Michelle Obama Singles Out Arlington Schools In Speech

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – First Lady Michelle Obama has praised the efforts of a North Texas school district to combat childhood obesity during a speech in Washington.

Mrs. Obama was promoting her “Let’s Move!” fitness campaign during a National League of Cities conference in Washington on Tuesday. She cited the example of the Arlington Independent School District, which provided pedometers to students and challenged them to walk as much as possible during school vacation.

The First Lady told participants that the winner had taken 6.8 million steps.

Last year Mayor Robert Cluck kicked off the “Let’s Move!” program in Arlington that involved more than 4,500 fifth-grade students.

During her speech the First Lady said that obesity isn’t just a medical issue, it’s an economic one. “You know childhood obesity is already affecting your communities, weighing down your budgets, hampering economic growth,” Mrs. Obama said.

“Let’s Move!” is an initiative set out to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. With the help of the public and private sector, the program provides schools, families and communities with the tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy.

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  1. Glenn says:

    We need to do better….but school food has always tasted like……well now its worse. With school budgets in the toilet…our kids will get excercise….they will be walking to school because buses can not run.

  2. J in Az. says:

    If this female would more attention to her own physical shape, she would have time to ddecide and tell other people what to eat. She is like her husban do as I say not as Ido.

    1. budrow says:

      I’ll bet you’re fat slob of a republican.

      1. jackson says:

        I’ll bet you’re a dipstick of a Coonass Democrat. Typical, always resort to character assassination because you have nothing intelligent to contribute.. budrow. Is that Coonass for idiot?

    2. Louise Bland says:

      You can’t be speaking of our First Lady! She looks fabulous!

    3. bugscuttle says:

      J in AZ you’re kidding right? LOL women all over the world refer to fit, toned arms as “Michelle Obama arms” or “look at those guns” (a term for really cut arms or legs; “cut” meaning …well you’re going to have to go to the gym if you don’t know that one either). As a fitness instructor and a parent and grandparent I applaud the First Lady for talking about a huge public health issue that costs everyone in our country every day – overweight, sedentary people who refuse to take care of their health. So back away from the cheetos and go outside and play.

  3. jack y says:

    The first lady is fighting against childhood obeseity at the same time we are eleminating PE from the middle school programs. Can anyone else see a problem here?

  4. vivian says:

    well no matter what her size is… are you trying to stand up for anythng? youre such an idiot…. thats all you could come up with? grow up and and stop puttng people down. of course we cant comment on what you look like because you can hide behind your words…. look in the mirror and find your own flaws.

  5. Sheepdip says:

    Mrs. Obama can out arm wrestle the fat arse pbr swilling racist posting here, that is if he can get off the lawn chair in his trailer living room without a coronary (thats a HART ATAK to you redneck)

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