Dallas Officer Fired, Arrested Over Dashcam Video

By J.D. Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An officer with the Dallas Police Department was arrested and stripped of his badge after allegedly beating a suspect on camera. On Wednesday, the department released patrol car video of the officer kicking and macing a handcuffed suspect during a traffic stop.

The traffic stop was three weeks ago in northeast Dallas, along Abrams Road. The video shows the officer in a struggle with the suspect. CBS 11 News was told that this struggle angered the officer, who then took his frustrations out on the motorist. The officer can be seen hitting the suspect with a flashlight, kicking him and macing him.

The officer, identified as Quaitemes Williams, now faces criminal charges for this incident. Another officer complained about the beating. When Chief David Brown saw the video, he fired Williams and charged him with official oppression.

Williams was taken to Dallas County Jail on Wednesday afternoon. He was then later released on a $1,000 bond. A third officer was placed on a 10-day suspension for not reporting what he witnessed that night.

The suspected motorist in this case is Rodarick Lyles. He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. CBS 11 News was unable to contact Lyles, but was told that he is out of jail and only partially cooperating with the police.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Brown praised the other officer who reported the execessive use of force, saying that he exposed a clear case of brutality. “The response can’t be, when the suspect is defenseless and handcuffed, to kick a person in the head or even mace a person,” Brown said. “We have to be more professional, more disciplined than that.”

“What the officer did was certainly wrong. Deserves the punishment he’s going to get,” said Dallas Police Association spokesman Glenn White. “Now, he’s going through the criminal justice system from the other side.”

The police officer’s firing comes on the heels of other police officers complaining about Brown’s installation of a Dashcam Review Board. Brown said on Wednesday, “We also ask the public to view these actions as proof that we can and will police ourselves.”


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  1. Eddie Walters says:

    thank god for the officer that stood up for the rights of the suspect..i pray that this will make the cops understand that this type of abuse will always be on camera

  2. john says:

    that’s what i said before now that the cops are caught on camera how do you trust a person that’s sworn to uphold the law and is no different than a criminal like the last few that have been caught in dallas county jail and denton county and tarrant county

  3. Devra Engen Hunter says:

    Glad he’s gone and heading to jail ! We don’t need this type of person in law enforcement! (or any position of authority!)

  4. john says:

    why can’t a cop take a lie detector test before and after every shift to make sure they are not breaking the law or know someone who is or planning to and make that a requirement to be a police officer

    1. MFFL says:


    2. mckycp says:

      How would you like big brother to follow you around as well.

  5. MFFL says:

    Wow. Q. Williams is a member of the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars…

  6. mckycp says:

    How many officers get hurt everyday when a suspect resists or evades arrest? How many careers are cut short by those injuries? I’m sure if most people had to wrestle a guy at the fax machine everyday they’re reaction would be very similar to this officer’s.

  7. tallarico says:

    you are an ignorant p.o.s. probably because of your ignorant mom and dad (brother and sister)

  8. John Mochel says:


    The naivety expressed by the comments is sincerely troubling. I can assure you that most Dallas citizenry will never encounter a tyrannical police officer as the comments suggest. If you don’t break the law, resist arrest, fight an officer, etc., you have nothing to worry about. If a suspect resists arrest and actively fights an officer, that person is in a different category entirely from the people leaving comments. Until the combative suspect is placed in the squad car or there are multiple officers on scene for officer safety, the discretion should be left to the individual officer as the necessary force to be applied at the time. The reasonabless of force used is based upon the subjective belief of the officer.

    John Mochel, Esq. (Former Senior Corporal, Dallas PD)

    1. mckycp says:


    2. Doris Beaty Spivey says:

      Please stay retired!

  9. Steven says:

    Talk about racism. Why is it that the BLACK police chief did not fire and charge the two BLACK officers that witnessed and let it happen with out attemping to stop the beating. Yes the beating is wrong nd the WHITE officer deserves to go directly to jail but so does the two BLACK officers that were exceceries and accomplices to the crime. And BLACK wonder why WHITES retaliate against the unfair reverce racism.

    1. Doris Beaty Spivey says:

      Go back in the kkk hole you came from.

  10. Randy says:

    Nobody on the newscast said it was about race, only racist are trying to make it so. I didnt see any monkey’s in the video.

  11. James Consejero says:

    What do you expect from the police dept. that has been stripped of it’s true mission by the bean counters of America. I remember the days when police depts accross the nation would blame scenerios like these on “low budgets”, “lack of personnel” or “training”. These were valid issued, unfortunately they were answered by making the police depts themselves responsible for the revenue that keeps them afloat. There was a time when their job description was derived from a law enforcement point of view but that is no longer the case since law enforcement has become second to revenue generation. I remember the LA police dept slogan on their cars, “to serve and protect” when was the last time you felt the police “served” or “protected” you. Your home get’s vandalized or your car stolen and you’re lucky if a police officer is even dispatched to your location. Go over the speed limit and sure enough you’ll get an officer take 20-30 minutes of their busy schedule to issue a citation. I’ve seen as many as 8 cruisers on a busy intersection at the end of the month pulling over every other car in the DFW area. “Reasonable cause” has given way to “pull them over then find something wrong”
    My kid was pulled over for having her graduation tassle hanging from her mirror then cited for something completely different. The reason for the demise of perceived law enforcement? REVENUE GENERATION. This is blessed and pursued by the powers that be in forms of quotas, operational instructions and praise for officers who issue the most tickets or generated the most dollars for the year.. Police man and women have been systematically demoted and disempowered to no more than “for profit” security guards. This incident is shamefull, but what do you expect when the atmosphere is that you can do anything as long as you’re bringing in the numbers. Where’s the story on how much money the Dallas police dept contributed in fines? Crime prevention people! they used to take an intersection that had the most accidents and yes, post an officer there to issue citations to change the motorist behaviors but now all that’s changed. Police cruisers are disguised as private vehicles and speed traps are everyday occurances. This reminds me of the days where the motorcycle cop would hide behind the sign to catch speeders.. isn’t the reason that was outlawed called entrapment? why has it become acceptable to allow police to break some rules but not others? What do you expect and how do you expect them to act when you condone some rule breaking and there’s no oversight. truly shamefull that the media is not more acctively pursuing story’s that depict the police dept in an everyday light. Why haven’t i’ve seen any story’s like “8 police cars at Matlock and I20 today, record citations”! What do you call it when the news cameras show up and the cops go away?

  12. Tom says:

    At least this time the DPD did what it should have. This guy and his actions were duly reported by one of the other officers, It was investigated and ths officer was fired and arrested, Officers like this are a very small minority, but they are able to do a lot of damage for the department and the profession. The vast majority of police officers would not do this, even though they might want to on those occasions where they are dealing with human trash. They are able to resist sinking to this level because they are good people. Once in a while, an officer looses it in such a confrontation and then he has to suffer the consequences. That is what happened here. Was it racially motivated? We’ll probably never know, but this guy might have treated any person the same way regardless of race. It’s good to get rid of him.

  13. JJ says:

    As a Dallas Police Officer, I’m ashame of what happen. I can only assure you all that only few of us usually do the “wrong” thing and majority of us go out there day in and day out busting our tail serving the citizen of Dallas.

    In my opinion, this is what we encounter when we had a massive hiring and lower the hiring standard. I have work with a few of rookies who are lazy, they think that they are invisible and sometimes do questionable things. This is not about a matter of training but this is a matter of the officer’s personality. It does not matter what the senior officer advise them, when they are on their own, they think they are invisible with that badge on.

    Police, we can use reasonable force to control the subject but once the subject is under control we have to learn how to dis-engage. I have had a few share of that….i have prisoner call me all the name out there u can imagine. I got hurt a few times during my 11 years in the force. As far as beating the subject, u can do that as long as it is reasonable and justify why u beat them. In this case, i they were justify to hit the subject when he resist but again when he is in hand cuff the officer should of back off unless the subject is continue to kick the officer or refused to get in the car.

    This is not about racist, this is about right or wrong, legal or not illegal. As a COP we expect folks to follow the law but yet its ok for us to violate it and that doesnt make sense to me.

    I’m sure some of the Dallas Officer don’t like what I’m saying but that does not bother me, those who do not like what I have to say are usually the trouble and over aggressive one anyway.

  14. Doris Beaty Spivey says:

    What about the trash you call mom and dad?

  15. Franke says:

    I hope i see this guy on the street….you know what i mean

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