INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has shared responsibility with the NFL for the Super Bowl seating fiasco at Cowboys Stadium.

Just hours before the Green Bay Packers played Pittsburgh Steelers, the league announced that 1,250 temporary seats were deemed unsafe and moved 850 people to new seats. Still, 400 fans were forced to watch the game from standing-room-only locations around the stadium.

Jones said that he would look at ways to improve seating issues and the way they are handled.

However Trey Breham, the attorney representing hundreds of folks who’s seats were shuffled around, or didn’t exist, says “that’s nice to hear…but big deal.” Breham doesn’t understand why the NFL won’t pick up the phone try to settle this thing. He says the league is offering another ticket to a future Superbowl but he doesn’t think that would be good enough for those Green Bay or Steelers fans who may not care unless their team made it back to the big game next year.

Attorney Trey Breham spoke with 1080 KRLD

The seating issue combined with cold, icy weather took some of the shine off the event, but Jones says he was still proud of the North Texas Super Bowl committee’s efforts.

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