Family’s Pain Leads Parkland Hospital To Change Autopsy Policy

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Parkland Hospital has changed its policy on how to request permission for autopsies, according to an attorney representing the family of Sonia Soto.

Soto died in March of 2010 from cranial bleeding after she contracted an infection.

In an interview with CBS 11 last November, her father, Ruben Soto remembered embracing his daughter as she lay in her casket and realizing something was wrong.

“She was as light as a pillow,” he said.

He later learned Parkland had removed and kept her internal organs. Soto’s parents insist they made it clear to her doctor they wanted her buried whole so she could rest in peace.

All that seemed to matter, though, was Ruben Soto’s signature on an autopsy consent form, allowing for “the preservation and study of any tissues.”

“If you look at what the Soto family signed, it’s very ambiguous,” said attorney Domingo Garcia, who represented the Soto family last year.

After CBS 11 began investigating, the hospital apologized that the policy “was not clearly communicated.”

The family still worried, though, that this could happen again.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” said Ruben Soto last November.

This week, the Soto’s new attorney, Angel Reyes, said the hospital finally took steps to make sure it won’t happen again.

“This is a big deal. It’s not every day an institution the size of Parkland changes policy,” said Reyes.

He said the hospital has replaced the old consent form with a new one available in English and Spanish.

It also has a box to check, indicating whether organs should be returned to the body after autopsy, he said.

“I think it’s important to recognize that Parkland listened, and they changed their policy because of the actions the Sotos took,” Reyes said.

The Sotos said they are still hurting, but hopeful things have changed.


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  1. schrodinger says:

    Soto… Garcia… Reyes… and all because the illegal immigrants couldn’t speak English. I bet they got the autopsy for free, too. They have no room to complain if they aren’t able to read the form or ASK for an INTERPRETER (yet another free service that illegals abuse).If these people don’t like the way Parkland does their autopsies, they can always have it done “their way” back home– in Mexico!

    1. Emily says:

      Every Hispanic person is an “illegal” huh?Where does it say they were here illegally? What makes you think they’re Mexican? Soto, Garcia and Reyes are Spanish names that are popular throughout central and south America.

      But congratulations on being a complete bigot!

      The reality is you see someone brown and you think they’re the enemy. Honestly, this country would be better if it weren’t for people like you.

    2. some dude says:

      Thanks for paying the bill

  2. Ken Redwine says:

    I would like to know how long this family has been in America if they can’t speak English. Why do we always have to change things to both english and spanish and they do not have to learn English. Is this not America?

    1. some dude says:

      same reason we always help other third world countries????

  3. Morco says:

    If I was going to another country to live I would do two things. First I would learn the language and second I would only go legally. This incident is a good example of what can happen if you don’t know the language where you are living.

    1. sanso says:

      U only say that because you’re not in that situation.

  4. annette buter says:

    Learn English! Why do we have to ‘press 1’ for English??? We are in the USA and our native language is English. If illegals or legal foreigners are in our country they need to learn English! True American citizens are hurting for medical care, jobs and yet these illegals get free medical as well as jobs. Something isn’t right. Obamination needs to get off his high horse and take care of true Americans and foreigners who have come to our country legally!

    1. some dude says:

      ????? We are in the USA and our native language is English????? Moron, What really is the native language in America????

      1. Annette Butler says:

        Wow, well since you obviously are a moron, some dude, here in America, the USA, we speak English. We are taught English and that is what our nation uses to post road signs, signature required papers, our school text books…our National and local news is in English. Hope you can understand this since obviously you are s-l-o-w…You go ahead a press 2 when you make a call, maybe they can figure out how to understand you,

  5. chattykat says:

    we have been complaining about this for years and nothing has been done yet. It is a disgrace to our country “Which isn’t our country any more by the way” I feel like I;m living in mexico, In fact people call Grand Prairie tx. Little Mexico, The place I was raised. It’s heatbreaking when you are going down the street and you can’t find any american restrants to eat at. everything is mexican food or chinese food. or you see Bill boards in spanish and no english on it anywhere. It’s a disgrace to our country and our government could care less. It’s all about money. we have a greedy society any more. Theres no pride, or respect in this country any more. The illegals, have more rights then we do, when in all reality they are breaking the laws and have no rights at all. No rights to vote, to drive, to any of our health programs, our schools, ect….. And how is that going against our constitution. It says you have the rights, IF YOU ABIDE BY THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY. PEOPLE, READ IT AGAIN….All of these wrong way drivers, the majority of them are illegal mexicans. And people want to blame it on drunk drivers only. No! do your homework, How do you go down a major Highway the wrong way…. Maybe because you cant read the signs because it’s in ENGLISH and the illegals dont know how to read english or speak it, and they are drunk on top of that. Quit catering to the law breakers and they will go away. It’s as simple as that. But we have a bunch of geedy government official’s that think of themselves, not our country. We need to get them out of office, before our country is just like mexico. and were not far from it. I’ve thought of moving to mexico where there are not any mexicans……

    1. Annette Butler says:

      Right on, chattykat, you made great points and I agree 100% with you. Why do these illegals/& legals demand that everything be presented in both English and Spanish when there are billboards, as you pointed out,as well as many things all in Spanish with no English at all? I travel around DFW with my job and it is amazing how Spanish has taken over with absolutely no interpretation in American English. But, as this article points out, illegals/& legals will sue to make darn sure we print everything in both English and Spanish. We are in Mexico. It’s sad. Our brothers died at the Alamo to make Texas free from Mexican rule but now its a disgrace that we have allowed illegals/& legals, freeloaders, drugs and such to invade our borders and destroy what those brave early Texans fought so valiantly for. Davy Crockett and Sam Houston are turning over in their graves for sure.

      1. Emily says:

        Annette Butler you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a racist! To insinuate that Mexican people here legally are ruining your city. This is a nation of immigrants. I hope you don’t call yourself a Christian woman. Your comments are disgraceful.

      2. Sickofas sholes says:

        It’s 2011 Annette. Don’t use Davie Crockett and Houston as an excuse for your ignorance. It is amazing how the gene pool in Texas has dumbed down since those heroes died.

  6. Jo M says:

    I thought the American Indian were here first and what language did they speak? The whites came over and took over and they spoke English but who made it official? The Indians didn’t….My family didn’t come from Mexico or S.Amer. They came from Spain and other Eurpean countries and they spoke Spanish and came hundres of yrs ago. Why do the whites think we should speak English…they came over and didn’t own the United States. II have grandparents that met the white ones when they landed.

  7. Kristina Delarosa Halley says:

    You know, a few hundred years ago, ‘White men’ were the immigrants. White men sent the original citizens to reservations. Texas used to be a part of Mexico. White people are technically the ‘illegal immigrants’. Where are your green cards? Spanish and Indian languages used to be the official languages of this nation. Why don’t we learn the language of the country we took over?

    1. sanso says:

      Well Said.

  8. bob says:

    I agree with the folks speaking out about the illegal immigrants who are here and don’t even attempt to speak the language. If you have violated the law to illegally enter this country, you should leave and go back where you came from. Oh, and by the way, we “white men” were not illegals here. We violated no laws to come here and settle. WE built this country and all the benefits that you illegals seek to come here to exploit and yet don’t try to fit in. Go back to your native country.

  9. les says:

    put their gots in a trash bag and say here you are !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tori says:

    I understand that this issue will never be settled, but why are you all posting about legals and illegals instead of what the post is really about? We should be recognizing the change in policy at Parkland, because I know everyone of you has read some sort of legal form that confused you, and you probably signed it without fully understanding what rights the company had because of that form you signed.

  11. Edgar-- says:

    You guys are idiots, there is no official language to the United states so we can speak spanish,english,etc.

    And also this country was made of immigrants.

  12. Sickofas sholes says:

    You can always tell who is from where just by the degree of ignorance.
    I wish to God they would let Texas secede from the union.
    Better yet let Mexico take their territory back.
    Those of you bigots who are so upset about some of our citizens not understanding English should research what language you will be speaking in the afterlife. What language do they speak in Hell?

    1. schrodinger says:

      Yeah, I wish Texas could secede, too. Then we can run the mexicans off yet again. Don’t forget your history, Paco Taco… the “great Santy Anny” was captured wearing women’s clothing and cowering in the grass like a scared little schoolgirl. Remember San Jacinto, boys!!

      Funny how we don’t have to have a bunch of bilingual-Asian-language, or bilingual-German (remember, there’s a concentration of Czech and German people in central and south-central Texas, too). Other immigrants seem capable of learning English. Are they smarter than mexicans? Are mexicans too stupid to learn, or too lazy to be bothered, or both? Other ethnicities and immigrant groups aren’t flooding our hospital emergency rooms and maternity wards, either. Yes, there are other ethnic groups, but nowhere near as many as the border burglar contingent.

      As for what language is spoken in Hell?? My money says it’s spanish. Face it, if mexico was heaven, then mexican border burglars wouldn’t be scampering over here by the thousands every single day

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