Bill Would Make Hiring Illegal Workers A Felony

AUSTIN (AP) – A state representative from Houston has filed a bill that would make it a state jail felony to knowingly hire an illegal immigrant — unless the person is a domestic worker.

Republican Rep. Debbie Riddle has long fought for a tougher stance on illegal immigration. The bill she authored would penalize those who knowingly or recklessly hire or contract with an undocumented worker.

But jobs like maids, landscapers and other domestic positions within a family home would be exempt.

Critics say it exposes the hypocrisy of lawmakers who vow to crack down on illegal immigration but want to create a loophole for Americans benefitting from household services.

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  1. mckycp says:

    I’m for a crackdown, but could you explain to me what makes the domestic workers “exempt” again?

    1. adam says:

      When a business hires someone, they have to get proof of citizenship of the employee for tax purposes. If they don’t, they’re hiring them under the table and the taxes are avoided. If you hire someone to clean your house, you don’t need any of that, it’s up to the worker to handle their own taxes. They can’t say you “knowingly” hired an illegal immigrant, because you may very well not have known. You have no obligation as a private citizen to verify someone’s citizenship.

    2. lotsoflaughs says:

      Speaking of Illegal This blog is illegally funny. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet you should…it has some really funny stories and it’s all clean and kid friendly stuff.

  2. Eliud says:

    I personnally think they want to exempt “maids, landscapers, etc exempt for the simple fact they the lawmakers know that those using these services knowingly know that the individuals are illegal.

  3. ivan says:

    so let me get this right: it is a felony to hire an illegal for anything but domestic purposes? oh darn, that is really going to narrow it down. i cant use my illegal immigrant investment banker anymore! at least i dont have to fire my landscaper. that would be terrible.

    1. Texas Technoman says:

      Yeah but that still doesn’t explain why there are so many Lebanese people in western Mexico. There’s a very fine line here.

  4. Texas Technoman says:

    “Knowingly” sounds to me like a cop out. How many do you suppose will use the excuse “I didn’t know”……

    1. Dr. Common Sense says:

      Because in order to legally hire someone within a business, you need their social security number for taxes. Without that, you can’t hire them. Illegal immigrants don’t have social security numbers.

  5. Brazos says:

    This is a JOKE, get real, what part of illegal does Republican Rep. Debbie Riddle not understand? Besides she must have an illegal maid working for her and she’s covering her arss.

  6. mike j says:

    I am not at all for a bill that would make a State Jail Felony out of hiring illegals. I would be FOR a bill that included a very heavy monetary fine and no jail time at all. I do not want to spend my tax dollars to keep someone in jail for doing nothing more than hiring illegals .

    1. Texas Technoman says:

      I will never understand how people like you can justify your position. It doesn’t even make sense. Money doesn’t stop the corporate execs from enslaving immigrants. They’ll keep doing it, and you’ll keep paying tax dollars for it.

      1. mike j says:

        for Tex Tech , really not much stops a crook, prison does not stop the drug trade , i doubt prison will stop the hiring of illegals . My take on it is , I do not want you and I to have to pay taxes to imprison folks, that would otherwise be out working and paying taxes over this almost drug like issue . I would prefer to fine them good and enough of a monetary fine that it made that cheap labor not so cheap .

  7. Stacy says:

    Actually if you hire a nanny or maid to work for you and pay them more than $600 in a year, you have to issue them a 1099, so yes you do collect SS number and info up front, or they don’t get hired to do the work. Legit employers and people who pay taxes have been doing this for years.

  8. Rick McDaniel says:

    We have been down that path before, and it accomplished nothing, because no one enforced it.

    1. Texas Technoman says:

      The path that illegal immigrants worked hard to create. Working long hours in the hot sun, paving that path while you sit in your cushy cubicle and type up reports. I wish Mexico would buy Texas again just to shut people like you up.

      1. Frank says:

        The mex stole “Texas” from the Indians

  9. Gene says:

    Send them all home they are causing our insurance to go up. they are taking over our schools my Daughters school is at 53% hispanic if thats not wrong then what is .They are having children for FREE. I have paid full price to have my kids and proud of it. we have to do something cause its almost too late.

    1. L J says:

      Gene, it should be no surprise that there are Hispanics here in Texas. Afterall, this used to be Mexico. When the first Anglos moved here in 1821 they were even suppossed to learn Spanish as a condition for recieving land from the Mexican government. Do you think that the majority of the people who already here moved to Mexico after the Texas Revolution? Hell no they didn’t. They fought side by side to be free from the tyranny of Santa Anna (google Juan Seguin) My family got here in 1865 and there were many Hispanics here then. When did your family immigrate here? After you finished junior high I’ll bet because it sounds like you haven’t had a Texas history class like all 7th graders in Texas do.

  10. Robert says:

    This is the most hypocritical bill I’ve ever seen. Businesses can’t hire illegal workers for cheap wages, but the lawmakers can. I’m amazed that anyone would have the nerve to even suggest it. To paraphrase “You can’t do it, but we can”. If you aren’t here legally then you shouldn’t be allowed to work unless you have a work permit and pay taxes like everyone else.

    1. Texas Technoman says:

      You are an idiot.

  11. L J says:

    Another nonsense idea from our Republican ‘leaders’. While we are facing one of the most difficult financial crisis in our history (multi-billion dollar budget shortfalls, firing teachers, closing schools, letting out prisoners early, roads crumbling, etc.), the republicans are focusing on what? An immigration bill that will not do anything to stop illegal immmigration but will cost us money to implement, making sure that women have to have a sonogram before abortion (who will pay for that? and its probably unconstitutional-more money to defend it), and not doing anything fix the budget. Thanks for nothing!

    1. Texas Technoman says:

      Can you please elaborate? I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. I’m a conservative republican, but I’m having second thoughts. Your post caught my attention.

      1. Rick says:

        conservative republican? don’t you mean republican tea terrorist?

  12. Sara says:

    So what area of law enforcement it going to check every company.. Right like policing cell phone use what I joke..Although, i agree if you hired them company owners derserve to be proscuted.

  13. Todd says:

    The republicans will never do anything about illegals ! Their talk is cheap and meaniless.President Obama is deporting up to 50% more illegals than the Bush White House.It is a start but still not enough. I live in Irving and the census showed the “hispanics” are a majority here.Who knows if any of them are legal.I still want to know why my property tax for the schools go to teaching illegals.I wish ICE would go to ever school and start the round up.

  14. David Becker says:

    They should give them Life In MEXICO if they hire ILLEGALS fo anything !!!!! Get rid of ALL of them & we would’nt have to WORRY about our TEACHERS !!! Because we would’nt be SUPPORTING ALL THE ILLEGALS & THIER FAMILIES !!! If PERRY would do his JOB , This would be a great PLACE to LIVE !!!!!!!!!!! CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACKYARD TEXAS !!!!!

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