DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Outside Booker T Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Elliott Skinner made himself at home on a bench with his guitar clutched in his hands.

Skinner, 16, is a sophomore at the school.

“We have a voice and it’s up to us to stand up and show our voice,” he explains.

As he starts playing “I Need a Dollar,” it’s hard to miss his passion. Skinner said his skills were nurtured at Booker T over the last two years.

Skinner is part of a video shot by Junior Christian Vasquez during a rally for education on March 2.

Skinner was playing his guitar and Vasquez quickly was drawn to his message.

“I wanted to show the entire environment,” said Vasquez, 16. “I think the video does a good job expressing how much the students here care about their education and their school.”

Booker T could see half its staff cut.

“This is what you are cutting,” he said, talking about his fears that cuts could hurt the arts program at his school.

Even with news that the state will dip into the Rainy Day Fund, it’s not clear how much that would help their school.

“It’s very intimidating almost overwhelmingly intimidating to grasp the idea that 50 percent of our staff could be cut,” Vasquez said.

Education comes with a price, but both Skinner and Vasquez hope they can provide a voice of reason.