Arlington Elementary Student Busted For Alcohol

By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – One day after a routine drug and alcohol awareness program at Arlington’s Mary Moore Elementary School. they had an incident that was anything but routine.

District spokeswoman Leslie Johnston says a sixth grader came to school with alcohol and now, 11 students are being disciplined.

Administrators say the incident began when one of the students brought a bottle of soda to school spiked with vodka and passed it around for others to try.

Some parents, like Cynthia Stallins, say it is alarming. “I guess you can say unsettling. You don’t expect it to hapen in an elementary school. More like a high school.”

Stallins’ three children, including a sixth grader, attend Mary Moore Elementary.

She says she hadn’t heard about the incident – the district didn’t send a note home with all students.  Stallins says, “That way we could approach our children and say this happens regardless of where you’re at. You try to shelter your kids and yet, they’re still exposed to it.”

The district says none of the students became ill.  Arlington ISD is still investigating.

A spokeswoman wouldn’t specify the type of discipline the youngsters are facing.


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  1. CJ says:

    ONE kid brings alcohol to school but 11 students are getting disciplined? What’s up with that? ONE kid should be getting disciplined and the others need some counseling!

    1. Paulette Wagner says:

      I taught sixth grade for 28 years and quit 12 years ago. This mom you quoted has been extremely sheltered. Eleven and twelve year olds have been doing this kind of thing for a long time!

    2. b wep says:

      the parents of the child that brought the EtOH to school are to blame for placing him/her in that environment. CPS should be notified!

    3. aconley says:

      11 students are being disciplined becasue they all made the choice to drink. The students who brough the alcohol to school should be disciplined more severly, but they all should have consequences

  2. Steve says:

    I read that cartels get kids as young as thing to try to get their peers to try certain drugs to get them hooked early. Sad. Let kids be kids & keep these adult poisons out of their lives.

  3. Dorothy says:

    My son is 21 and this was going on when he was in Arlington schools. Teachers and counselors at one school told me a large percentage of the kids came to school high, but their hands were tied. Kids have been taking alcohol in thermos and other bottles for years. It’s not new.

  4. Ester Tyler-Aikens says:

    If this studen brought alcohol to school, the parents shoul be held accountable and made to pay a fine of no less than $5,000.00 with community service. This is an example of “NO Pareting!” MKE THEM PAY!@#$#@#$%$#

  5. gunner riccitelli says:

    i used to go to mary moore in 6th grade im now in 8th but that is freaking crazy i knew something was wrong with that school. you think im lieing look my name up in the history database for the school gunner riccitelli

    1. mistyblue says:

      I know you’re just a kid, but what does bringing alcohol to an elementary school have to do with something being wrong with Mary Moore Elementary School? Both of my children attended Mary Moore and graduated from Martin High…both are excellent schools…these type of things can happen at any school and anywhere…it doesn’t mean there’s something “wrong with that school.” It’s more like there’s something wrong with the student that brought the alcohol to the school!

      1. Janice Bond says:


        If a student/former student openly says there is something wrong at his school, I would think that in and above itself should be a red flag to parents, and worth looking into. I’m very happy that your children excelled at the school(s) but there is also a chance that Mr. Riccitelli has more actual knowledge about what goes on inside the schools than you and other parents. While I agree with your statement “It’s more like there’s something wrong with the student that brought the alcohol to the school!”, I wouldn’t think it wise to just dismiss his post simply based on your personal evaluation. Not only is something very wrong with that kid’s actions, it is unforunately likely a huge sign of worse things going on at home – parents need to own up to their responsibility of being parents.

        I respectfully urge all parents to take the time to be more proactive in their kids’ lives – listen more closely, be more observant and ask more questions.

  6. AC says:

    I would not automatically fault the parents. Investigation will reveal whether or not they were involved. The student just as possibly could have received the alcohol at some location away from the home, from a teen or adult not related to the family.

  7. JOY says:


  8. les says:

    he should have his butt spanked in front of the whole school !!!!!!!!!!! i bet this wouldn’t happen again

    1. Tom says:

      Now this is the best comment yet! Spanked with a paddle like the old days!!

      1. V. D. Elkin says:

        In the 11th year of the 21st century the response to this situation should be resorting to physical violence and the physical abuse of a child? Have we learned nothing other than resorting to physical abuse of a child when adults become frustrated with that child’s actions? The problem is that the parents do not want to be inconvenienced by having to provide supervision of the child so they fall back on to the “old school method” that is quick and easy. Never mind that it does not teach the child anything other than the “big people get to hit the little people”. Get creative with keeping the child under adult control for the next three months, promote educational remedies for alcohol abuse, and don’t let him out of his parents sight until his punishment is up. That would be much more effective than a “spanking” which is over in less than 30 seconds.

    2. seema says:

      opss it was a mistake i did not want the comment to be reported ,instead i wanted to click on the aprroval of what this madame /or gentleman said in their comment .i agree with them 100% the kid should be spanked in the butt in front of whole school so that others will never think about bringing alcholhol to school 🙂

  9. kat says:

    les, since the liberals don’t want us to paddle the kids in school anymore then the most this kid will get is expelled and perhaps an alternative school for a while. It is a shame we can’t discipline the kids anymore since parents don’t seem to discipline at all.

    1. Steve says:

      Unfortunately the ‘no spank’ brigade rules US child raising these days. When I was a kid I behaved (mostly!) and it was due to knowing I was going to get my behind whacked if i did not.

      Kids nowadays don’t learn there are consequences for actions, and think losing their cell phone for a week is an unfair punishment.

      They (and the rest of our society as a whole) will suffer when they grow to adulthood as undisciplined brats, and are unable to compete with countries where child discipline is based on the long-term good of the country and not short-term namby pamby psychology nonsense.

  10. John Phillip Cole says:

    If I recall correctly, and I dio, this lack of discipline and tying the teachers hands started with Bush’s “No Child left behind” BS.

  11. 'Se says:

    This is what happens when the ACLU got involved with child civil rights, the right of the parents/educators were violated when ACLU took the rights of a parent to educate properly our children, I maintained my “Old School of Parenting” with my kids and proud of them. Education starts at home the way kids behave are a reflection of their parents. Don’t blame the school or their educators, blame the ACLU and those of you who support them for the way your kids behave.

  12. Sierra Spicoli says:

    I wouldn’t immediately blame the parents for “lack of supervision.” How many of us, when we weren’t yet 21, sneaked into our parents’ liquor stash without their knowledge? I would imagine that the parents had it put up, but, curiosity got the better of this youngster. This is not to say that there should be no consequences. I think the kid should be punished both at home and at school, but, calling CPS, etc., and automatically blaming the parents is ridiculous.

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