Cedar Hill Police Bust Cockfight, Seize 500 Roosters

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – The SPCA is seizing 500 fighting roosters and hens from a Cedar Hill property today.

Yesterday police got a tip about a cockfight happening at 551 Knight Street in Cedar Hill.

When they got there, they found 400 roosters and 100 hens on the two-acre property.

KRLD’s Barbara Schwarz reports

Police called the SPCA to take the birds.  The group says it will house them at a secure location until a custody hearing on March 22.

There’s no word yet on any arrests.

Cockfighting is a felony in Texas.


One Comment

  1. Sarge says:

    No arreests? No names? Yet there were 400 birds rescued! I guess it has to be dog-fighting to get more attention. Blame this one on Mike too….

    1. Crystal says:

      I’m assuming there is limited information because the seizure is happening today.

      1. curious says:

        Im assuming your last name is METH.Same as your assuming and they were assuming that a rooster fight was taking place. Do they need to come to your house and confiscate your private property and arrest you CRYSTAL

  2. Grahawk says:

    Feed the hungry with these birds. Don’t just euthanize them as what happened months ago in a Parker County raid.

    1. robbie says:

      you cant eat those birds.

      1. Grahawk says:

        Robbie, there are recipes for roosters also.

    2. Steve says:

      I knew the guy who was busted in Partker County and all he wound up getting was a fine for misdemeanor gambling. I should clarify that I knew him but didn’t like him. He’s probably doing it again.

  3. Elmer says:

    Why seize 100 hens, they don’t fight? The SPCA will kill 100 egg layers because of their stupidity. All chickens are edible, you just have to boil old ones them a little longer.

    1. shadeofafreeway says:

      FDA won’t let you eat chickens raised in those conditions. What if they have diseases?

      1. curious says:

        They are checked by the state of texas just like pilgrims. It called a polorum test. All of you are as dumb as a box of rocks

  4. rooster tech says:

    you can not eat those hens or roosters becasue they are given different types of injections

    1. curious says:

      Hey rooster tech how many injecctions do you think PILGRIMS give the chickens you are eating. Also groth harmones. Pilgrim chickens live a total of six weeks. Then they are murdered so that you can sit at your computer with a napkin and wipe chicken greese off your mouth and spew stuff that you know nothing about.,

  5. curious says:

    Guess i have been sensured on this site

  6. curious says:

    You can tell the libs are out in force today on CBS because they dont want the truth getting out. Ive been sensored three times today and all i was stating is facts But the truth will never get out

  7. Mark Anthony says:

    You are so right curious. Two thumbs up for you. This site need more people like you.

  8. chicken man says:

    Well for startes they raided their farm over hear say and those roosters and hens are taken better car of than any animal that they have at the Spca or any other organization that does this!

  9. Claret Man says:

    according to the SPCA and the arresting agencies the birds were well taken care of in good flesh and good health which was determined by their appearance and the fact the hens were laying good and the eggs were hatching good. The eggs were hatching in spite of the fact the SPCA did not take the water trays to the shelter when they took the eggs and incubators. After birds looked good, the Vet. for the SPCA testified that the roosters cage fought at the shelter. One can just imagine what they look like now which is why no one can look at them now. We offered our assistance to care for the birds, offer advice and a feed store donating feed for the birds but they declined. The SPCA states the feed and housing bill is $51, 948.00 for ten days.The housing must be expensive becuase feed bill should be approx. $30.00 per day to feed 600 roosters @ 4oz per bird. For us to donate the feed we would have had to deliver it and would have seen the poor condition of the birds and the SPCA couldn’t have that. What have they got to hide?
    The owner of the birds was asked to pay $51,900.00. The owner could repeal this ridiculous ruling if he $207,800.00.
    To recap; The condition of the birds were in excellent conditionwhen seized by the authorities, but now they are not. It doen’t matter becuase the SPCA plans to murder birds anyway.

  10. Claret man says:

    correction: the owner could have appealed this riduculous ruling if he Had $207,000.00 for the appeal bond.

  11. John Brown says:

    Did someone use the term RESCUE ! PLEASE LET ME BE THE FIRST TO FILL YOU IN ON THE FUTURE OF THESE ROOSTERS ……….T heres a 99.9 percent chance the roosters will be …….how do they put it,,,,,humanely uthenized.? Wow how kind/ Heres a link about the ANGELS that form Pita…Please click on this link for the shocking reality of these angels of death.

    1. John Brown says:

      sorry heres the link……. http://www.petakillsanimals.com/

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