Governor Perry In Richardson Today, Protest Planned

By Emily Trube, 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) – Governor Perry will be in North Texas today and a group of parents worried about state budget cuts to their kids school are ready to meet him.

Governor Perry is the featured speaker at today’s Richardson Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting. His office says he will be making some economic development announcements but a group of parents from Booker T. Washignton High School want to talk to him about education funding.

The parents plan on demonstrating outside the meeting asking Perry to approve using the Rainy Day Fund to help ease the $10 billion dollars in education cuts expected statewide. While in Dallas earlier this month, Perry said people upset about cuts on the district level should take their concerns to their local school board, not to him.

The emergency fund has about 9 billion dollars in it, not enough to cover the cuts to education. Texas is also facing big cuts to every other agency and state university.


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  1. rob says:

    Sorry to say,but this guy is one two faced POS.If your a friend of perrys you will do well.All others ?Your on your own.

  2. ray carrillo says:

    How can I get an app for my phone iasve been looking for that app so I can get it on my phone but I can’t find one

  3. Trinity says:

    I find Perry arrogant and discionnected fom the needs of the sadly the very people who brought him to power. I couldn’t agree more if you are friend, good for you if not, you are better off on your own! This should be a warning to the electorate, the past should warn you – people don’t change overnight.

  4. joe says:

    his economic development plan = cut taxes to corporations who don’t pay full tax rate already and then use the deficit created from those cuts as an excuse to further reduce spending on education and healthcare for children in Texas which ranks close to if not last already.

  5. eric says:

    The problem is the way schools are funded to begin with.It is totally unfair to collect the taxes only from property owners to support “independant school districts” and then allow illegal immigrants living fifteen to a small house to be educated basically for free. What about a sales tax? That is the only fair tax.

  6. PRSteele says:

    Perry is one two faced politician, But remember you get what you elect into office. Politicians only service the money that gets them into office,
    As for a turn face politicians, His comments about;
    What about his statement in the past 10years, Blessing the illegals for coming into Texas and taking jobs from AMERICANS.

  7. CommonSenseTxn says:

    Our schools and our state would not be in a state of crisis if we were not carrying the burden of millions of illegal immigrants who ravage this state with crime and defraud every citizen through social services. This MUST stop! There once was a $25 per head premium paid by the government to turn in an illegal immigrant. It was great incentive for individuals as well as businesses. The Clinton administration did away with it. Imagine the difference if we were all PAID to put a stop to this invasion! It would cost far less than this enormous burden that is now breaking our backs adding costs to school, police, courts, roads, insurance, ID theft, and more. Amnesty only made matters worse before, don’t do it again! No more anchor babies, no more social services, NO AMNESTY NO WAY!

    1. mgrimald says:

      Imagine how many would not be here if Mr. Goodhair’s friends did not give them jobs. They work for peanuts to support their families; meantime, our pay gets lower and lower and/or our jobs disappear, so that the companies that hire them can make bigger profits. Perry will never fight to punish companies that fail to verify residency or legal status before they hire. He gives lip service but no way will he do it.

    2. Vincent Loza says:

      You Idiot, it was Shrub who opened up the flood gates for illegal aliens so that his business cronies could have cheap labor and drive down the wages of working Americans.

  8. GWLott says:

    Why doesn’t the state repair the State Capitol and move Rick Perry back into it? Sixteen thousand a month of tax payer’s money is spent on Rick Perry’s mansion on top of his salary. Why doesn’t he take a cut? The Capitol was good enough for the previous Governors. Who is he? He is the only governor for the state of Texas who has became a multi-millionaire within 2 terms. Go figure! This land grabbing, money swallowing jack ass only cares about himself.

  9. budrow says:

    I wondered what the stinky ordor was in the DFW area today. Then I found out our Governor for life is in town. I’d like to buy this guy for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth. I’d be as rich as him and all his buddies.

  10. Craig says:

    He doesn’t want to tap into the rainy day fund because there isn’t any money in it. Just ask him to see his books and he will fight to the death not to show them to you. The race to the bottom continues for Texas.

  11. Joe King says:

    Why is Education the one to suffer? While Perry lives it up in a mansion we pay for to the tune of $10,000 per month? What an arrogant jerk. What do Republicans have against education? Afraid the voters will get too smart to keep voting for them?

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