By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – City officials unveiled a project Wednesday that they say would steer development in a 64-acre area of West Dallas for many years to come.

The Dallas City Council was briefed Wednesday on the project, though the council briefing was uploaded online last week.

City officials say there have been about 40 meetings with West Dallas residents, businesses owners and landholders. The plan is designed to guide development for new business, improved transportation and quality of life enhancements.

“What West Dallas has been in the past has been an area that was abandoned and didn’t have a plan,” said Dallas City Councilman Steve Salazar, who represents West Dallas.

Salazar says he will not vote on the plan because he owns land in the area and ethics rules prohibit his vote. But Salazar supports the plan and says developers are ready to build on commercial vacant land.

“The neighborhood wants super markets and offices,” he said.

The West Dallas urban revitalization plan was developed by the Dallas City Design Studio, which created the designs after meeting with stakeholders.  The studio and its planners are funded by a grant from the Trinity Trust Foundation.

City officials hope to capitalize on the Trinity River Project and the Calatrava – Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge; projects that are touted as being the gateway to West Dallas.

The plan includes targets for population growth, street character, new businesses, parks and transportation. Ideas include a bicycle plan, mobile restaurants and streetcars, essentially recreating Singleton and Commerce Streets.