Judge Proposes Conduct Policy For Dallas County Commissioners

DALLAS (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas County Commissioners may soon set some new rules for themselves. A judge wants the conduct policy updated to include limits on what commissioners can say during meetings.

The policy change proposal comes after last week’s chaos during the weekly Commissioner’s Court meeting. That’s when an argument between Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen, ended with Price repeatedly telling several citizens to “go to hell.” But before a formal change comes down the wire, security measures will be heightened for Tuesday’s meeting. Red tape now lines the lobby outside the courtroom and extra deputies have been called in for security, as well as providing escorts for some commissioners.

Last week, after several citizens addressed the court about the recent controversial departure of county Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet and a speaker made a reference to Price as “the Chief Mullah of Dallas County”, Price said to the group “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

As it stands, if a citizen goes to Commissioners Court there are rules that dictate they act, dress and speak a certain way. A court visitor can’t attack the commissioners verbally or make threats against the government, but the commissioners can say what they want.

“There’s been political bullying we just want it to stop,” said Dallas Tea Party spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who said the group plans to picket outside Tuesday’s meeting. “Tomorrow’s event is really going to be the public just standing up and saying, ‘that’s really inappropriate, we don’t appreciate it, there should be an apology. We need to figure out how we can work together.”

Price repeated, “go to hell” three more times as he stood to leave the meeting. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!” “I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

Under the new rules, Price could have been charged with disorderly conduct and removed from the meeting.

New Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is pushing for the new conduct policy. Putting limits on commissioner’s behavior has been proposed before, but it has never been approved.

There could be a vote on the proposal during Tuesday’s meeting.

In emails, Dallas Tea Party members urge restraint on the picket line and promise their protests will be respectful. They have that outsiders – they call them ‘infiltrators’ – will try to make them look bad.

“But I think what’ll happen is, you’ll have enough people there that will speak out for the Tea Party movement and maintain the integrity of the movement and try to identify those who are not part of the movement who may be speaking out in terms we don’t really agree with,” Pierson said.

While not specifically concerned with Tea Party protestors, Commissioner Maurine Dickey nonetheless believes a security upgrade is overdue.

“I think that we do need to have control of how many people can come in, I think we need to use metal detectors…as you would in any public building,” she said. “This isn’t singling out taxpayers, this is just common sense stuff that belongs in the 21st century.”

  • LLG

    This is at least a start, but how sad has to come to this, best thing is send j.w.price packing-he is a very neg. “face of Dallas” and dont kid yourself he is the face of Dallas!!

    • Meg

      Exactly! We need positive people in our city! If changes are to be made, it’s to get him out of there!

      • Sam

        I’d rather see Nazi’s like you leave Dallas !

    • Ronnie

      I would rather have JWP as the face of Dallas thean the tea terrorist !

  • Laura Pasley

    They don’t get it thru because as always, John Wiley Price does exactly what he wants. He is the most racist person I have ever seen. I have seen his bad behavior for the past nearly 30 years. He is a poor example of what a leader should be. He is an embarassment to his race.

    • Rob

      You are a embarassment to your people too !

    • Your_right


  • john

    it’s 2011 change the copyright date

  • William Brinson

    John Wiley is and always has been a high paid Narcissist. His behaivor remains the same always. He serves with no respect of others and that is shameful.

    • Meg

      I agree!

    • Robert

      blah blah blah !

  • http://fortworthinsight.com/news/judge-proposes-conduct-policy-for-dallas-county-commissioners/ Judge Proposes Conduct Policy For Dallas County Commissioners « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Judge Proposes Conduct Policy For Dallas County Commissioners The Dallas County Commissioners may soon set some new rules for themselves. A judge wants the conduct policy updated to include limits on what commissioners can say during meetings. Go to News Source […]

  • silverdragon

    Nothing is going to happen – everyone in dallas knows that black public officials can get away with anything. Except when Laura Miller was in Office. And at least sone went to jail. But she is gone and it is still going on.

    • Always Ready

      Why don’t you run against him if you want him out of office so badly?

    • Don

      Racist much ?

  • BornFreeAmerican

    And what about your conduct Mr. Jenkins! Who’s going to police you? You were
    laughing! It’s on tape! Disgusting!

  • Always Ready

    Dont hate J.W.P. because he says what’s on his mind. He doesn’t just bow down and take what you want to give him. As long as he runs for the position of county commissioner, I will continue to vote for him. I would hate to see what the counsel would look like if he wasnt there.

    • Meg

      Your comment doesn’t surprise me….typical. No wonder no one takes you or JWP seriously. Grow up.

      • Always Ready

        JWP has been in his publicly elected position for years now, so apparently someone take him seriously. Your opinion of me is meaningly. Please refer to my previous post. “Meg … go to hell…”

      • Meg

        lol learn how to use your words correctly. You are a joke. Reread what you wrote. ‘Meaningly’? All I can do is laugh at you and YOUR nonsense. ha

    • Meg

      The counsel would look a lot better if JWP wasn’t around.

      • Always Ready

        Meg…Go to hell….

      • Wes

        So would Dallas with out you !

    • Felicity

      “Alway Ready” and JWP are like two peas in a pod. If you’re unable to come back with anything of substance come back with the cheap uneducated verbal attack of “go to hell”. I’m with Meg!

      • Paul

        You and Meg probably shack up together.

      • meg

        Thanks Felicity! I was up for an educated debate and well…you know.

  • Kim Dar

    John Wiley Price has always done exactly what he wanted to do and nothing or no one will get in his way. Everyone lost track of the reason those folks were speaking to the Commissioners Court in the first place. The ouster of Bruce Sherbet. Everything about that issue was lost when he chose to do his rant. The citizens of Dallas have watched this man do his thing for years and no one has ever tried to put parameters around him. Being a racist is what he does best (at one time it was him, Diane Ragsdale & Al Lipscomb), take the focus off whatever the issure really is and makes it about him. I watched this while I was growing up in Dallas and thankfully I do longer live in Dallas.

    • Lady2014

      Your choice for moving,, was your choice,, don;t blame others for your choices, that is a sign of weakness if you moved because of leadership. Most countries in the world, people dont have the luxury of moving to other places, based upon poor leadership. consider yourself fortunate. Your no longer a kid,, your an adult human being stop blaming others for your own issues.

      • Meg

        Lady, you should learn how to use correct grammer and punctuation. Perhaps you are uneducated? Nowhere in Kim’s comment did she state she moved due to leadership issues. By the way, it is “you’re” not “your”.

    • Donald

      Sherbert QUIT ! Because he was a wuss ! Since you no longer live in Dallas please keep your opinions to yourself!

  • Samuel Obahnjoko

    John must understand that as a leader of a proud race of black people that it is not so much want he says but how he says it. He should avoid stooping down to the level of people like those who made the negative comment,

    • Dan o

      oh shut up ! A proud race of what ? CRIMINALS? Go back on the boat where you came from !

  • No man Aaron

    airhead, what if the TV is stuck on BET???????

    • KKK

      Like anyone watches BET ! Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of blacks crying about slave ships they never even saw ?

  • Lady2014

    John Wiley Price, is the voice of a people that are truly oppressed in the City of Dallas. If you can view the demographics and the number of people unemployed and or educated, that would be the African American citizen. People complain but nothingless and yet, there are people in this city starving and homeless. And you have time to complain… when you go home to food, a home and nice furnishings.. But, you cant see it, your blinded by vanity.

    • Meg

      You comment on everyone else’s posts but yours lack substance. Make sure you know what you are talking about before you post nonsense.

    • Warship

      African American ? You are one or the other, you can not be both.This is how blacks serperate themselves from REAL Americans.

  • john

    john riley price is a bigot and needs to shut his big mouth

    • Lady2014

      Define bigot in its fullness? What does bigot mean to you?? Does it mean the same to others? Really, what is a bigot?

      • Meg

        If you don’t know what a bigot is, look it up in the dictionary.

    • Dano

      So do you whitey !

  • brider

    In all the hoopla over Price’s anger at Turner not one complaint from the news media about the Racism and derogatory comments made by the speaker. Had Clay Jenkins done what was required and dismissed the speaker for his attack on Price which he now admits he looked up before the meeting. Not only did he use the term but referred also to Tribual Connections.
    The way the news is handling this proves the point that had Price not reacted there would not have been a word in the paper about the attack on Price (by name) in other words not just as a member of the Commishners court.

    • Aaron

      The speaker who confronted JWP was inappropriate in his approach though not racially. If you look at Mullah it actually is an islamic work for a male religious teacher or leader. I will admit the speaker was likely not using the word as a show of respect for JWP. However, the burden still falls on JWP, the elcted official to handle the speaker more appropriately. JWP was even so reckless in his reaction that he directed racially charged comments towards citizens in the crowd that weren’t even the ones that confronted him from the podium. JWP is indeed the worst kind of racist. The kind that always plays the race card as though people are attacking him because of race. Any honest person with common sense will admit if a white councilman had said you’re hispanic go to hell they would be gone immediately. If a hispanic councilman had said you’re black go to hell they would be gone immediately. This double standard only perpetuates the continuous race struggle. And before anybody tries to label me as biased, I’d like to make sure you know I am a proud african american citizen and JWP does not represent individuals from my race and community that have any self respect or moral values. Now he is all over the radio on 97.9 soaking up his 5 minutes of attention trying to make light of his ignorance. I hope he goes down in flames before he takes the rest of us with him

    • JWP RULES !

      Turner was more racist in what he said ! He might as well could him a nig ! I hope hegets fired from whatever low level job he has !

  • Eric Fitzgerald

    He is an elected official and as such he shoudl have to follow a code of conduct as all other elected officers have to. He has done a lot of good for Dallas County, his work with the jail has been very impressive, but he doesn’t conduct himself in a professional manner. I don’t like hearing about black people blaming everyone else for their position in life i.e.: uneducated, unemployed, living off welfare but receiving income tax returns??? Its ridiculous. I know too many black citizens that hold themselves to a higher standard as shold we all and stop blaming everyone else for where we are in life.

    • Up yours !

      yEAH FOLLOW WHITEY ! Turner didn’t conduct himself in any but what he is,a racist !

  • American

    I’ve carefully read all the response to this and have observed this jwc for a lot of years. This is the perfect example why laws don’t really work. It’s usually work ethics and integrity of the person and the way he/she is raised. I guess this guy totally missed what Martin Luther King was really all about God rest his soul.

    • JWL

      MLK was the biggest racist of them all ! I hope he is burning in the depths of Hell !

  • Always Ready

    OK Meg, yes that should have been, “that your opinion is meaningless”.
    Who are you the grammer police?
    You comment on everyone’s opinion, do you have one of your own or are you just a follower?

    • mEG HAHAHA


    • meg

      I was ready to have an educated debate but it’s hard when your response lacks substance and is full of grammatical errors. It would be hard to take you seriously. Also, the last time I checked these message/comment boards are meant for people to “debate” and express opinions on other responses. That’s what I did. Maybe you are confused on how these things work.

      • Real AMERICAN

        Maybe you tea terrorist should work on your plans to over throw the US and not worry about grammer !

  • shadeofafreeway

    JWP’s constituents are the undereducated and impoverished. He beats his drum to tunes they hear but serves them badly and represents them poorly. What does he do to improve their situation? Does he not just separate them more with his childish, racist rants?
    It is this group who must learn to see through the sheep’s cloting to the wolf beneath. Who, after all, is paying for his very expensive clothing and his lifestyle? He is running the same scam that has been played since the 50s. A liar in it for his own personal gain and his own personal agenda. Those who vote for him have been scammed. They live no better than when they voted him in the first time. Learn to turn a deaf ear to his songs.

    • Leon

      rACIST MUCH ? At least JWP speaks his mind and doesn’t bow down to the white rich folks !

  • Ed

    Jenkins has received so much grief about being a weenie that he’s now trying to appear serious and in charge.

  • Bugger

    This creep has never done anything for Dallas but cause trouble as long as I can remember. He’s walked across streets with signs when he should have been at work and disrupted meetings as long as I can remember. Would you black people please quit voting for him just because he’s black?

    • Bugger is a racist !

      Well that was racist ! You black people? Why not you stupid n’s which is what you meant !

  • Tom

    If Jenkins believes that he can do anything to control John Wylie, then he is even more ignorant that he appears! He would have to gag and cage the man, and he can’t legally (or physically for that matter) do that! The only people who can control Commissioner Price are the votoes of Dallas County.

  • Coretta Jackson

    All I got so say is J-U-I-C-Y, and that I hope that things will work out for the best.

  • Sick of the Guilt Trip

    JWP is a reflection of his constituency. Ignorance creates poverty. Poverty creates ill conduct. ill conduct is a by product of ignorance. it goes full circle. People like JWP, Jackson,and Sharpton keep their constituency ignorant and brainwash them with their militant attitudes. The ignorant fall for it all the time and are kept in the dark ages. When people start voting in respectable, educated, eloquent speakers into office they will get the change they are looking for regardless of their race. You never see the black community embracing the likes of Colin Powell or Barbara Jordan. it always has to be a half wit, hair triggered rhetoric spewing moron motivator……and they think they’re making progress…..LOL. Look at the dropout rate for black male teens today, its over 40%.You can’t blame the white establishment for that. DISD has less than 5% white in it and DISD has money than Ft. Knox, so whats the problem? Two words to take to heart for the impoverished , uneducated, homeless, or militant………..Accountability and Responsibility.

    • up yours !

      You go girl ! You racist scank !

  • Ronnie

    Bruce Sherbet chose to quit ! He could have kept working but wussed out ! Jeff Turner started the name calling and should have been arrested ! Turner broke the rules of the court by attacking JWP and should be barred from further hearings.


    Katrina Pierson like all tea terrorist need to crawl under the rock they came from and leave REAL Americans alone ! JWP has more rights than these terrorist !

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