1 Dead After Mustangs Crash Into McKinney Street Sweeper

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – One person is dead and four others injured after an early Monday morning crash in McKinney that involved two cars and a street sweeper. Police believe street racing was involved.

The accident happened in front of the Wal-Mart store on Lake Forest Drive, in the “McKinney Ranch” area.

“Two passenger cars, late model Ford Mustangs, were traveling southbound at a high rate of speed,” explained Kim Malolepszy, with the McKinney Police Department.

The ongoing investigation suggests the cars were racing when a street sweeper got in the way. “Both Mustangs struck a street sweeper vehicle that was turning westbound in to the Wal-Mart parking lot, from northbound South Lake Forest Drive,” Malolepszy said.

A passenger in the street sweeper was killed. Of the injured Malolepszy said, “One of the Mustang driver’s was transported to Parkland [Hospital], via CareFlight, the other persons from the accident were transported to Medical City McKinney.”

KRLD’s Austin York reports

Investigators say alcohol was most likely involved in the 2 a.m. crash. “There’s evidence that alcohol was a contributing factor, specifically cans of Budweiser beer located at the scene,” Malolepszy said of the evidence.

There’s no word on the medical conditions of those injured and so far no arrests have been made.


One Comment

  1. Tim says:

    What a waste of a Mustang!

  2. Sonny says:

    They should execute BOTH of the drivers in the Mustangs!! They killed an innocent person so both deserve to DIE!!!

  3. BDK says:

    Stupidity kills.

  4. fredtx says:

    It is amazing how an 3 ignorant drivers can cause the death of an individual, and the ONLY focus is on the Mustang drivers. Not on the street sweeper driver, who turned in front of the speeding drivers. The street sweeper never had the right of way. It sounds as though the street sweeper was crossing on coming traffic. So regardless of the wrecklessness of the other 2 stupid drivers, no turn, no accident. So a bunch of just stupid driving actions caused this situation. So who really caused the accident, and then the death!?!?
    Oh yeah, we will put all of the fault on the potential alchohol, because the sober driver has the right to pull in front of on coming traffic if they are drinking!?!?

  5. wildwildstallion says:

    fedtx u dumb Xss , you look before u cross traffic not expecting cars coming at u at 120mph. or for your simple mind twice as fast.I can tell your a road hazard to everyone.

  6. krixx says:

    yeah fredtx what an idiot. like a SIDESWEEPER is supposed to safely cross the road at the time two cars going 120mph are coming at it!

  7. Big H says:

    The V6 wouldnt do 120mph maybe 85 on a good day.

  8. ojdidit says:

    they had about 500 ft from the light to the accident, chances are they were going 55-65mph… and why are there 3 people in a street sweeper that sits 2. and the street sweeper was contracted to clean the walmart parking lot, not lake forest… so maybe they were out joy riding just like the mustangs. I highly doubt the mustangs were racing, speeding yes, but who hasnt done 15-20mph over the speed limit.

  9. concerned says:

    Why does everyone (including the police) think just because the boys drive mustangs they were racing. The mustangs had the right of way and the street sweeper pulled out in front of the mustangs. As for ALL the beer cans at the scene. I was there and there was 1. Where it was located it could have come out of any of the 3 vehicles.

  10. ESTHER says:

    Acctully i tnk the one in da mustang should be in jail cuz they killed my uncle.. the 30 year old man wuz my uncle nd now his wife kids nd brothers r suffering!!! Tanks to the drivers..

  11. alsoconcerned2 says:

    Has anyone considered or pointed the finger at the street sweeper occupants?
    A : Why are they on the street,if they were hired by Walmart they should have never needed to leave the parking lot.
    B: Why were there 3 people in the sweeper to begin with , it only seats 2 and how many people does it take to drive the thing.
    C: Not only did NONE of the 3 in the sweeper have a drivers licensce, they don’t even have a legal right to work in this country.
    D: Did they test the sweeper occupants for alcohol? it would not be the first time soemone not only drank on the job, but their job was to DRIVE and they were drinking on the job.
    Most IMPORTANTLY – what about INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty???
    To all you who are quick to make nasty , horrible comments about the mustang drivers , remember they are also someone’s child. How would you feel if they were your child or brother ??

    1. MJ says:

      I would feel horrible knowing my child or brother was stupid enough to not only put his own life in danger but also innocent people on the road by street racing. Street racing and driving while intoxicated is illegal too. Driving a street sweeper is not. I don’t understand you people who want to stand up for the street racers. There are plenty of racing strips in the DFW. The roads that everyday people drive on are NOT THOSE RACING STRIPS!

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