Perry Touts Budget Cuts In North Texas

DALLAS (AP) – Gov. Rick Perry is visiting Dallas and Tyler to tout his tough stand on budget cuts and what he calls a pro-business climate in Texas.

Perry will first stop in Tyler before heading to Dallas on Tuesday afternoon, where he will attend a fundraiser for American for Tax Reform. That group opposes all attempts to raise taxes.

Texas is facing its worst budget crisis in generations. Some Republican lawmakers have proposed tapping the state’s Rainy Day Fund to make up for a $27 billion shortfall. But Perry continues to oppose any effort to raise more state revenue, or to tap the fund.

Perry is expected to use his public appearances to drive home that message.

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    […] Perry Touts Budget Cuts In North Texas Gov. Rick Perry is visiting Dallas and Tyler to tout his tough stand on budget cuts and what he calls a pro-business climate in Texas. Go to News Source […]

  • AG

    “Texas is facing its worst budget crisis in generations” And this liberal idiot thinks he has a shot at the presidency?

    Another unelectable republican.



    • Ronnie

      Rick Perry is alot of things but liberal isn’t one of them!

    • Meg M

      liberal? not even.

  • jh

    He is playing politics with the EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN and it is mandated by the constitution to take care of ALL school age children of Texas. Who does he think he is??

    • Megan

      ABSOLUTELY! They are STEALING from OUR children.

    • HypocriticalFools

      He is playing politics with the EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN and it is mandated by the constitution to take care of ALL school age children of Texas. Who does he think he is??”””””

      Like Bama not enforcing our constitutional marriage laws?


      • curious

        WOW i read all thse comments and i thought i was in a GAY PRIDE PARADE this is TEXAS not SAN FRANCISCO OR THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE

      • Me

        There is no such thing as a constitutional marriage law?

      • chris

        prove your sky daddy first before you try to regulate my morals hypocriticalfools

      • Educated Liberal

        DOMA is not in the Constitution, it is merely a federal law. President Obama said we will not defend the law based on constitional agruments. He didn’t say it wouldn’t be defended on other arguments.

        Why are conservatives so uneducated?

      • Mike

        You do not make any sense, what does marriage laws have to do with anything here?

      • Mike

        Well said Educated Liberal

  • Topkatt

    How this pompous Confederate left-over, continues to get elected is beyond belief! He lies to working Texans with every breath , all the while giving the wealthy that “knowing wink”. Destroying education, humiliating firefighters and police officers, and cutting even the most necessary assistance programs, has been the Republican goal since the first actor the GOP hired (Ronald Reagan), was in office. Conservative Christian Republicans have been spreading like a cancer in America, for 30 years.

    • mbv

      there was no better choice/person to vote for in the last election. it was the lesser of 2 evils.

      • StopSlickRIck

        There hasn’t been a better choice in the nearly 12 years Perry’s been self-imposed king of Texas? Really? That’s just sheer laziness on the part ot an uneducated electorate that doesn’t want to do the work to find the right candidate. Well, Texas, you reap what you sow. Goodbye schools, goodbye surpluses, hello structural tax deficit. Wayto think it through.

    • becksmg

      I couldn’t have said it better, Topkatt!!!! Well done!!!!

      • nlb

        god loving people are neither conservative or liberal. god loving people are for progress and for positive changes. god loving people are for peace making not peace breaking. god loving people stand for everyone enjoying the riches of life not just a select few.

      • Kerri Harris

        What’s wrong with being a conservative Christian. Sounds like you are the bigot.

  • Gary

    Nobody in Texas is willing to give up any state services, yet seemingly these same people are unwilling to pay for those services. A revenue system needs to be formulated that will collect fairly and equitably from all Texans. That might be (gasp) a personal income tax, but good luck with that.

  • FedUpTxn

    Our state has seen a mass invasion over the past decade of people from south of the border driving up prices and getting everything for free, all under the watch of Rick Perry. How about Texas cut HIS salary and living expenses by 3/4 and he can live the same life he expects the rest of us to live!

    • curious

      Texas borders are being breeched on the north and they are bringing the same ideas to TEXAS that put them in the unemployment lines in their norther states. So we are under assault from the NORT H as well as the SOUTH EAST and WEST.

      • FRepublicans

        The Civil War’s been over for more than 100 years now…let it go.

    • Educated Liberal

      I wonder how many teachers could be paid for by the monthly/yearly cost of the lavish mansion he is living in while the state governor’s residence is being repaired? Ricky should be living in a modest house or apartment.

  • Nonya

    Does anyone really think that the rest of the country is going to elect another “cowboy” governor from Texas any time soon?

    • curious

      Besides it was a RHODE SCHOLAR that first questioned if he had a BIRTH CERTIFICATE WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON. Just as it was JIMMY (penut man) CARTER that did away with collective barganing for federal workers him and a democratic congress. Im just glad that im a independant and dont owe my allegience to any party. Keep on drinking the KOOL AID

    • curious

      @ GRANNY Obama has a birth certificate with your death certificate on it. Its called OBAMA CARE LOL.I JUST LOVE CBS ITS WHAT A CORN FEEDER IS TO DEER BUT ITS MORE LIBERAL LOL

    • curious

      No but are they going to elect another KENYAN from CHICAGO. LOL

      • GRANNY


      • curious

        @ EDUCATED LIBERAL is that the best you have to offer after i paid to send you to school and gave you all those free student loans to go to HARVARD LOL

      • Educated Liberal

        @ Curious. see you are another uneducated teabagger/republicant!

      • RealTime

        Well, of course he’s not a Kenyan. Other than native Americans, we’re all from somewhere else (and even native Americans originated in Asia). My father spoke a foreign language as a child. Your ancesters did, too.

  • Rick McDaniel

    He still doesn’t have the guts to close all the public schools, and force people to pay the true cost of educating their kids.

    • StopSlickRick

      Have you heard of the Texas state constitution, Rick? It requires a free education system in the state.See Article Vii, Section I. If you don’t like it, how about you make it your own personal initiative to change it. Until that time, stop spouting ridiculous BS. Seriously, people – get educated before it’s too late.

  • JH

    Republicans shout that liberals have caused and perpetuate our failed U.S. economy. How many years has Perry in Gov. of Texas and look at the state of Texas’ economy.


    • granny


  • Robert

    Texans voted for him again. Not me! I hope this is his last term. The only thing he cares about is how much money is in his pocket and only cares about himself.

  • JH

    @Nonya – God I hope not!!!!!!!!

  • kenneth

    If he was serious about cutting he would get out of the $10,000 a month mansion he lives in first.

  • Jane

    It is called illegal immigration. Number ONE problem in TX, in fact, the ONLY problem in TX, and I live and have taught in public school here, I should know.

    • StopSlickRick

      No, actually, it’s a structural tax deficit created when Slick Rick compressed property tax revenue in 2006. He left education essentially unfunded. All of the immigrants could leave tomorrow and you’d still have essentially the same problem. The underfunding is perpetual until the funding mechanisms are fixed. Pay attention people.

    • Meg M

      Nothing to do with it.

  • jazabelz

    So how well are all the tax cuts and gifts to corporations working out in Texas? Same old, same old in Texas — it’s call the reversed Robin Hood. Take from the working middle class and give to the wealthy. Besides, I thought he said just a week or so ago that we didn’t have a budget problem in Texas. So what is it? By the way any of you who think he should cut even more from public education, go look at the statistics to see where Texas falls compared to the other 49 states. Guess he likes to keep his electorate stupid and pregnant.

    • Jazz Man

      Mowtown is a lawn mower repair shop, dingbat fleabagger. Motown is a record label, tought in History class, did you skip that class? I wish it was ” take a liberal to work day” so I did not have to educate those I have already paid to educate. PS: When was the last time you got a paycheck from a poor person, NOT THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH BEING POOR, I was poor once but I stood on my own and did not need the government to hold my hand! Now I provide a living for 5 different families and feel good about it!

    • Jazzless

      Maybe if we can get ” motown at the Mansion” you would fell a little more at home. As far as Robinhood goes it took from one group of tax payers and sent ot to another….oh wait, that is wealth redistribution, again, right up your alley. Go look at the statistics of the kids getting an education from private schools, they have higher SAT scores and the teachers are paid less. I SO wish today was not fat Tuesday but take a liberal to work day. They would learn something and free up room for intelectual conversations.

      • jazabelz

        Where’s the Mowtown come from? Just because I don’t support the fat, rich white Republican boys you think I’m Black? Wow — just not the case. But if you want to keep supporting the white boys who will continue to use you to get richer while you carry their water be my guest. Love how your teabaggers like to pretend you are intellectual when you can’t even spell the word correctly!

  • curious

    Why isnt he talking to REP ZEDLLER and REP CHRISTIAN about the anti free enterprise, anti small business, and anti personal property bill HB 1043. These guys are carring the water for THE HSUS and are being donated to by them. The HSUS has known criminals on their payroll. Google HSUS criminals.Thse are the ones our politicans are in bed with. If the bill comes up i hope Rick Perry will look at the economic impact and veto it.

  • Texas Caretaker

    Gov Perry doesn’t have the grapes to do anything but run his mouth ……. he is just another of the long line of disgustiong elected criminals in our so called government leadership roles.
    They all live like aristocrats and expect you and me to pay for their failed policies while they suffer none at all.


  • Eddie

    He is cutting services but not when it comes to the 26 million that’s being spent on the Governor’s mansion…

  • Texan

    Ok Perry campained on an anti-Washington platform. Yet he has signed the American for Tax Reform pledge of no new taxes. Do people realize ATR is run by Grover Norquist who also founded Islamic Free Market Institute ,A LOBBY GROUP FUNDED BY KNOW TERRORIST!!! How does that make you feel, that your Gov will listen to a terrorist lobbist before he will listen to his constituents!

  • Head in the sand on Budget | walterdelashmit
  • godschild01


  • drop

    Time to pay for the illegals, and where is the lottery money going if not for education

    • Topkatt

      We are paying for the stupidity of the Republican Party. Both G.W. and Perry have had plenty of time do something about illegals and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! The illegal thing became an issue after President Obama was elected, and the GOP wanted another way to impede any progress that might be made by the Democratic Administration. Like always, Republicans create problems and then refuse to be responsible for the aftermath. Conservatives are the cancer of American politics and they have become malignant in Texas.

  • Adam

    Yeah, trim that budget by plowing through our public education system, great idea. But make sure we get that $20 million High School football stadium built just in time for the season!!! Insanity.

  • Riza

    Let me think – Republicans running the State of Texas and still blaming everyone else? Doesn’t sound right to me.

  • DannyC

    You would all shut-up if he took your children like he did with the Mormons.Or let them be beaten and raped in the State Schools like he allowed. GOP Family Values that got him re-elected.

  • RealTime

    Unbelievable. This self-fashioned cowboy is trying to convince us that having poor schools is a good thing! This is the same liar who told everyone in his TV campaign ads that Texas has a balanced budget!!! Huh? And he brags about what a good business climate Texas has, as if that’s the benefit of a second-rate educational system. Well, as everyone knows, businesses are always hesitant to relocate anywhere where there is a poor public education system.

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