By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Eunice Nzelu, 58, came to Dallas from her native Nigeria in 2004 for a better life.

“Compared to where she came from, she was under the impression she was safer here,” Geoff Nzeulu said.

Her brother Geoff said Eunice worked hard as a nurse’s assistant. She took care of the elderly.

“When she works, she’s doing it with a smile,” Geoff said.

On Friday, Eunice was called in for an extra shift at work.  That night, a co-worker dropped Eunice off at her apartment complex on Forest Lane.

A witness told Dallas Police he heard a confrontation and a gunshot. Eunice was found laying in the parking lot, just steps away from her apartment.

Dallas Police are investigating the case as a capital murder, and are seeking help from the public to find Eunice’s killer. The motive isn’t clear, but police said the killer may have demanded money or property from Eunice.

Geoff doesn’t understand why someone would hurt his sister. He said she was the type of person who would have helped a stranger in need.

“This is the thing that bothers me so much. This is someone that cares for people,” he said.

Eunice’s friends and family gathered Sunday night to pray and mourn. They are planning to bring he body back to Nigeria, the country she left for a better life.

“We just hope justice will be served in remembrance of her,” Geoff said.