Bill For Guns At Texas Colleges To Get Hearing

AUSTIN (AP) – A bill that would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons into college classrooms and buildings has been scheduled for a public hearing next week in the Texas House.

The hearing will be the first major action on legislation that some school officials have warned could make campuses dangerous. Supporters of the measure call it a gun rights issue and a critical self-defense measure to help avoid mass shootings like the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

The House bill by Dallas-area Republican Rep. Joe Driver has the support of more than half of members in the GOP-leaning House. The hearing before the Homeland Security and Public Safety committee is scheduled for Wednesday.

Texas has become a prime battleground for a movement to prevent schools from banning concealed weapons.

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  1. Scott says:

    That is a really bad choice of pictures to headline the story. 🙂

    That being said…there are campuses in this country that have allowed their students and/or faculty to carry concealed for YEARS… with ZERO incidents, accidents,etc. Why are these campuses not making headlines? It is ridiculous that some administrators continue to pretend it will be a bloodbath if people are allowed to exercise their constitutional and state-given rights to carry a concealed handgun for protection.

    The good part is that this WILL go through in Texas. I just tire of hearing the belly-aching of the opponents…especially when their fears are unfounded, based not in fact, but on emotions and personal beliefs.

    1. Scott says:

      To add to the above…

      People, police, opponents, etc… thought that allowing concealed carry AT ALL would be like the wild-west. People would be shooting it out during arguments, fender benders, domestic situations, etc… and it turned out to be a big bunch of hot air. Now, you’ll find that most law enforcement agencies are FOR licensed concealed carry.

      The same exact thing will happen when they allow it on campus. A bunch of nothing. If anything, it will prevent or minimize the possibility that some nutcase will go on a shooting spree.

  2. Someothername says:

    The “current system” is broken
    Examine for example University of Houston within just the last 2 weeks:

    Armed assault
    Armed robbery
    Armed kidnapping
    Car break-ins (to get guns stored there because Licensees must store them there to run into a library on campus, but not a city library?)

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    Aggravated abduction reported by student
    The UH Department of Public Safety reported the abduction of a student at gunpoint…

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Patrols increase after robbery;

    Campus police have stepped up patrols around Farish Hall in an effort to prevent any further incidents following an aggravated robbery last week. Last week, a student was approached from behind and robbed at knifepoint..

    Vehicle burglaries on the rise

    An increasingly occurring crime of vehicular burglary … criminals on campus, breaking into cars, because they think guns are stored there.

    (Of course in parking lots at church, Walmart, malls etc. they’d be a lower incidence of guns stored in cars, because Licensees carry them in with them)

    My 40 caliber Glock was stolen out of the truck when I was staff at University of Houston.
    If I carry my $1,000.00 pistol inside my $175.00 holster safe and secure and concealed inside my waistband retained by my $100.00 reinforced belt,
    I absolutely guarantee you are safer than it being left in a car for a criminal to get while I run into the library. No one has ever reached into my pants in the library or in a classroom to see what might be concealed in there.

    Why would you want to continue providing easy access to guns on campus to criminals to use in other crimes?

  3. Tom says:

    I am a Conservative Republican, a long-time member of the NRA and a firearms instructor. More guns do not equate to less violence! The idea that one will carry a weapon concealed and that alone will reduce violence has been disproven many times. The idea that if I have a gun, I can intervene is also flawed. If the “bad guy” has a gun and you have a gun it is far more likely that someone will be shot and it may not be the “bad guy.” It might be the “victim” or even some “innocent bystander.” This is an ill-conceived and poorly-considered bill. I hope that it fails.

  4. Scott says:

    Tom, I think you’re full of it. It’s like the closet racist that always prefaces things with “I have lots of black friends…but”

    Where are your facts and disproven cases?

    The FACTS are that civilian gun possession DOES decrease crime, deter would be violent criminals, etc. (not insane people, of course…they obviously don’t think at all). There are established cases of campuses that DO allow carry and there have been zero incidents at those places. Not a few, not one, ZERO. I work on a campus, and I welcome the ability to be able to protect myself and the people around me should someone decide to shoot the place up. What is better? A loon having unhindered ability to shoot everyone he sees for the 7-10 minutes until police show up… Or a chl permitee engaging a bad guy to end the situation? Its not like the chl guy is just going to come in shooting and hope for the best. There are a LOT of dynamics, liabilties, and critical thinking that factor in when a citizen puts his life on the line to defend himself and the lives of other people.

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