Texans Want Alamo Battle Flag Returned

Editor’s note, March 15 @3:15 p.m:  Well, we’re embarrassed.  As many of you have correctly pointed out, the “Come And Take It” flag did not fly at the Alamo.  That was the Gonzales flag.  We’ve corrected our mistake below and added a link to the “New Orleans Greys” flag.  And we ask that our Texas citizenship not be revoked for this blunder.  We regret the error.

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) During the Battle of Gonzales several months before and during the Battle of the Alamo, Texans displayed a flag saying “Come and Take It,” issuing a dare to Mexican troops.  Several flags are said to have flown at the Alamo during the famed 1836 battle there, but only one is known to still exist.  And now if Texas wants to retrieve the flag, we may have to “Go and Get It”.

For the past 80 years the only remaining banner known to have flown during the legendary battle has been on display in Mexico. The 4′ by 3′ silk flag is emblazoned with the words “FIRST COMPANY OF TEXAN VOLUNTEERS FROM NEW ORLEANS”.

The latest effort to get it back to the Lone Star State is being led by State Representative John Zerwas. The Richmond Republican has filed a bill to encourage Governor Perry to work on the flag’s return, even if it’s on a temporary basis.

Past efforts have come up short, but Zerwas says he’s hopeful a deal can be worked out.

  • http://fortworthinsight.com/news/texans-want-alamo-battle-flag-returned/ Texans Want Alamo Battle Flag Returned « Fort Worth News Feeds

    […] Texans Want Alamo Battle Flag Returned For the past 80 years the only remaining banner known to have flown during the legendary battle has been on display in Mexico. Go to News Source […]

  • ryan

    The “Come And Take It” flag referred to the cannon in Gonzalez, not The Alamo.

    • Rick O'Shea

      Absolutely true. However, a group of Gonzales Rangers rode in to help defend the Alamo. I can’t say that they didn’t bring the “Come And Take It” banner with them.

      —–March 6, 1836, Gonzales Ranger Dolphin Floyd was killed during the battle for the Alamo. RIP—

    • jen in fort worth

      @Bill – LMAO!

    • setnaffa

      CBS doesn’t care about facts, they want to cover up the lack of leadership in Washington, DC…

      • PeterMclean

        If we give them California back, will they return the flag? Please?

      • Sanity

        That is not even a logical statement in relation to the story. Are you feeling ok setnaffa? Engulfed in the obsession of someone possibly?

      • Mike

        I’d call it “Spoils of war” They came and took it. It is theirs.
        If we want it back let’s go get it.

      • Chris

        @ Mike: Totally.

      • billv

        Tell them if they return the flag we will return their people.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        That’s why no one is listening to the Lame Stream Media that is so degenerate they can’t even see how pathetic they have become. Turn off your TV.

        —– http://911essentials.com

    • Mary Wright Pippert


    • Blake

      Yes it did, but Santa Anna thought at the time, as many still do, that the cannon had been taken from Gonzales and buried in the Court Yard at the Alamo. Hence the saying “Come and Get It”.

      • Rick O'Shea

        Not true. The Gonzales cannon was buried because the carriage broke down and in 1936 it was discovered in a washout and proved authentic by the description of Noah Smithwick who pegged the firehole , drilled another, pegged that one and then drilled one that worked.

        The “Come And Take It” flag was made in Gonzales, after Santa Anna ordered the Texicans to be disarmed, and flew at the so called battle of Gonzales where the only injury was a Texican falling off his horse.

      • Billies

        Blake, you are an idiot. That flag was at Gonzalez and had nothing to do with The Alamo. The Alamo had it’s own cannons and Santa Ana could not have cared less about the Gonzalez canon.

      • Stoshio

        Do you mean “Come and Take It”?

    • Chris

      That’s right Ryan. The boob writing this article doesn’t even have his facts straight. A testimony to most journalism these days. There are some good points made in the comments, including the fact that the flag was taken in a battle during a war. While a gesture of friendship by lending this to us for a while would be noce, there is no obligation. They are entitled to the historical artifacts as much as we are. Assuming some facts in the article are accurate, at least they have it on display.

      • Chris

        Knowing this administration, they’d probably agree to the demands of all the Mecha & LaRaza reconquistas & trade CA, AZ, & NM for the flag.

        “Hope & Change®”

    • Frankie

      Our vaunted News Media is sooooo…”dumb”….

    • DonM

      It is my understanding that Santa Anna had a wooden leg, and Mexico wants that back. Perhaps we could do a swap, by preference after they both toured our countries together…

      • greenlake

        The wooden leg is in Illinois

  • Tom Whitfield

    As proud as I am of being a Texan, the Mexicans won the Battle of the Alamo and the flag is rightfully a spoil of war. It was captured after a Mexican victory and returning it to us because it originally belonged to us would be akin to Germany asking to be given back the U505 which was captured by the US Navy in World War II and is currently on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

    • Adam Laurie

      To a degree that is true. But Nazi Germany does not exist as a nation anymore and Texas is an ally of Mexico. It would obviously be a friendly gesture. This would actually more similar to the returning of an heirloom from WWII back to a German, French, Italian, or British family out of respect for the people, not due to any obligatory rule.

      • Stanley Gornish

        Freeland Dave is right: The Mexican Government is not run by a dictatorship.
        It is run by drug cartels. Not sure about that? I dare you to take a walk into Nuevo
        Laredo,l or most any other Mexican border town.

      • Roze

        Mexico could care LESS about the United States or Texas! They use us a dumping ground for their undesirables. F*** MEXICO!

      • Freeland Dave

        And to a degree your comment is just as erroneous as the country of Mexico during the time of the battle no longer exists either. That country was ran by a dictator and Mexico’s government today is not a dictatorship despite the internal problems it has.

        I agree though, out of respect they should give it back to displayed at the Alamo where the history actually took place instead of having it in Mexico.

      • Ron Reale

        “Texas is an ally of Mexico.”
        You’re kidding, right?
        Mexico is an enemy of America, the same as Venezuela, Syria and Iran. There should be a bounty on their heads, and the heads of the terrorists they are helping to come to America.

      • Anon E. Mous

        Well spoken, Roze, and thanks for saving me the time.

      • Chuck

        Similarly, Texas does not exist as a nation anymore either.

      • Tom W.

        Or we could return parts of Texas and California that used to belong to Mexico, but I’d hate to lose Texas.

      • David

        Actually we are currently in the process of returning California to mexico. Within the next 20 years or so they will have more illegals here than citizens and the Democratic party wants to have them all vote. I would bet that they will give CA back to Mexico.

    • justin

      True but so was Santa Anna’s leg and we gave that back

    • pepper

      A true Texan would honor the victors of that battle.
      It is the spoils of war.

      It seems to me that a movement of whiners have brought this issue up. Pansies like to step in after the battle and say not fair! I want my ball back.

      • deleweye

        The standard of a unit that resisted to the last man is traditionally returned with honors. At least that is how gentlemen do it, and Santa Anna certainly claimed that distinction. You might recall the full military funeral given by the British to Baron von Richthofen, or the honor given by the Mexican commander to the survivors of Capt. Danjoy’s company at Camerone. You might also note the cheers given the Irish Brigade by the Confederate Army at Fredericksburg (and the rumored return of their colors by Cobb’s Legion.) Whiners? Pansies? Come back when you’ve seen the elephant and let’s see if you have the same attitude.

    • Give it back

      no offense but they want their artifacts from the incan Empire that were taken as a spoil of war, or an archeology dig, so if they can play that game so can we!

      • Texan

        FYI the Incan Empire did not exist in Mexico… lol that is Peru!

    • Ray

      I agree. To the victor, the spoils. I am a very proud Texan and would really love to have our flag back, but they have it. What is not mentioned is that we have one of Santa Anna’s battle standards that the Mexicans have been asking for also. We won it, and we have it. It is located in Dallas at the Dallas Historical Society in Fair Park and I have had it in my hands. I say we should trade a flag for a flag. They want theirs back and we want ours back, but the parties must be willing. Until then, they have our Alamo flag and we have their battle standard fair and square.

      • deleweye

        I think it would be worth it to make the trade, but in military culture the standard of a unit that resisted to the last man is a different matter than colors taken in open battle from a retreating enemy.

    • Frankie

      Oh, a friendly gesture is needed from Mexico instead of Lecturing our Congress about our Laws trying to protect our borders…and they still have not given us our share of water for the Valley’s Farmers…

    • tater

      Let’s see…they get the flag…we get Texas…hmmm, I think I am OK with that.

  • Andrew


  • mgee

    We have NO Leadership in Washington. The current occupant didn’t defend our border in AZ, why would he actually stand for anything now? All he does is protect hose who gave him cash to get elected, gays, unions and those of those ilks.
    Hard working Americans and what this country has always fought for is NOT on the agenda of the Kenyan.
    Solution, Next election why not VOTE AMERICAN and get these clowns out of the WH!

  • Regulas

    It’s all about circling the wagons for the incompetent boob we have in the White house and his band of Marxist merry men.

  • joy


  • Roger Soiset

    Tell the Texans to contact the Illinois National Guard in Springfield. They still have Santa Anna’s cork leg, “captured” in 1848 at the battle of Cerro Gordo. Maybe Mexico would make a swap.

    • Flannery

      But the exchange would cost them an arm or a leg.

  • Ryder

    This is one reason why government is distrustd. These are serious times demanding the best our representatives can muster. That THIS issue commands the attention of a Texas official, tells me he has too much time on his hands.

    • Sunshine

      Amen ! ! !

      • joe liberst

        You do know right that the Texas Legislature only meets every 2 years. They should have a lot of time on their hands since beening in the legislature shouldn’t be a job.

  • jim

    The flag is a spoil of war and it belongs to the Mexican government. How about all of the Lugers and Samari Swords our soldiers brought home? Should they be returned? Get real Representative John Zerwas.

  • Poltop

    Son was an exchange student in Mexico City 20 years ago staying with a lawyer and his family. Story he was told was that Texas had Santa Anna’s wooden leg and wouldn’t give flag back until they got leg back. The Alamo had the largest canon north of the Rio Grande, (in Mexican territory), and Santa Anna wanted it back.

  • cupcake

    It was the flag used to taunt Santa Ana’s men in Gonzalez.

  • http://www.usa-flag-site.org/forum/texas-wants-mexico-return-alamo-flag-9697.html#post31618 Texas wants Mexico to return Alamo flag-Flags in the News-American Flags Forum

    […] […]

  • Sarge

    The rout at the Alamo is probably the only defeat celebrated by the losing side.

    • Ross Fain

      The battle of Thermopolyae comes to mind. The whole world celebrates that one.

      • Capn

        We Remember and therefore are rallied, Remember the USS Maine, USS Pueblo, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, etc.

      • robdog

        Several others also come to mind. Camarón, where the Foreign Legion earned their fame. Masada, where The Chief of Staff of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), Moshe Dayan, initiated the practice of holding the swearing-in ceremony of soldiers who have completed their Tironut (IDF basic training) on top of Masada. And personally, I say Gettysburg: with etween 46,000 and 51,000 Americans casualties from both armies; I’d say there was no winner there.

    • deleweye

      Rout? Sirrah, you go too far. The Alamo garrison resisted to the last man; there is no more honorable end in battle. Colors or even trophies taken in open battle from a retreating enemy are a rather different matter.

    • 1984AnimalFarm

      Charge of the Light Brigade also comes to mind.

  • Gigi

    No need to worry about anything – Obama is busy working on his brackets for March Madness. After all, there really isn’t anything else going on in the world…is there?

    • Larry

      No,there isn’t anything else we need to think about but what a great man Buckwheat Obama and his change.
      Porch monkeys and sports monkeys…..lol

  • mikestermike

    Morons (CBS).

    There is no Alamo flag (the “1821” flag is under dispute http://www.texianlegacy.com/1824_2.html).

    “Come and Take It” flag was from the Battle of Gonzales.

  • randy

    tell them if they dont give it back we will send them all back now lol

  • Kenneth

    ROFL! Hear hear!

  • Colonel Travis

    Did American Troops have the opportunity to reclaim this flag when We whooped their lazy brown arses in the Mexican/American War?

  • http://southcarolina1670.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/texas-wants-alamo-flag-back-from-mexico/ Texas wants Alamo flag back from Mexico « The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

    […] The latest effort to get it back to the Lone Star State is being led by State Representative John Zerwas, television station KDFW reported. […]

  • Concerned_Texan

    Unfortunately, the drug cartel (i,e, Mexico government) does not want to spend their drug trade money spoils on jailing non-drug criminals, so when a child rapist or mass murderer is caught, they are given a choice of being executed on the spot or leave Mexico. It is a death sentence to stay in Mexico so all the criminals come to the USA.

  • Mexifornia

    The Mexicans be engaged in the reconquista. The Texans need to mosey into Mexico, capture the flag, and then fort up in the Alamo.

    • Dudleyt

      Didn’t work well the first time. Need a plan B.

  • Dirt Lawyer

    Texans got Texas; the Mexicans got a flag. If we are going to compare the two sides’ respective spoils of war, I would suggest that the Texans got the better half of the bargain.

  • Ron

    The “Come And Take It” flag referred to the cannon in Gonzalez, not The Alamo.

    That has always been my understanding for many decades, as well.

  • Big Tony

    Report the facts correctly and truthfully, CBS? NOT

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