Some Residents Concerned About Wal-Mart In Oak Cliff

By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some see it as an economic boom. But, some North Oak Cliff residents say a Wal-Mart is not the kind of development they were hoping for on Fort Worth Ave.

“We saw plans for a town center,” said Andrew Howard, who bought his Oak Clliff house about two years ago. “The thought was, our lifestyle meets that and we’re going to be able to walk, get our groceries and not spend a gallon of gas for a gallon of milk.”

But, last week Howard found out a vacant lot near his home is the future site for Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Now, he and other residents are wondering whether the store will match their vision for the community.

“We’re not opposed to a Wal-Mart or development in the area,” said Jason Roberts, an Oak Cliff restaurant owner and community activist.  “I realize what’s going to bring more of this young energy to the area and it’s embracing the walkable, livable form.”

Roberts believes the most successful developments in Oak Cliff are pedestrian and bike-friendly, like the Bishop Arts District.

He added that a Wal-Mart store will be a vacant once again down the line, and wished more community input was taken into consideration.

“We’re at the very early stages of this process,” said Dallas City Council member Dave Neumann, who worked to bring the Wal-Mart to Oak Cliff.  He believes the store will fit into the neighborhood.

“That would be my encouragement: to make sure [Wal-Mart] pays attention to the needs and desires of the surrounding neighbors,” Neumann said.


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  1. darrell says:

    i would like mr. neumann to know, based on walmarts long history; that once walmart lays that first brick they will do what they want. when that store first opens prices will be low for two reasons. one is to establish customer base, the second is to sticker shock any local compitition. once the loca market is established and settles in prices will start to rise. at some point prices there will be higher than prices at a comparable walmart in a much more affluent area of town. you ask,, how can this be? simple, in poor areas of town people cant go to other areas to shop, no transportation, cant afford the gas etc. walmart traditionaly runs lower prices in afluent areas to draw those coustomers because they can afford to shop elsewhere and need the incentive to buy there. walmart will do what it wants. the only thing it cares about is the bottom line.

    1. The Big Guy says:

      @ Darrell You assertion is completely false. Wal-Mart does not price items differently in affluent vs. lower income areas. In fact, Wal-mart barely changes price from region to region, except maybe for locally sourced items like grocery and garden items bought from local distributors. My company supplies Wal-Mart with products from various manufacturers, and the price on the shelf is 100% the same in every state except Alaska and Hawaii

  2. Steve Wallach says:

    Once a Wal Mart opens, watch your crime rate. It will increase as shown by data from other areas where Wal Mart opened.

    1. Rodney says:

      It is Oak Cliff ! The crime rate is already high so what would be the difference?

      1. Mary says:

        actually our crime rate is on its way down.

      2. Peggy Tomlinson Van Wunnik says:

        Rodney:. The crime rate is already high? To which crime rate are you referring? Murders? Rapes? Burglaries? Thefts? Shoplifting? Auto theft? It really bugs me when people make remarks like that that are designed to inflame rather than inform. If you have proof that “the crime rate is high” in Oak Cliff, please share it. I tracked crimes for several years using DPD reported stats, and the only crime that actually ran consistently above average in OC was auto theft, and that was in the Red Bird area. Otherwise the crime rates were consistent with other parts of town, and certainly lower in some types of crimes than in other areas.

    2. RSB says:

      you do realize this is a Wal Mart Market Place.. not a super center.. iBig difference!

  3. census2010darkside says:

    we dont need no more walmarts , need independant energy like solar,wind power biodesiel big oddyssey batterries ,to buy energy and hydrogen hybrid biodesiel 5 cylinder carsgenerators power inverters, standard an automatic in one like volvo and dodge
    their trying to kill us with food and diseases,doctors, medications, census 2010,
    they think there smart i caught up to you,the great depression, by fatting you up.
    911 was the millenium series census for the rich now back to usual programming population control

    1. Sam says:

      Please do not post while you are HIGH! OBTW,All new Walmarts are energy efficient

  4. Quit Whinning says:

    Are they nuts? A Walmart Market is the best thing that could happen to Oak Cliff. You can get your cheap Beer close to home and fill up a vacant lot with a new store. You would be whining if they didn’t build there, come on. Sorry Mr. Roberts but I don’t reccomend walking anywhere to get a gallon of milk in Oak Cliff or anywhere else.

  5. superoftheyear says:

    Everything sold in Walmart is made in China. All employees are part-time. Ha Ha… no benifits. Their stuff is pure junk. Just what every neighborhood wants. Ask them they will tell you. Why do you think they are the richest family in America.

    1. Tim says:

      So ? they pay $9 a hour ! I would kill for a job !

    2. RussP says:

      Why are they the richest family in America; there dad came up with a business model that obviously appeals to a lot of US shoppers. You hear a lot of complaining about WalMArt but drive by the stores any weekend and the parking lots are packed.

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    That isn’t an area, many businesses are going to risk locating in. Be glad you can get something.

    1. rubbercow says:

      You are horribly uninformed. Please step out of your house sometime and see what is happening in Oak Cliff.

      1. DUH! says:

        Yes I see the murders that happen there daily.The rampant drug dealers and buyers.

      2. rubbercow says:

        @DUH. Wow. I have lived here for 4 years and I have yet to witness one murder as you claim you do every day. Rampant drug dealers and buyers are all over the place – not specific to Oak Cliff. I am betting that you have never been anywhere near Oak Cliff.

  7. AG says:

    It’s simple. The majority of the north OC demographic does not point toward a Whole Foods or Central Market or Newflowers, no matter how badly people wish it would.

  8. AG says:

    Well, don’t get me wrong. I like a little development here in the OC. But FGS, keep it real. I personally favor lane stripes and pot hole repairs over bike lanes, parking over trollies, opening the f’in pool @ Kid Springs every summer over building a new dog park.
    But, that’s just me and my radical ideas.

  9. Kim Dar says:

    A Neighborhood Market is not like a Super Centers. Not everything that is sold in the Super Centers is sold at the Neighborhood Market. I was shopping at the Neighborhood Market in Bedford, until I realized that on a lot of things I was buying, I was paying more for than if I shopped at the Super Center on Hwy. 121, so I went back to shopping at the Super Center. As long as they are there, people are going to shop at them, regardless of how they treat their employees, etc. Right now with the economy like it is and the second year without a raise in Social Security, my first priority is my own bottom line. That may not be the way to look at it, but to keep food on the table and to keep a roof over our heads that is what I have to do.

  10. Oak Cliffher says:

    For some reason, the new “energy” forgets they stepped in when the energy had already taken off and that there are a lot of OC families who want to put their kids first and we want things like groceries, clothes, school supplies we can afford. Family time at the pool over a dog park any day. We walk our dog on our street or let him go in the back yard cuz sometimes he’s too ugly to show off to people and we don’t get mugged or have to step over druggies. Don’t complain to anybody for us wanting a grocery store just because you want to live with the Parkies and can’t afford their prices. Interview real people with real jobs and stop asking them what we want. They speak for Bishop Arts people and not Oak Cliff.

    1. rubbercow says:

      Why don’t you step on the druggies? Better, why not call the police? If you continue to let them do whatever it is they are doing, they are not going to stop. Get a clue.

  11. Bailee Boyce says:

    Uh, anybody who knows and understands a majority of the Oak Cliff community would know that we’re against Wal-Mart anyway, Target is the store to go to, and I personally think that both companies are too commercial for our community. We like to keep it local.

  12. stupidppl says:

    And to all of you whiners that are talking about how dangerous Oak Cliff is clearly live in the ghetto or don’t live in Oak Cliff at all. I live very close to Bishop Arts District and I feel fine walking all by myself all over the place and nothing has happened to me. I’m a scrawny little white girl too so, no excuses. And to the guy who wants the pool at kidd springs over a dog park, you must never go there. That’s the worst place you could go to take your kid swimming.

  13. SS says:

    The location on Ft. Worth Ave. is a great place for a Wal Mart Market. It appears that most of the people making commets do not know the difference between a Market store and a regular Wal-Mart. It’ll bring jobs to the area.
    I’d be concern if the store was being built in the vicinity of the Bishop Arts District. We’ve purchased two homes in N. Oak Cliff and really getting tired of the people who are against the new changes taking place in N. Oak Cliff. Davis Street is a mess and Jefferson is not much better. These areas need to change – there’s so much potential for N. Oak Cliff.

  14. Oak Cliffher says:

    Oak Cliff was a nice place to buy a house because we can afford it and it has trees and the people are nice but something is wrong when people come over here and buy two houses and then then tell us we are ugly but have potential. We can already walk around our neighborhood. What’s stopping the new people? Stripes?

    1. webin says:

      Agree, I think as always everything should be in the middle.. I like some ideas of the traditional people that want O.C. to develop, and the new radicals…we need to take ideas of both sides and go in between…the common goal make O.C. area better….I live in O.C. far from the B.A.D., and enjoy the community as it is, but enjoy when traveling to the B.A.D., I wish all O.C. could look like that area, but it is not realistic at this time, again hopefully we can ave leaders from both sides (Oldies and newbies) working towards a common goal, lets not fight, unite

  15. StopArguingAndWorkTogether says:

    From what I can see, none of you “speak for Oak Cliff,” you only speak for your part and/or perception of Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff has just about the most eclectic demographics of anywhere in the Metroplex. And there were very affluent areas in Oak Cliff even before Bishop started reinventing itself, so don’t blame anything on that. Take a drive along Colorado sometime – those ain’t new houses.

    A. Development is a good thing, but time and again I have seen Wal Marts make it very hard on smaller, independent businesses to survive. Independently owned businesses are far more important to the heart and economy of this nation than they’ve been given credit for…

    B. I have gone walking in Oak Cliff countless times and have no bullet hole or knife scars to show for it, and no, I don’t live in Winnetka Heights or Kessler Park. There are parts of Oak Cliff where that may not be the case. There are also other parts of Dallas where it probably wouldn’t be the case. If you don’t want to risk getting shot, don’t walk in those parts. The concept of Oak Cliff as a den of thieves and murderers is just flatly false. Oak Cliff is a big area, folks. Some parts are sketchy, some are not.

    C. I’ve lived in Oak Cliff for over a decade and would like to see the trend of redevelopment continue. The crowds of people that cross the Trinity to frequent Bishop can be a little annoying if you’re trying to visit the area, but they also bring much needed income to the area, as well as much needed income to the business owners of those establishments. Another Wal Mart certainly won’t do that, but it will provide jobs and affordable consumables for the surrounding neighborhoods. There’s up sides and down sides to everything.

    Besides, it’s likely true that the demographics as they stand now just wouldn’t support a large-size, upscale grocery store like Whole Foods or Central Market – but that may not be where Oak Cliff’s strength in the future lies.

    Personally, I think one Wal Mart in Oak Cliff is enough…

    1. AG says:

      Eloquently stated, SAAWT. I disagree with you on one point. I live in Oak Cliff and have since 1979. I’ve been a property owner since 1983. So, I can and will speak for Oak Cliff, as should every single resident who lives, works and plays in Oak Cliff, as we all have a vested interest in what happens here.

  16. OCYouth says:

    Im a student living right next to where one of the proposed Walmarts will go and its really not neccesarry for our community.
    We have just had a beautiful Aldi grociery store built in directly across the street from where the Walmart will be. So another grociery store is not what we need here.
    Also, it may create a few part-time jobs for the community however, they are not the jobs that will improve our economy or quality of life or the employee. No benefits? And Walmart was one of the few companies that was given a WAIVER for Obamas health care bill. So they dont have to buy insurance for their millions of employees when other small compaies will be forced to BY LAW. (No waivers available for them) Now how is that right? Do you really want to be supporting a business that doesnt care for their employees?

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