House Approves Sonogram Bill After Hours Of Debate

By Robert Wood, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – It took around seven hours but the Texas House has finally given tentative approval to a bill requiring sonograms before abortions.

Stephenville Republican Representative Sid Miller, the author of the bill, says the bill wouldn’t require women to see a sonogram, it would only give them the option. “The design of the bill is to have a more informed consent. Right now the information is being withheld from the woman.”

That explanation wasn’t enough for Houston Representative Ana Hernandez, who says it will subject victims of sexual assault to the procedure without an option for them to get out of it. “This bill will further victimize them by forcing them to undergo this procedure.”

Miller says the sonogram would happen one way or the other. “She’s going to receive a sonogram whether this bill passes or not. It’s standard medical procedure.” But Houston Democratic Representative Armondo Walle says there are no provisions in the bill to pay for the free sonograms the bill claims will be available. “I think it’s only fair that if we mandate a new procedure that we not pass the costs along to patients.”

This is a different bill than one already passed by the Senate which means there will be another full Senate debate on the issue before it could possibly go to the Governor. A final House vote will come Monday.


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  1. Topkitty says:

    Next, if we can just take the vote away from these women, Texas can get back to being a MAN’S state!! Wait…. it already is…. So sad that we can’t keep the Santa believers from encroaching on the rights of others. Religions across the world are tearing societies apart from the inside out.

  2. FedUpTxn says:

    26 years ago when my daughter was born, sonograms were not standard procedure and cost $3000 for those without insurance. What does one cost now, and just who the hell will be paying for this? Or is this just another way for insurance companies and doctors to cash in and lobby to get their way? In Texas women and children are still little more than property and justice is spelled “JUST US”.

  3. Sandra says:

    I am disgusted by this bill passing. Who will be required to pay? The poor woman who has to fund her own abortion now? I wouldn’t see it if they forced me to have one. I think that the doctors should allow the patient to waive their right to a sonogram. What good does this do anyway? You think it is going to “talk” the woman in to having the kid they never wanted in the first place. It’s all about the money, even for women who are not having an abortion. Sonogram does little more than let the woman see the kid and have a picture of her fetus.

    1. les says:

      this whole thing is stupid !!!!!!!!!!! if a woman doesn’t want to have a baby , then cross your leg’ s

      1. ilvrw says:

        Why don’t men like Les keep it in their pants? This is not a correct solution. This is a procedure that will make someone money (donors to the politicians). Until Roe v Wade is changed, let enough alone and focus on a much bigger problem, the education of our kids. We can ill-afford more kids to an already overwhelmed teacher to student ratio.

  4. Rick McDaniel says:

    Religion is influencing government. Next we will become Iran.

  5. texas heartland says:

    Wow listen to the anti-life movement complain when it doesnt go their way. Taxpayers already pay for more abortions than ever before so if we pro-life people want to make the women aware that they are killing a REAL baby, then good for us! Women need to think about the life that they are cutting literally limb from limb in their bodies, sacrifices to the god of convienence.

    1. TXmama says:

      Well said!

    2. rubbercow says:

      Your comment is idiotic on several levels. Taxpayers don’t pay for abortions and you can rest assured that a woman knows the consequences of abortion. Do you think that women are idiots?

    3. L Steinke says:

      Pro Choice does not equate to Pro Abortion
      but yea of small mind may not understand, I’m sorry,
      might not git it!

      1. shadeofafreeway says:

        “ye” of small mind…and WE get it just fine. It is you who does not. This takes away a woman’s rights. This forces a woman to do something without her consent. This is a civil liberties issue, not an abortion issue. Did you miss that?!

  6. hihello says:

    Tax payers do not pay for abortions. Individuals do. Grants are given from federations. I am genuinely amazed at the ignorance of pro-lifers.

  7. Christian says:

    No one could seriously hold up a good argument for PRO CHOICE. Adoption is a wonderful thing, and could give lots of hopeful moms a chance to be one. No one who chooses to end a babies life is seriously thinking about the baby, no matter what anyone says. Abortion is not right, religiously or non-religiously.

    1. KLM says:

      And you’ll provide healthcare during the pregnancy/delivery? And adopt the child so it won’t spend its life in and out of foster care? I’m amazed how generous you “christians” are with everyone else’s time/money.

    2. rubbercow says:

      You act as if your viewpoint is unquestionably correct. It isn’t. It is not your right to determine these choices for others. As for you comment about abortion not being right non-religiously – why don’t you educate yourself with the different philosophies that deal with the issues of what is right and what is not? There are very good arguments concerning the immorality of bringing a child into the world without the resources to care for it. Your sense of morality is just that – YOUR sense of morality.

    3. shadeofafreeway says:

      “Adoption is a wonderful thing”. Then explain homeless children.

  8. shadeofafreeway says:

    AND ANOTHER THING…When are we going to pass laws that hold men accountable for unwanted pregnancies? They have no issue making laws about my uterus or psychology but when it comes to wearing a condom – there’s no law there? Why not? Is it a man’s right to wear a condom? Fine! Then it should be a woman’s right to NOT see (or pay for) a sonogram. THIS IS A CIVIL LIBERTIES ISSUE!

  9. Rick McDaniel says:

    If the GOP continues to push religion on the public, through these kinds of laws, there will be a revolt.

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