The Great Texas Warrant Roundup Happening This Weekend

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A lot of North Texans are scrambling to pay up Friday, as law enforcement agencies get ready for ‘The Great Texas Warrant Roundup’.

In Plano alone there are some 8,000 people who have outstanding warrants. Plano police Officer Rick McDonald said violators have, “Anything from inspection stickers and license plates, to speeding violations. People that have been cited by officers on the street and have failed to make a court appearance and failed to take care of their obligations.”

The combined effort to pick up inspection sticker and license plate violators may sound extreme and expensive, but the fines may be more than you think. “The top 20 people that are wanted, in money wise, is about $3,500 and up, just from the top 20,” McDonald said of the most wanted Plano violators. “We have one individual we’re looking for that has about $5,000 worth of warrants. That really adds up to quite a bit of money.”

Many North Texas cities participating in the warrant roundup have setup websites for those wanting to know if they’re on ‘the list’.

Officials at the Dallas Marshal’s Office say the website and municipal buildings were very popular on Friday, filled with people who didn’t want to runt he risk of being picked up by police.

And make no mistake; Dallas Chief Deputy Marshal Paul Hansen said law enforcement officials in Dallas will be making their presence known over the weekend. “We all go out in force, not only to make more arrests but also to provide safety for the officers, so we’ll have plenty of cover and backup for each other,” he said.

Worried violators should check the website of the city or county where they might have received a citation. In many cases, violators will be allowed to pay and resolve the warrant without appearing before a judge.

In the City of Dallas wanted violators are subject to arrest, having a hold placed on renewal of Vehicle Registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles or denial of driver’s license renewal.

The “Great Texas Warrant Roundup” is going on Saturday and Sunday.


One Comment

  1. Cary says:

    Yup, time for bonuses!!!!

  2. undisclosed says:

    time to harrass taxpayers for not paying the city/state their tribute in the form of vehicle inspection fees. Just another way to take earned money from the taxpayers and re-distribute it to local governemnt officials to pay their inflated government wages.

  3. schrodinger says:

    Thanks for the warning, suckers. Now I know it’s time to… ummm… go out of state to visit my brother again.

  4. Sonny Morgan says:

    I remember as a kid when cops were our “friends” They even had To Protect and Serve painted on their cars. Now it’s just a revenue generating job. The Protect and Serve has been gone for a long time!

  5. Danny says:

    Yup, time for bonuses!!!!

    Youve got to be kidding !suck it up,pay your fines and be glad your not in jail !

  6. stupid cops says:

    These guys have time for chasing down minor traffic offenses and no time to arrest the drug dealers and users. Come on, give me a break.

    Sure people should pay their BS inspection sticker fines and registration sticker fines but doing a show of force is just to collect revenue.

    Try doing some real police work you lazy bstds

  7. FedUpTxn says:

    i’d like to see some statistics of how many of these open warrants belong to illegals with multiple ID’s. Hell there’s a family in my neighborhood that has at least a dozen such warrants, and NEVER get picked up in these “roundups”. Is it because they aren’t citizens and can’t be held responsible even when they victimize Americans over and over again?

  8. Jeff says:

    I find it hilarious people on here are annoyed with the city trying to collect money by way of deadbeats that don’t pay their fines.

    You guys are the same people that elect these people to city councils based on the campaign promise not to raise taxes on you…however..the money has to come from somewhere. And I will guarantee you…these people are the same ones that thumb their nose at bill collectors as well.

    Here’s a great idea…how about keeping your vehicles legal? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about being picked up for past due fines?

  9. Robo says:

    Do u really think the offers get a bonus for making an arrest? How stupid r u? Do I really think the officers like getting up early to go arrest people who haven’t paid the tickets just so they can be released a few hours later due to jail overcrowding? You the public should be mad, why pay ur full amount when if u get arrested the judge gives u a BIG break?

    By the way the warrant round ups are done every year.

  10. AB says:

    so was it just saturday and sunday??

  11. Ashley D. says:

    What a joke, this is a scare tactic at best and as long as you have traffic tickets you have NOTHING to worry about. Just call the Plano Police Deparment and they will tell you the same thing (I did). I asked them because my two young children ride with their father who has 3 outstanding warrants. They told me I had nothing to worry about and he would probably not ever be apprehended (alone or with the kids in the car) for these tickets because they are only traffic, it’s at the discretion of an officer who may stop him. Is the warrant roundup a good idea? Sure it is it works but they are only after major offenders.

  12. kate says:

    There are way to many much more serious things going on………… There are murderers rapist etc walking freely…..

  13. mark says:

    this sucks im moving back to virginia

    1. mark says:

      what kind of name is that anyway? the great texas warrant roundup?? who the hell came up with that?? dont understand why traffic violations get you warrants here? ive never heard of that before, so useless

  14. Johnny smith says:

    what don’t you cops try an actual criminal know drug dealers, rapists…not people that didn’t pay vehicle registrations and didn’t have a front license plate. who cares!

  15. Sfreeman says:

    If you do meth get busted twice, Run your truck through someones house cause your metthed up and have your 2 year old baby taken by cps because he testeed positive for meth all you get is 6 months in jail and probation WELCOME TO TEXAS , And then we wonder why their is such a problem with drugs BECAUSE JUDGES DONR DO THEIRT JOBS ON THE SERIOUSE CRIMES but you better not have a traffic fine go unpaid , hat a joke.

  16. matt says:

    All you complainers are morons. I was there, most of the people we arrested were ex cons. The warrants consisted of anything from traffic tickets to misdemeaner assaults, family violence, prostitution, etc etc………Yes we lock up real thugs too, even murderers…dont get in trouble, we will track your butt down too..I gaurantee it

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