State Senate Says Okay To Keeping A Gun In The Car At Work

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Senate has voted to allow Texans to keep firearms or ammunition in their cars while they are at work.

The bill passed Tuesday by a 30-1 vote prevents businesses from banning employees from bringing firearms into their parking lots. The guns would have to stay in the vehicle. Businesses could still ban firearms from offices and company cars..

The bill is similar to one that passed the Senate two years ago but did not get final approval from the House.

The Texas Rifle Association supports the bill. It is opposed by the Texas Association of Business.

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  1. adebisi obafemi says:

    That will be one more reason for thieves to break into cars at parking garages. The problem is shady characters who could not legally buy guns can now still them from parked cars at work.

    1. Come on sheeple! says:

      Are you kidding me?
      The shady characters have no problems getting weapons of any caliber “stilling” lol them from parked cars is not a priority for access to weapons.
      And since they are shady they don’t have to wait for the 7 day cooling off period.

      1. adebisi obafemi says:

        Come on sheeple? You dont have to be rude. It is a shame that you are one of those shady characters because there is no way of identifying who you are.

  2. Joe says:

    YES! Finally… more ‘common sense’ laws are actually making it to reality.

    I already kept my CHL carry gun in my car at work but now it’s nice to know I cant get fired for doing so.

    1. Tim Covington says:

      You would still be able to be fired. It just means that you could collect unemployment for being fired and they shouldn’t try to have you arrested. Remember, Texas is a right -to-work state. This means your employer you can fire you for almost any reason they can think of.

      1. MrNrjb says:

        Joe, this is your boss. I rather object to your clothing today. You are fired.

        Mr. Notreallyjoesboss

    2. TINA JANSEN says:


      1. doug g says:

        I am a medium sized man but it does not matter, a man named Colt made all men equal

      2. goatpup says:

        I bet Tina is a very large man or never experienced a car jacking. Maybe super woman, or maybe she is packing a 40 cal in her purse.

      3. Don H says:

        Shame on you Tina… Your post shows how little you are…

  3. Paul says:

    Fine with me!

    Our company already says no weapons in the WORKPLACE, but the parking lot is not the workplace.

    And we have NEVER had any problems with this.

    1. tp says:

      parkiing lots on company property are still company property.companies have a right to keep guns off their propert for employees safety nomatter who pro gun lobbiest pay off

      1. Grahawk says:

        tp, did you bother to read the first sentence of the second paragraph of this article?

  4. adebisi obafemi says:

    Come on sheeple? You dont have to be rude. It is a shame that you are one of those shady characters because there is no way of identifying who you are.

  5. Bill H says:

    Bad idea. Now an angry employee doesn’t have to go any farther than the parking lot to get his gun to shoot his co-workers.
    The gun lobby has sold us a bill of goods. The unrestricted sale and distribution of guns does nothing to protect our safety and liberty. It does line the pockets of the gun merchants and the pockets of the politicians who pander to them for campaign money. It’s enough that they sell high powered assualt weapons that they know are going to be smuggled to narco-terrorists in Mexico. Now they want to sell guns to every person who goes to college or goes to an office to work.
    Let’s stop this madness.

    1. goatpup says:

      Bill H, whether an employee goes home to get his gun or to his car doesn’t matter, because another employee doesn’t have far to go to get his gun to stop the mad man.

    2. tp says:

      rock on

    3. Robert says:

      The “anti-gun” lobby is the ones pedaling the false bill of goods. Stopping people from having guns does not protect your safety and liberty. Check out Hitlers first move. And I’m sure that in your eyes every gun is “high powered assault weapon”. People that want to stop us from protecting ourselves are the ones that worry me. If you are afraid of guns Bill H, that’s fine you don’t have to own one.

  6. Chuck says:

    Wonder who the jerk was that voted against it? Was that you Bill H?

  7. Dozer says:

    I carry my gun in my pants. I don’t need to have one in the car too.

  8. brandi says:

    That’s just great. So now its legal for the psycho I work with to keep his gun in his car at work. Makes it much easier for him to access when he falls off his rocker and is ready to take us all out.

    1. Beth says:

      Seriously? You think the “psycho” you work with is concerned about keeping a gun in his car now? People who are nuts, or could care less about the law are already carrying guns in their car. Now, the playing field is leveled a little bit.

    2. Mark says:

      Brandi, you are “psycho” if you really thought your psycho coworker never had a gun in his car before now. Real psychos don’t care what the laws are. Laws don’t stop psychos (criminals) from using guns to commit violence. Overly strict gun “laws” (many of which directly violate the 2nd Amendment) only prevent law abiding citizens from their ability to defend them self against others like your psycho coworker and, yes, you too. Every new gun “law” that is passed and supported by misinformed people like you, only makes the criminal stronger and the law abiding citizen weaker.
      Brandi, you want and need individuals like me on your side. Because, whether you know it or not, It’s people like me that help people like you live as freely as you do right now. Don’t ever forget what others have sacrificed and freely given up so you can enjoy those freedoms.
      God bless my family, America, and every law abiding gun owner.

      1. goatpup says:

        Mark, well put.

  9. Don H says:

    I carry a gun to work because of the area I have to drive thru and the unsafe world that we live in. You libs just crack me up with your self righteous attitude and naïveté~ The freedom you now enjoy was purchased with the blood and guns of our founding fathers. Who by the way believed that responsible citizens should own and be proficient in the use of such. The right to own and bear arms is the teeth that protect our constitution from tyrants that would take our freedom including yours. Your argument is that gun ownership gives opportunity for crime. How stupid of you. Someone that is deranged will find a way to commit evil one way or another. If you were informed you would know that America is a republic and not a democracy. Let me explain the difference. A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. A republic is a well armed sheep contesting the vote. You libs are such cowards in that you appease evil thinking that it will just go away if you coddle it. You have twisted the principles of justice and the constitution and given criminals greater rights than their victims and call it due process. You would deny the average law abiding citizen the right to protect their lives and their families with your so called superior intellect. Remember that Cain only had a rock. Murder is in the heart not in the weapon. You go ahead and object to those of us who know that the only reason to use deadly force is to protect and preserve live. When some thug has you at gun point or you are being robbed and threatened with your life you will sing a different tune. I’ll carry my gun and hope and pray that I never have to use it. Some of us are too young to die and too old to take an ass whiping.

    1. Grahawk says:

      Thumbs up, Don H!

    2. Robert says:

      Make that two thumbs up Don H.

  10. Robert says:

    I just saw in the news on another website that Obama has come out with some anti gun rhetoric. He is going after the guns. I remember when he took office he said he wouldn’t do that. Well it looks like that was another lie. Another person trying to blame the gun instead of the criminals.

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