Education Protestors Happy State Is Set To Tap Rainy Day Fund

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s been a compromise in Austin that may ease the financial strain for North Texas school districts.

Governor Rick Perry and House leaders have reached an agreement to use $3.2 billion from the state’s reserve fund to close a budget deficit.

The announcement could be very good news for school districts like the Dallas Independent School District.

Tuesday afternoon parents and students from the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts made the latest appeal, to use emergency funds, directly to the governor.

The group staged a protest outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Richardson, where the governor was speaking at the Richardson Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting.

“I’ve been to three rallies so far and I hope he’s [Perry] going to get the message someday that we are passionate about our school. We’re passionate about education. We’re passionate about the arts,” said student Gabbi Greenfield.

The group of parents and students carried umbrellas as they urged the governor to turn to the Rainy Day Fund to alleviate the planned budget cuts to schools.

Booker T. has been ranked among the best schools in the country. Under the proposed budget cut plan, the worst cast scenario had the school losing as many as half of its full-time employees.

“And the education [at Booker T.] is fabulous and to imagine that we might get it cut almost in half, I don’t even know how to fathom that,” Greenfield said.

The Booker T. PTA president, Patricia Arvantis, called the agreement a great first step toward saving the state’s schools. “I mean, I think we’re at a watershed moment. This is the biggest issue facing our nation,” she said.

Use of the Rainy Day Fund would give lawmakers wiggle room to deal with a revenue shortfall that could reach almost $27 billion when counting for population growth.


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  1. JP says:

    I’m glad to see that the rainy day fund will be used to some degree, but it’s not enough.
    Tax the rich! Save our schools!

    1. EF says:

      ABSURD !
      The State Treasury IS NOT a gift shop. Cash does not make our children
      smarter …. Intelligent teachers and value oriented parents do…. DISD HAS
      HAD money … and it produced a 50% (or so) graduation rate…. More money
      is just going to add to the existing corruption in the DISD (and other governmental
      Institutions)….Texas should NOT be a welfare state. Must live within means.
      Did the teachers ever take economics / business in school or college … (NOT)…

      1. lotsoflaughs says:

        If you have time please check out my blog. It’s just a bunch of funny stories I’ve written and is all really clean stuff. I’m hoping to get enough readers that someone might notice and be able to publish some of my writing someday. So if you like it please share it with family and friends.

    2. Money Bags says:

      We’re taxed enough. How about you get an education and a better job?

      1. Trying to Finish College says:

        Money Bags, how are people supposed to get an education if there are all kinds of budget cuts? How about you don’t take your education for granted and realize that Texas is one of the worst states in the nation in education and our idiot governor wants to make it worse.

  2. connie daniel says:

    hello,if youcare so much ,then stop robbing the tax payers of our money and pay your own way in life like i have to and all my neighbors. we dont have anyone paying for us . also the kids get a lousy education to boot. wise up we are tired of your almighty self and the unions too.

  3. Lisa Menton says:

    What has actually happened? Your report states an agreement has been reached to use $3.2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund, but on, sponsored by the Houston Chronicle, a different story is being reported. According to this site, no agreement was reached today because no vote was taken due to no one showing up from the Governor’s office to actually agree on taking funds from the Rainy Day Fund. Now the Texas Senate is preparing their own proposal which will be for less money to be taken from the Rainy Day Fund.

  4. harperwc says:

    humor, i always enjoy reading comments from people that believe it is up to a school system funded by people other than themselves to educate their kids. how about a revolutionary tactic of supplementing a possibly weak school system with supplemental work at home ? why is it always someone else’s responsibility to educate your kids ? what sort of example do you think is set when you show your kids to wait around until someone gives something to you as opposed to putting your own nose to the grindstone and making it happen yourself ? some valuable lessons can be taught by simply thinking before you speak. i guarantee you will have a hard time finding a successful honest businessperson or professional athlete that just sat around waiting for someone else to make something happen.

  5. Wills Point says:

    How come Perry never mentions the school children who will suffer the most if education is not adequately funded in the next biennium? He only talks about the taxpayers.

    1. Reply says:

      Because he doesn’t care about the school children. If he did, he would care about education. He does not care at all. He is all about big business and tax breaks.

  6. Mom says:

    What about accountability???? Why aren’t we looking at those who were responsible for the budget in the first place? It’s one thing to miss the mark by a few hundred dollars, but to miss the mark by a few million sounds/smells like corruption to me!!! Teachers are there to teach, the children are there to learn. Neither of the two are responsible for appropriately allocating the money. So again, why aren’t we demanding answers as to how this happened and where/what the money was spent on? If we dig enough I bet we’ll find someone who owns two or more homes and couple of sports cars! Now ponder that….

  7. Sara Fulks says:

    This $3.2 billion from the rainy day fund will go towards closing the gap for this year’s state budget. This means the budget in general, not the school funding specifically. It’s misleading to think all this money will go to Texas schools. It will not. Until Rick Perry and the Republicans actually read the Texas constitution our schools will never be adequately funded. They need to go back and rework the 2006 arrangement for property taxes in Texas.

  8. les says:

    give all teachers an s.a.t. test and the teachers that should be laid-off will be obvious. let’s do away with all of the freebies ( free lunch and phoney federal grants) and the budget will no longer be a problem . all the money in world is not going to make kids learn if they don’t want to .

  9. darrell says:

    this sets a bad precedent for our rainy day fund. if we are going to give in to all these crying groups maybe its time to implement a state income tax to keep the budget solvent. or do like wisconsin did.

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