of if you do your job right and don’t ABUSE people?

    I think a citizen’s review panel would be great, but what’s wrong with having an honest, internal affairs department ready to put a bad cop into another line of work — or if appropriate — in jail?

    I’m ex-law enforcement myself. I didn’t worry about who was looking over my shoulder because I didn’t have anything to hide about what I did or the way I did it.

    Honest people have nothing to fear from true and properly administrated justice.

  2. Tom says:

    Let me say this. I was a cop for over 26 years. Once these cameras and recorders became available they saved many officers from false complaints and accusations. This equipment is the officer’s best friend in these cases. Officers only need to fear the recording equipment or panel revies, for that metter, if they don’t conduct themselves properly! The cops that fear these things are the cops that cause problems and really need this kind of monitoring!

    1. DirtyD says:

      Well said!!! If their against it their looking guilty!

  3. Rick says:

    I wish this would be implemented as soon as we can. I am always afraid that “bad cops” are going to take their aggressions out on one of my loved ones. I believe that anyone that would worry about what people might see them doing are probably doing something wrong. This is a superlative idea and one that would not have to implemented indefinitely in order to cull out the “bad cops”.

    1. 5-0 says:

      Rick, if your worried that cops are going to take out their aggressions on your loved ones, then maybe your loved ones need to act right. I dont worry about the cops taking out aggression on my family. Your family is propbaly used to dealing with cops and being put in jail!!

      1. Chaz says:

        What are you wanting to hide 5-0? I’m assuming your “name” that you posted signifies either you’re a PO or blindly support them. This has been too long in coming. All PD’s need to institute this. In fact there is a video out showing a Dallas PD dash cam capturing an instance when a female off duty cop was put in the back of cruiser to be “taken home”. Fortunately, the dash cam and recording from inside the car revealed she had an ankle holster on her and started shooting up the squad car. You see, cops need to do right and act right too. I’ve heard with my own ears a cop saying he’d make something up to charge someone. Then another instance, a cop told my daughter he’d plant drugs on someone in that person’s car.

      2. DirtyD says:

        5-0 —–WOW I hope your not a cop then his comment would already be true wouldn’t it! but you probably are or at least a want-ta-be cop! cause your getting so mad at somebody you have never came face to face with and accusing his family of being jail bound! THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BAD COP!

        Just because you have never had a problem with officers of the law does not mean they don’t ever do anything wrong! yea its great that we have people doing jobs like protecting the public but just because they are in that position does not mean they cant break the law at any time they want and have more of a chance to get away with it! I see cops daily doing thing they turn around and give tickets for all day! that’s not fair is it! Move out of your protected neighborhood and look at whats happening around you cause ignorance is not bliss!!

        plus this could actually help cops get a fair chance as well so it could be good for both!

      3. 5-0 says:

        Chaz if a cop is telling your daughter he would plant drugs on someone then maybe you need to find a new school and new place to live. Then you need to drug test your daughter. Cameras are not the solution. Why is it that cops are always the bad guys? Next time your inverted ignorant rectum needs help, dont call the police!!!

      4. 5-0 says:

        Dirty D, who said i was getting mad? I’m not mad, i’m just trying to educate the ignorant. No, i have never had a problem with the law because i follow the law and i would obey the police if i were doing something wrong, unlike most of the people who want this stupid dashcam.

      5. DirtyD says:

        5-0 —-“i’m just trying to educate the ignorant. No, i have never had a problem with the law because i follow the law and i would obey the police if i were doing something wrong, unlike most of the people who want this stupid dashcam.”

        You cant tell me there is no bad apples in the police force! and that if I follow the law no matter what I will never get hit or mistreated or caught up in crime with a bad cop so why are you so against the idea about people actually having issues with these bad cops! So this guys story actually might be true you cant say its not a fact! Ive seen the news and the cases that cops are found guilty and fired! I had a friend that sold pot to a cop in my teen years! So I now there is bad cops out there! And those bad cops are actually giving all the good cops a bad name so these cameras might help the force out in getting to the ultimate goal of any police force! Protecting the community right!?

  4. Kevin Grimes says:

    I wish that they would implement this also at TSA and US Customs and make recordings available through Freedom of Information Act. I’ve just seen lots of abusive behavior the minute that someone has a badge on that would probably be avoided if folks knew that their moms and neighbors were watching. And as one officer has already pointed out, the camera is a friend to the officer falsely accused.

    It’s also interesting that the objections to accountability are once again coming from what appears to be a union of govt employees.

  5. GarlandAssaultVictim says:

    And officers should NEVER be allowed to control the audio portion of this evidence, nor be in control of their own video! If you are approached by an officer and notice he is reaching repeatedly into his left shirt pocket, BEWARE! He’s turning on an off the audio to HIDE what he is about to do to you! I am a female who was assaulted in my own home when I did absolutely NOTHING! Officers tampered with the evidence to hide this horrible assault done in front of an 18 month old child who couldn’t speak normally for years afterward as a result!

    1. Chaz says:

      5-0, are you from Libya? Your grammar is pathetic first of all. Secondly, there need to be checks and balances in all things. This includes cops much to your dismay.

    2. 5-0 says:

      Chaz, first of all your a moron for thinking i’m from Lybia, second nothing is wrong with my grammer. Maybe you should learn how to read better!

    3. not a fan of the police says:

      5-0 are you serious dude? you have to be kidding !! you should be ahamed of your self your probably the biggest jerk ive ever has the displeasure of commenting to!!! you suck!!!!

  6. CanadianTexan says:

    If the officers actually did their job correctly they wouldn’t be afraid of being watched. Because they are causing a stink, I think it should be implemented first on those officers that are causing the stink. It’s not “big brother” you are paid to do a job, and shouldn’t be afraid to be monitored. Maybe they’ll be caught having an extra donut break.

  7. Doug says:

    Ok CanadienTexan we are going to install a camera to monitor you at your 8 hour a day desk job and going to monitor what internet sites you visit and postings you make on new stories etc.. I am sure you violate work policy everyday and you would not want your boss to monitor these violations on a daily basis

    1. DirtyD says:

      If a cop does something wrong they should still be disciplined like every other person cop or no cop! we are all equal what makes you think cops are better or have better values and morals then the rest of the public! We wish that would be true but they are the public as well! they are no different then me and you! A human which can make mistakes as well!

    2. Chaz says:

      Doug, do you really think that your e-mail and websites visited aren’t monitored where you work? Also, there are very few jobs where a boss is not keeping a keen eye on your work?

  8. CanadianTexan says:

    @Doug – Absolutely, my internet usage is already monitored daily by my company and it was at the last two companies I worked at before this one. This one has the entire network monitored so “in-private’ Internet explorer sessions are monitored as well.

  9. crimmsonne says:

    If taxes are paying their salaries they should have checks and balances too. If they don’t bend the rules, then they should have no fear of being recorded.

  10. crimmsonne says:

    And Doug, most companies do monitor their employees. All computer use, internet, email and phone activities are monitored. The owner of the company has that right. They are paying an employee to work.

    If you want complete privacy of actions, stay at home and cross your fingers that no one is filming you with their cell phone when you open your door.

  11. SarkwaLaser says:

    Dallas police officers are quite corrupt and tend to abuse their power I have found in my 40 years in Dallas. I was born in S Dallas and have lived all over DFW.

    The reason they don’t want their cams reviewed is accountability. They think they are above the law. I am strongly in favor of this.

  12. J.J. says:

    Im a curent Dallas Polic Officer and proud to be one. I dont have any problem with having someone checking the camera as long as the department provide one that work properly. Most of you dont know this but 95% of the camera installed in the cars now arent working. Mic cant syn, the video freez when the temperature is too hot or cold. Each days officers have to spent hours trying to down load camera. The department spent 10 of millions of dollars on something that is not work….they waste tax payer money.

    In 11 years in the force, i have a clean record and i will continue to keep my record clean. I do believe that treat people like the way i want to be treated…if they want to be a thug when im in contact with them then i will treat them like a thug.

    I would encourage you people to sign up for a ride along with the officer to understand what the officer deal with day in and day out.

  13. DirtyD says:

    J.J. thanks for giving us a good cop for 25 years I mean that! Thanks for being a good example all these years! If all were like that we wouldn’t have this issue!

  14. john says:

    why can’t a cop take a lie detector test before and after every shift to make sure they are not breaking the law or know someone who is or planning to and make that a requirement to be a police officer

  15. not a fan of the police says:

    further more there only trying to protect us and themselves from wrongful accusations against a cop who might actually believe in the system and know that the same thing happens to them if they choose to bend the rules and break the law it seems as though more and more they give any old joe a badge these days! im not a felon can i have a badge and a gun and a squad car??? and john with all do respect kind sir lie detectors are easily passed wether your lying or not! it monitors your heartbeat and breathing and reactions to the questions asked if you just chillax and stay calm you could lie out your rear!! there for they are inadmissable in court.

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