Ever Stiffed a Server?

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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Richie has. Was he justified in his actions? Listen to the podcast to hear the explanation.

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  • Susie M. Dallas TX

    I’m a former waitress & bartender… Richie is right!! She deserved zero if she failed in her service to you… tips are based on service… no service NO TIP! Greggo… your way works too SOMETIMES :) but I’m pretty sure she wouldve taken your $20 and still wouldve ended up behind the bar if she was the only bartender that night. Richie, chances are it wasnt her fault when she had to bartend… sounds like the owners are the ones to blame for not scheduling enought servers & bartenders to work.

  • leon

    this guy goes and buys some fake hair and want leave a gotdamn tip. dumb ass

    • Robbie

      The word you meant to say was “won’t” not “want”, never mind the rest of your sentence. And, he got a hair transplant, it’s his hair. Maybe you should look into a transplant of your own….like a brain transplant.

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