By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Interim Mayor Dwaine Caraway presided over his first Dallas City Council meeting today.  It was a briefing session marked by a review of a major rehabilitation plan for West Dallas, as well as sharp words from one of his critics.

Caraway was greeted by many of his long-time supporters such as former Dallas City Council Members Al Lipscomb, Diane Ragsdale and Ed Oakley.

Dallas resident Richard Hunter spoke during the open microphone portion of the meeting.  Hunter has repeatedly criticized Caraway for giving convicted felon Michael Vick a ceremonial key to the City of Dallas last month.

“I’ve not heard so much as an apology from you” Hunter told Caraway during the open microphone portion of the agenda.  Caraway did not comment and moved the meeting on to the next speaker.

“It’s a dead issue” said Juanita Wallace, the President of the Dallas Branch of the NAACP, who attended the meeting and spoke on another issue.  Wallace says “they need to get off of that soap box and move on.”

There was no official fanfare to mark Caraway’s tenure as Interim Mayor but supporters attended a breakfast meeting today in his honor.

“I think he has done what I expected him to do” said Ruth Wyrick, who lives in Caraway’s district.  “I’ve watched him grow through the years, so I expected no less of him today.”

Caraway also led the Council in a discussion about a West Dallas rehabilitation plan, which the council is expected to vote on next week.

“The tempo of this council will continue as we did this morning” Caraway said after the briefing session.