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Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert Announces Resignation

By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The City of Dallas received a major announcement Wednesday from Mayor Tom Leppert. After serving just one term, Leppert said that he would be resigning as of Friday. That resignation comes four months shy of his term’s end, meaning Mayor Pro Tem Dwayne Caraway will become the new mayor until the upcoming election.

A retired construction company executive, Leppert was a relative unknown in Dallas political circles until his successful mayoral campaign four years ago. Leppert’s supporters – and even some detractors – will admit that he brought a greater sense of civility to the horseshoe.

With only a couple recent exceptions, Leppert has been able to successfully push his agenda, turning back a challenge to the Trinity River bridge project and seeing the construction of a convention center hotel. But rumors have long circulated that Leppert had political aspirations beyond Dallas City Hall, perhaps in the U.S. Senate.

That speculation was increased a month ago, when Leppert announced that he would not seek a second term as Dallas Mayor, only saying that he had accomplished all of the goals he had set out to do back when he took office.

After announcing his resignation, Leppert said that he was not prepared to discuss his plans for the future.

Meanwhile, Caraway has already said that he would not run for Dallas Mayor. He has been a lightning rod for controversy lately, especially after he presented Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback – and convicted criminal – Michael Vick with a key to the city. There was also a domestic dispute call to his home, which he called the Chief of Police of handle. Caraway first blamed it on a couple of friends arguing over a football game, but he later recanted and admitted that it was, in fact, a marital dispute.

There is a great deal of concern about Caraway taking office, even temporarily. Backlash from the recent Vick incident prompted some Dallas City Council members to mount an effort to remove him as Mayor Pro Tem. The effort fell short, blocked by a couple of Caraway’s allies on the council.

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  • Rick McDaniel

    Leppert pushed some highly wasteful projects, in Dallas, and the city will come to regret the millions wasted, in the future.

  • Sherri Thornhill

    He was elected to serve the full term, that is what he owes the voters. Too bad he’s just another politician who does not keep his word.

    • Grant

      Yep, you’re so right.

  • Tom

    This guy needs to deficate or get off the pot! Does he want to be Dallas Mayor or a failed Senatorial candidate? He can’t have his cake and eat it too! Do something Mr. Mayor! Certainly the Dallas people deserve better.

  • catheryn

    It is more to this store than met the eye.

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  • Rick McDaniel

    While Leppert was a nice mayor, his projects are quite wasteful, and foolish, and if he runs for Senate, he needs to be called on the carpet, about his wastefulness in Dallas, where foolish projects costing millions were approved under his watch.

  • BDK

    He pulled a Sarah Palin on the city of Dallas and gave the city 4 months of Michael Vick-loving Dwaine Caraway. Good luck we either of them getting re-elected.

  • BDK

    CORRECTION: Mr. Leppert did NOT server one term.

  • Cindy Stipes Schneider

    Uh oh, Looks like a copy from “She Who Shall Not Be Named’s” playbook. Another QUITTER. Shame on you. The people elected you, you took an oath and now you’re quitting on them. I hope your political aspirations are OVER. Nobody likes a Quitter.

  • Gratful

    He was a highroller who wasted millions of Dallas dollars on foolish projects. As for Caraway, thank goodness it’s only 4 months and he’s not running for Mayor.

  • Hesaquitter

    Another polititian who is a “quitter”

  • will watson

    All over America we keep electing these people. What is wrong with us?

  • The Monopoly Guy

    Tax payers should request what money they already paid him, from the time he left office, to the end of his term.

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