By JD Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are looking for a man who has attacked customers in the parking lot of a Lake Highlands Shopping Center.

A man on a bicycle is approaching people in cars and left one of his victims injured.

Kelle Shanks still has pieces of broken glass in her cheek from her encounter.

Her car is in worse shape after she was attacked with rocks while sitting in the parking lot of a shopping center at Abrams and Mockingbird Tuesday afternoon.

“He was right in front of the car and stood nose to nose with his bike and he was screaming at me,” Shanks said.

The 48-year-old said a man on a bicycle approached her convertible, and for no reason, started screaming and hurling huge rocks at the windows while she froze in the driver’s seat.

“All he kept screaming at me was he was in a bike and I was in a car,” Shanks said.

The windshield, hood and doors all took hits, but the rock through the driver’s side window hit Shanks in the face.

“When someone attacks you like that for no reason it’s very frustrating,” Shanks said.

The victim said the man also confronted another motorist before riding away.

Police searched the area but only have a vague description of the attacker.

He’s described as a Hispanic male, about 30 years old. He is about 5’9 with a very thin build. He was seen wearing a blue cap, blue short sleeve button up shirt and tan slacks.

Police say he was riding a small bike.

Shanks’ car will be fixed and face healed long before she’s comfortable driving back to the shopping center, she said.