Immigration Protesters Take To State Capitol

By Robert Wood, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (KRLD) – Hundreds of people from North Texas and across the state marched on the State Capitol in Austin Tuesday in opposition to tougher proposed state immigration laws.

The Capitol steps were filled with hundreds of immigration protesters that marched to the statehouse calling for a federal solution to the immigration issue.

The protesters say Texas should not pass new laws, saying the solution to the immigration issue should be left to Congress and not to the state legislature.

“We need a broad federal solution that recognizes the contributions of immigrants,” says Isabel Morales of El Paso.

Morales and other speakers say local and state government’s passing piecemeal immigration policy doesn’t address the entire problem, the only way to do that is with federal legislation


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  1. Rick McDaniel says:

    I am totally in favor of tougher immigration laws, to stop the leeching off America, that is going on.

    Illegals are costing us hundreds of billions of dollars. Well of course, THEY want to keep doing that!

  2. Pat says:

    Time for Texas to get a good handle on illegal immigration (for you libs..that is Illegal) as the costs in money and social norms are destructive to the nation and Texas.

  3. Andy Downing says:

    It is up to the States to protect their borders, it seems…the Feds filed a lawsuit against Arizona because they took the initiative to eliminate free education, health care, food, clothing, & housing for ILLEGALS! What part of ILLEGAL don’t the Feds understand? I will not stand by & watch my hard-earned tax dollars go to support any ILLEGAL aliens…if they want to live & work in America, welcome aboard, as long as you use LEGAL means to be here; otherwise, get out & don’t let the door hit you on the back-side!

  4. Jeff says:

    Our country is going broke one state at a time (see California) because of these illegals leeching off of a broken system. Something has to be done and if the Fed. won’t do anything then the states have to. It is basic economics the working few can’t support the free loading many. They claim they only come here to work but they send all the money they work for back home to Mexico and let the good ole U.S.A pay to support them while they are here.

  5. Maria says:

    Something needs to be done as I am paying education taxes and they pay nothing, 50 people in 1 house and maybe 2 of them have stolen SS#’s to get jobs, the rest get welfare and are using up our education money with 30 kids going to school, now we don’t have enough money and teachers are losing jobs. If they want to stay here, start paying into the system you are draining. This applies to our healthcare system also. Start closing some doors!!!

  6. rick04 says:

    When Perry was running for state office he serenaded the Hispanic electorate now that he has his sight on the Presidency he has made a ninety degree turn towards the conservative tea-party vote. We deserve immigrationn reform wheather it be Local or Federal. Failure to enforce our already in the books policies in the last twenty years have brought us to this .We need to force our legislatores to tackle this problem this year (2011). We should demand it be fair and impartial relying on our Constitution as aguide.

  7. DonChonito says:

    Love your neighbor. Who’s going to build your roads or tend to your landscaping. Who’s going to take care of your baby and clean for you.You might not see us but we are there making life better for you. All we want is a job.

  8. Craig says:

    So why haven’t our conservative leaders done anything about immigration policy in the last five decades? The corporate criminals are recruiting workers from Mexico every day to take our jobs. It’s all about slave wages.


    PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO about anti-immigration bills!!!
    Click on the following link:

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